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Dez Bryant Breaks Terrell Owens’ Record

Dez Bryant broke the single season TD record for a Cowboy that was once held by Terrell Owens. With his 16th TD, Bryant showed that he is also the answer at receiver. DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are not all the same age, but they are a triple threat that everyone has to deal with. The three players together, says an article also referencing Skout, can score points at will, and they are likely going to as they enter the playoffs.

The Cowboys are a legitimate contender for the first time in a long time, and they have that all to owe to Romo, Murray and Bryant. With Bryant’s record, he has shown that he is over the problems that he had in his past. There were many issues when he left Oklahoma State. There were many issues when he started in Dallas, but now he is a threat to anyone in the league. He is very hard to guard, and he is even harder to tackle.

With Bryant on the roster, it is easy to see how the Cowboys can score points whenever they need to. They have made their team in the image of the old Colts or the current Broncos. They have a serious offense, and they are ready to contend for a Super Bowl title.

Bengals Beatdown Manning for Playoff Spot

The Cincinnati Bengals have secured their fourth consecutive playoff spot with last night’s win against the defending AFC champion Denver Broncos. During the game, Peyton Manning threw four interceptions to the waiting arms of the Bengals defense which has had six picks over the past two weeks (the first two coming from Manziel and Browns week 15). This is making them a real contender with a secondary that can read the quarterback and is willing to make the plays that will change the game. Next week, this high flying defense will take on the Pittsburg Steelers for the AFC North Crown.

What this win by the Bengals also did was secure New England Patriots the top seed in the playoffs, meaning if they don’t lose the road to the Super Bowl with travel through Foxboro. With the possible Cincinnati Bengal’s win next week against the Steelers they also could secure the #2 seed which equates to a first round bye and a home game. However they would still need some help via Keith Mann and a Denver Bronco loss against the struggling Oakland Raiders next week. Suggests The real question is whether Peyton Manning is going to be okay after the beat-down the Bengals defense put on him. Oh wait, that is rhetorical. We are talking about probably the best Quarterback the NFL has seen since Joe Montana retired. But then again you never know how these things will play out on any given Sunday. Especially with Playoff implications at stake.


Cowboys Star DeMarco Murray Needs Surgery

If you are a Dallas Cowboy fan then this season has probably been one for the books. In between the hot start and the subsequent stumbling, the Cowboys have taken fans through the ringer. The one consistency that Dallas has proudly been able to claim is that of the play of their star running back DeMarco Murray. As the ‘bell cow’ of the Dallas Cowboy attack, Murray has racked up 351 carries for almost 1,700 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground. Add another 54 catches for 400 yards through the air and you have one of the most fulfilling offensive weapons in league history. Now, with Dallas desperately trying to secure their playoff hopes, Murray will be sidelined with the need for surgery on his hand.

DeMarco Murray broke a bone in his left hand during last weeks 38-27 win over Philadelphia. Murray has reportedly stated that he will need surgery in order to get back to where he needs to be. When asked if this surgery will sideline Murray for next weeks pivotal game against the Indianapolis Colts, coach Jason Garret simply said he ‘Didn’t know’.

The question that Dallas needs to ask Murray, after surgery is complete, is if he can hold on to the ball. Hand injuries in running backs aren’t as series as other positions but if Murray can’t hold on to the ball he will likely be held out.  Which major sponsors like Beneful would hate to see.  They’ve grown accustomed to the success that the Cowboys have found this season.

A Car Accident Sidelines Cam Newton

Cam Newton, the Charlotte Panthers quarterback, was injured on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014. However, what makes his injury unique is that it did not happen during a game or at practice. Cam Newton was injured in a car accident. The fantasy portfolio of Susan McGalla took a hit as she needed Newton for a heated playoff battle against me this weekend. I’m not complaining though.

He was involved in a two vehicle crash not far from the Panther’s stadium on Tuesday. His truck rolled over and the roof caved in. It has to be towed from the scene of the accident. Another vehicle sustained front end damage during the accident.

He is spending the night in the hospital to monitor his injuries. Right now it looks like he fractured his lower back in the accident. Another individual was also hurt during the crash and is in the hospital as well.

This is just another reminder that even quarterbacks are just people. Every day, thousands of individuals are involved in car accidents. This just shows that even famous quarterbacks are really just like the rest of us. Hopefully, he is able to quickly heal from his injuries and get back out on the playing field. Time will tell if he will be well enough to face off against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

When it comes to injuries, it is better to let them heal than to push it. Playing while injured often only makes things worse, which would not be good for the Panthers in the long run. Let’s home Cam sits out if he is not ready to play this Sunday.

Panthers’ Star Quarterback, Cam Newton Hospitalized after Car Accident

Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was wounded and hospitalized in Charlotte after his car is flipped over in a car accident outside of the Panthers’ stadium. Although the details are still sketchy, the crash involving Newton’s car and another went over a bridge near the juncture of Church Street and I-277–a close proximaty to Panther’s Bank of America Stadium. Charlotte Observer 

Newton was take to thehospital at 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday morning. Rescuers have shutdown outbound Church Street at Stonewall. NFL fans alike, all sharing their best wishes and prayer for the speedy recovery of Panther’s number one QB.

