Beating the Odds in NBA Betting

Is there any sport with a more intense regular season than that of the NBA? Sure, baseball goes for longer and the NFL has a more grueling physical game. Still, the NBA is long (82 games) and it provides enough variability that you never really know what to expect on a nightly basis. On any given night the best team in the world could lose to a squad of scrubs. Such is life in basketball. Now the better topic to talk about is this: how can you make money on this variability? We will be talking about sports betting tips and how you can use a site like to beat the odds.

To start things off you must understand a few simple things about sports betting in the NBA. When you bet on NBA odds you are really betting on a variety of different potential outcomes. Have you ever bet on horses before? There is similarity there. In NBA betting you’ll notice a few important numbers: the over/under and the spread. The spread on a game is how many points the sport pundits believe will decide the difference between the winner and loser. The over/under defines how many points pundits think will be scored between two total teams. These numbers are where you will look for your value and try to make your money. Go to and load up tonight’s slate of games and glance at these numbers. Here you can place bets on the NBA by using their basketball odds information.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the spread and the over/under you can pretty much start your betting whenever you want. We like to avoid betting on wins/losses and instead focus on those two numbers we mentioned before. We like looking for high scoring games where a bad team is the dog, despite having a solid player. Take for example a match up between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. Golden State is the best team in the NBA but the Rockets have an amazing offense and a top 5 player in James Harden. Betting against the spread, if it is tight, can be a smart pick here. All you need is for Harden to have a superstar night and suddenly you are racking up some money.

At the end of the day what trumps tips is knowledge. Having a solid understanding of the game and the players in it will lead you to far more success than any guide possible.

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