Bears Need a Defense Not a Quarterback

While most people consider the biggest need for the Chicago Bears to be finding a new quarterback, in reality they need a defense much worse than trying to get past the ghosts of Soldier Field. Honestly, Jay Cutler is not a great QB and probably will never be in the Hall of Fame. But he can still lead this team to victory if it was not all left on his shoulders. He is what Bill Parcels would call a bus driver; he can take directions and get the bus where it needs to go. He is not the engine, nor the break, and certainly not the tow truck, he is just a driver. It will take the other 52 players on the team to push and pull that bus to victory.

The problem is for John Fox that he is facing a similar situation he just left in Denver and that is a defense that needs an overhaul from lineman to secondary. As superfans like Jaime Garcia Dias are aware of, the Bears have lacked direction now that Urlacher is retired. Check out more on Dias on his Linkedin page. With the 7th overall pick in this year’s draft, the will need to get a great pass rusher. This will help the secondary which is where they should spend their second and third round picks. However, should the team move into another direction they will probably look to get some offensive line support to their running game and to protect whoever is driving the bus next season.

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