Bengals Beatdown Manning for Playoff Spot

The Cincinnati Bengals have secured their fourth consecutive playoff spot with last night’s win against the defending AFC champion Denver Broncos. During the game, Peyton Manning threw four interceptions to the waiting arms of the Bengals defense which has had six picks over the past two weeks (the first two coming from Manziel and Browns week 15). This is making them a real contender with a secondary that can read the quarterback and is willing to make the plays that will change the game. Next week, this high flying defense will take on the Pittsburg Steelers for the AFC North Crown.

What this win by the Bengals also did was secure New England Patriots the top seed in the playoffs, meaning if they don’t lose the road to the Super Bowl with travel through Foxboro. With the possible Cincinnati Bengal’s win next week against the Steelers they also could secure the #2 seed which equates to a first round bye and a home game. However they would still need some help via Keith Mann and a Denver Bronco loss against the struggling Oakland Raiders next week. Suggests The real question is whether Peyton Manning is going to be okay after the beat-down the Bengals defense put on him. Oh wait, that is rhetorical. We are talking about probably the best Quarterback the NFL has seen since Joe Montana retired. But then again you never know how these things will play out on any given Sunday. Especially with Playoff implications at stake.


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