Betsy Devos Fights a Political Block to Give Students a Choice

Betsy Devos has been on fire lately. After years of working in the Michigan legislature under the Republican Party, she has moved up to the 11th US Education Secretary office, where she has been working with the First Lady Melania Trump, state education leaders, and school safety officials to help America’s students. Devos has said in previous interviews that she believes in putting students first, and she isn’t going to back down from educational choice just yet.


Ever since she was appointed to the 11th Office of US Education Secretary by President Trump, Devos has had to defend herself against many in education administration and public school policy. What does she want? She believes that students should have a choice where they go to school. Her opponents say differently, and it’s been causing quite a stir in Congress as Devos fights for educational choice.


However, many have underestimated the Michigan mother who comes from a teacher family and wants to do more for students than providing standardized tests and common core. Just before President Trump took away a federal policy that allowed transgender students to go into bathrooms based on their gender identities, Devos met with the Education Department official representations for gay and transgender students to warn them.


While she gave no public statement on the warning, she was in disagreement with President Trump on rescinding the policy. She told the Conservative Political Action Conference that the federal rules set in place in the Obama administration were overreaching. While she has been a huge promoter of private schools and charter schools, the former Chairwoman of the Republic Party in Michigan said that she was a strong team player in Trump’s administration.


Many don’t know who Betsy Devos is, but if you are from Michigan, then you have heard or seen her before at education rallies and in philanthropy news. She has worked hard to bring education legislation to the floor in Michigan, and she has been able to work hard as a political fighter, even eliminating political opponents in her home state.


In addition to her fight in Washington, she has also been fighting against school gun violence and helping school officials with new policies to derail new gun attacks. While she hasn’t said whether teachers will be armed, she does believe that schools need tighter regulations and not necessarily more guns.


Many have underestimated Devos before, but she doesn’t let that get in her way. She has continued to provide interviews and hopes that opponents see what she is doing is for students and not for private interests. She has been able to use funding from philanthropy for most educational choice programs in Louisiana and Florida so far.


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