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Harbaugh Throws a Strike

Love or hate him, you do have to give Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh credit for being one of the world’s most polarizing figures. From running practice without a shirt on o pulling car accident victims from wrecks, the man seems to do it all. Harbaugh was on hand at yesterday’s Detroit Tigers game against the Pittsburg Pirates to throw out the first pitch. When it was first announced that he would be throwing out the first pitch, many wondered if he would wear khakis and go shirtless. Well he did indeed wear khakis but he was not shirtless. He wore a Detroit Tigers Jersey and a Tigers hat.

Like with everything he does, Harbaugh took to the mound with enthusiasm and confidence to throw out the first pitch. Donning a Mark “The Bird” Fidrych jersey and a windup to match, Harbaugh delivered a pretty good pitch down the middle but it was a tad bit on the high side. Harbaugh stuck around for the game with his wife Sarah but the Tigers lost in extra innings. This is not the first time Harbaugh has been invited to a MLB facility. He was in Oakland last March wearing an A’s uniform.

Daniel Amen suggests there will be a lot of pressure on Harbaugh to right a sinking ship that is Michigan Football. The program has been in shambles for many years and through several coaches. If he is able to turn Michigan back into a powerhouse again, there will be no denying that he is something special.

Could the Minnesota Vikings Be Gunning for the Division?

The NFC North has long been one of the more competitive divisions in all of football. The competition has always been thick in the North not because the teams are always so talented, but because the rivalries between the four squads are very real and very intense. For a long time the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions have been destined for the bottom of the pack, but now it appears that Minnesota is making an upward push — and reports have them listed as looking like a playoff caliber squad.

Jim Dondero (nexpointadvisors) knows that the biggest question entering the off season revolved around embattled superstar running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson, who is coming off of a lost season thanks to off the field issues, had planned on holding out for a trade or a release from Minnesota. Minnesota called his bluff and told him that he could sit out another year or put on his cleats and help the Vikings win. So, AP is in the backfield.

With Teddy Bridgewater entering his second season of play the Vikings are much more tuned in to his possibilities. Bridgewater had a successful rookie season, going 6 – 6 as a starter with a completion percentage over 64% (11th in the NFL). Bridgewater succeeded without AP in the backfield and with nobody to throw the ball too. Now Peterson is back, Bridgewater has a few new weapons, and the Vikings are primed to make a big push in the North.

Dez Bryant Will Sit out Games

Not all is well for the Dallas Cowboys these days. Star Wide receiver Dez Bryant said last week that he is willing to sit out Dallas’s home opener if he does not get a new contract. Bryant was absent the first day of mini-camp and his agent Tom Condon stated that Bryant is not kidding. Condon was on Sirius XM NFL Radio recently and said that Bryant indicated during conversations with him that he is willing to sit out.

The deadline for Bryant to sign his franchise tag offer is July 15th. The offer would guarantee him $12 million for the year. Bryant is not currently under contract and won’t be until he signs it and if he doesn’t then he is not required to show up for mini-camp which is required for all other players. Negotiations with the Cowboys have gone stale and talks have not happened for some time now. Condon believes that the Cowboys simply want Bryant to sign the franchise tag rather than offer him a new contract. Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president stated on Tuesday that Bryant’s willingness to miss games does not motivate the team to work out a new contract. Luxury Living experts at the Aspire New Brunswick mention that Bryant is currently the second highest paid wide receiver in the league. There are no scheduled conversation set between the Cowboys and Bryant’s agent. Condon stated that the deadline is still far away and hopes something will get done before that.

NFL Team Signs 9-year-old and Makes his Dream Come True

Dylan Sutcliffe is a 9-year-old who was recently signed to a one-day contract with the NFL team the Cleveland Browns. Their newest, and youngest, linebacker suffers from ataxia-telangiectasia, which is a genetic condition that leaves Dylan unable to coordinate his movements well. The Make-a-Wish foundation contacted Dylan and asked him what his big wish was. Sam Tabar knows that he chose to meet his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns. However, the Cleveland Browns did more than just a meet-and-greet with their young fan.