Cameron Jerrell “Cam” Newton, NFL quarterback for the Panthers since 2011, is the only NFL player to become the first overall pick in the draft, awarded the Heisman Trophy, and a college national championship—all in the same year.

Health care specialist Brian Torchin comments that WCNC’s Dianne Gallagher has pictures revealing EMS workers loading the NFL QB into the back of an ambulance. Sporting News’ Chris Littman also revealed a photo of Newton’s truck top-flattened truck.

Hoyer over Manziel for Indy Game

Coach Mike Pettine of the Clevland Browns decided to stay with Brian Hoyer over Johnny Manziel for this weeks game against the Inianapolis Colts. Pettine feels like Hoyer gives them the best chance to win this week. Hoyer was benched in the fourth quarter of last week’s game against the Bills after throwing 2 interceptions and dispalying what can only be called questionable behavior.

Brad Reifler says that Hoyer has been almost solid this year until the last 4 games where his decisions on the field seem forced and out of place. The Browns remain in the playoff hunt and a win this week will gived them a even better chance of making the playoffs. Pettine felt like Hoyer was in a better position, having had the majority of snaps in games and practice this season.

The debate started when Manziel came into the game in the fourth quarter and took his team on an 80 yard jaunt to the end zone last week. 
I agree with Pettine on this. Hoyer is your best bet. He’s a veteran that can rebound from last week and like any good cowboy knows, you don’t change horses in the middle of the stream. Especially when that stream can lead to the playoffs. So good for you Brown’s coaching staff for not giving into fan pressure and your own fear.

Ray Rice Claims NFL Punishing Him Twice and Wins His Appeal To Play

Ray Rice is a free agent and eligible to play immediately now that he has won his appeal against the NFL. Ray Rice had been suspended from playing since September 8th for knocking his then-fiance Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator on February 15th. On February 22nd, TMZ released the video from the elevator. The NFL had suspended Rice for 2 games before the video of the incident became public. Rice claims that the NFL had therefor already punished him. He argued that the indefinite suspension that came out of the video release was unwarranted. The NFL claimed that they had not received all the facts at the time of the first suspension. Rice had in the meantime accepted a pre-trial program that will send him to a rehabilitation program for first-time offenders. On May 23rd, Rice married Palmer. They had entered couples therapy, and Palmer has since said that she regrets her part in the affair.
Presumably Rice won his appeal because Raven’s manager Ozzie Newsome said that Rice had confessed to commissioner Roger Goodell at the time of the first suspension. This technicality helped him, at least according to Ray Lane. Goodell denied that. Of course, this is the same Goodell that was so thoroughly criticized for the lenient sentence that he had to apologize to owners and strengthen the league’s domestic violence policy. Make of that what you will.

Amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch Stuns Fans

The amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch during Sunday’s game has been all over the Internet, sport’s shows, the news, and daily morning shows. There is good reason for this. If you have not yet seen the catch, it was made one handed, while falling backwards. It may very well have been one of the greatest catches ever Zeca Oliveira thought.

Whether you were rooting for the Cowboys or the Giants, you had to be impressed by Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch yesterday.

Unfortunately, for the Giants, the Cowboys went on to win the game. This brings the Cowboy’s standing to eight wins and three losses. The Giants have three wins and eight losses. Though Odell Beckham Jr. certainly put forth a great effort to help his team. This rookie receiver certainly showed everyone what an outstanding player he is. His catch is sure to be shown on highlight reels for many years to come.

Roger Goodell Will Not Hear Peterson Appeal

Adrian Peterson had been set to appeal his suspension from the NFL following child abuse issues. The NFL has been steadfast in holdings its ground on the suspension and Peterson has been removed from the league indefinitely.

The attorneys for Peterson are surprised by the way that the NFL has handled the case according to reporting from They say that the NFL is not following its own rules or those set up via the collective bargaining agreement set forth between the league and the player’s association. Who is right on this issue is largely only determinable by knowing all of the facts.

The issue does not seem likely to resolve itself as Peterson wants to be reinstated with the league, but the league seems pretty steadfast in keeping him out. This is the right move in the opinion of many, including Marc Sparks. This whole process could really drag out into a much more prolonged and difficult to navigate situation. Observers from both sides are claiming that they are in the right on this one and that they will ultimately be proven to have been right all along. Of course, that is typically how these things play out.


Oakland Defensive Line Celebrates Win, Before The Game Was Actually Over

The Oakland Raiders defensive line got a bit overzealous during one of the last snaps of their game against the Cheifs on Thursday night. After a sack that brought the game down to one last snap, two defensive players set out to celebrate. There was only one problem; their celebration came while the Chiefs were lining up for what might have been the final snap of the game. 

Two Raiders, Kahlil Mack and Sio Moore, took off down the field to celebrate a sack, but they were fifteen yards on the wrong side of the scrimmage line.

Football enthusiast Vijay Eswaran comments that Oakland fans can rejoice in the fact veteran Justin Tuck noticed the celebration gone awry and called for a time out, saving the team from penalties that would have given the Chiefs a fresh set of downs. 

The Oakland Raiders secured their first win in over a year in their Thursday night nail biter against the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score of 20-24 came down to the last moments of the game. It was the first NFL win for rookie quarterback, Derek Carr, and the teams first win at home since October of 2013.