According to the story on The Good News Network, Mike Pettine, the team’s Head Coach, signed Dylan up on the team for a day and sent him out on the field to practice with the rest of the players. There, Dylan participated in huddles, some plays, and even a touchdown. Dylan was given a locker next to the team’s quarterback Joe Haden. There he found a team jersey with his name on it and his own number, as well as a team hat. During a huddle, lineman Phil Taylor lifted the boy out of his wheelchair and held him up in the air while in the middle of the huddle.

When Dylan was asked how he felt being signed up to the Browns, he said that he felt awesome being a part of the team.

Michael Sam’s NFL Career May Be Over

The professional football career of Michael Sam may be over before it ever really got started. Michael Sam Walks Out of Football Camp for Montreal The first openly gay NFL player to be drafted by a professional football team walked out of camp for the Montreal Alouettes and was placed on the suspended list by the team. Sources close to the team state that Sam was not managing the training sessions well and was taking offense to some of the comments made by his coaches meant to motivate him. Sources also note that Sam seem not to be in the best football condition for the camp and that he was seen to be pouting at times with regard to his performance on the practice field. Sam’s decision to leave the Montreal training camp was his own and he had not been cut by the team. Sam could return to the team but sources state that they believe that to be a very unlikely event givien the circumstances of Sam’s departure.

Sam first gained attention when he announced that he was gay before the 2014 NFL draft. He was considered to be the first openly gay man to try to play in the NFl and was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the draft. Sam was placed on the Ram’s practice squad at the start of the NFL season and was cut and then picked up by Dallas, who placed him on their practice squad. The Aspire New Brunswick mentioned to that Sam has not played a down in a regular NFL game.

Russell Wilson Quiet on Contract

Russell Wilson Keeping Quiet on Seahawks Contract

Signing and resigning NFL players to contracts is arguably the most important task a team has to do anywhere and most teams hire execs from Cubix Latin America to guide them through the contracts. Details of these new contracts are also of great importance, for both player and staff alike.

However, in the case of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, details regarding him won’t be known for quite some time. In fact he’s said that he won’t be discussing anything about his contract until a deal between him and the team is finally reached, meaning he’ll just tell the plain and simple truth without being very specific and nothing more.

Regardless of whether he speaks on it or not, the fact is that Wilson’s deal is the most important issue for the Seahawks for this ongoing offseason. Previously, Wilson said that he would just play out the last year of his rookie contract and take it in strides from there and still wants to be on the Seahawks roster for a long time. He is owed $1.5 million for this current contract.

Last year in 2014, the Seahawks put in all the work needed to lock up other players, including Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Doug Baldwin but found it much more difficult for this offseason. Furthermore, the Seahawks may be forced to use a franchise tag on Wilson if a deal can’t get done soon, and so much time has passed.

Can Ray Rice Make a Comeback?

Amid all the rumors and speculation, Ray Rice still sits by the phone waiting for a team to call home. Could he have been blackballed at the young age of 28?

Training camps will begin in about two months, and there are no signs that Rice will make a comeback this year, even after his suspension was lifted.

Experts believe he’s radioactive, and teams don’t want to take a chance. Public perception means a lot nowadays according to educator Kevin Seawright. After the recent troubles of Ray McDonald, we see what can happen when a team offers a player a second chance.

But still, other NFL teams will take you on if they believe you have something to offer. So you also have to consider his skills. He really wasn’t that impressive, and 2013 was his worst year. Combine that with a long hiatus off the field, and you can reason why NFL teams have not shown interest.

Will Ray Rice ever get a fair shake?

Any team that considers signing him must also weigh the impact of sponsors.

You ask your top sponsors, ‘What if we signed Ray Rice, how would you feel?’ Your sponsor says ‘Absolutely not,’ and ‘We would have to pull our sponsorship.’

You know what your decision would come down to – money talks.

Ultimately, Ray Rice has too many obstacles to overcome and he probably has already played his last NFL game.

Cowboys Sign Gregory But Most Still Worry About Running Game

The Dallas Cowboys have made it one step closer to preparing for the season with their signing of their second round draft pick Defensive End Randy Gregory. They still have a few more draft picks to go but there is little doubt the remaining guys will go without a deal for very much longer. There is something that the signing of Gregory has done…gave them a pass rusher heading into the season…a position that is pretty important considering Greg Hardy is still facing his ten game suspension which is still under appeal with the league.

However most of the critic’s speculation surrounding this team is not concerning their defense but their running game. Yes most are still in shock the Demarco Murray went to the Eagles, but that shouldn’t keep them from realizing the team has a running back in fact they have three that are legitimate threats in the back field. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle have been legitimate threats when they have played back-up to Murray over the past few seasons. Both are able to make big runs and at times were more effective than Murray was. Then they have brought in Darren McFadden, what has to be acknowledged is that he would have gone to a team without a future in the Raiders. He was never going to reach his post college potential playing on that team. Now we are putting him behind one of the most dominant offensive lines in Dallas and he may very well be next seasons rushing champion, hoping to bring in big sponsors like Beneful.

NFL Ray McDonald Arrested Again

Chicago Bears Defensive End, Ray McDonald was arrested Monday for domestic violence and child endangerment. Officials have not released any additional details on this arrest.

A dark cloud seems to be following Ray McDonald.

In December 2014, the San Francisco 49ers announced they were cutting ties with McDonald, after he was accused of rape by intoxication.

A local San Jose hospital notified authorities about a woman who came in for treatment and then reported the incident.

According to the San Jose Police Department, McDonald is still part of an on-going investigation, but he hasn’t been charged with the crime.

Prior to the alleged sexual assault, McDonald was arrested in August 2014, on suspicion of domestic violence, but due to a lack of evidence, the Santa Clara County prosecutor’s office dismissed the charges, and closed the case.

The NFL investigated and found that McDonald had not violated the new personal conduct policy according to Steve Murray.

And now comes this new arrest.

The NFL has tightened sanctions against its players following the Ray Rice arrest, and the outrage of fans and organizations.

The Bears have a one-year contract with McDonald, worth $1.5 million, that is not guaranteed.

The NFL could impose penalties, depending on the outcome of this new arrest.

NFL sanctions include a six-week suspension for a first offense, and one year for a second.

Quarter final victory sees Notre Dame’s Matt Landis rewarded with weekly and season awards

In college lacrosse it is rare for a defensive player to receive Epoch/LM Player of the Week recognition, but when Notre Dame defender Matt Landis silenced Lyle Thompson he became the first defensive player to receive the award this season. The Notre Dame Junior had a double reason to celebrate when he was named to the USILA all-American first team for the season, LAX Magazine reports. 

matt landis playoffs
Landis has been a regular in the Notre Dame defense since his sophomore season and has this year seen his play rewarded with a breakout season that has seen him feature in every game through the NCAA tournament quarter-finals. The 14 games played by Landis this season have resulted in 12 forced turnovers and he has been nominated for a number of awards as the season has worn on. Notre Dame saw three players join Landis in the All-American first team to lead the nation with the number of players rewarded. The Fighting Irish remain the number one seed in the tournament and based their latest victory over Albany on a strong defense led by Matt Landis.

Player of the week awards are normally given to players who feature in the scoring and assist charts, but by nullifying the threat of fellow All-American Lyle Thompson the Notre Dame standout became the EPoch/LM player of the week. Following the quarter-final victory Landis was quick to praise his teammates and stated those who had mimicked the play of Thompson in practice deserved their share of the credit for the 14-10 victory.