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Josh Verne Discusses How To Find Success in Life and Business

In a recent podcast, Josh Verne, the CEO of, discusses his perspective on how to succeed in life and business. was created for college students to read and express what’s important to them.


Josh Verne has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He is an expert on starting, growing and selling businesses. Before Flocku, Verne served as a co-president for Home Line Furniture. Back in 2012, he founded the company along with his childhood friend, Paul Dumas, and then later sold it to Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


Verne begins the interview with his favorite success quote “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” -Johnathan Swift. Throughout the interview, he gives out his many tips to achieve success in life and business. The first major tip he gives to be a leader and not a boss. Leaders are people who put others first and serve those who follow them. A few other tips he gives is to speak less and listen more, have balance in your life and figure out what you’re passionate about.


Verne believes finding your passion gives you the keys to the good life. This quote from the interview transcript says it best “While it is true that there are plenty of passionate people who are unsuccessful, there are very few successful people who lack passion.” When you find your passion in life, finding success in life and business becomes easier.


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Incredible Achievements of Goettl Air Conditioning

With a humble beginning in1940, Goettl Air Conditioning has developed to a competent company offering excellent services to customers. This firm is a pleased supplier of air conditioning and cooling and warming services. For over 72 years in the market, Goettl Air Conditioning has kept on offering customers with indoor air quality and business HVAC. It has been made achievable through its qualified and experienced workforce.

Getting right Reviews

Basing on the reviews from different customers, Goettl Air Conditioning has done an incredible success concerning conveying its quality services to customers. As indicated by clients, this firm offers an ideal three-year installment that empowers customers to save money. Also, after making an inquiry, the experienced experts are sent to complete the work in time. Clients are likewise given a chance to know the charges before the work begins. They contact a preliminary study before starting their job to avoid accidents.

Services Offered

Goettl Air Conditioning offers a broad range of services going from installations to replacement, repairs and support services. The specialists working for this firm are devoted and resolved to help customers manage all HVAC systems and additionally serve new clients upon the situation of requests.


Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning gained Moore Air Conditioning with a plan to keep giving quality cooling services to its regarded clients. As indicated by Ken Goodrich who is the CEO of this firm, the expansion of experienced workforce from Moore will improve the capacity of Goettl to develop and give excellent services to the citizens. Numerous customers have articulated high individual guidelines and valued the services they sought from this firm.

Notwithstanding being benefit situated and an awesome specialist co-op, Ken Goodrich has displayed his capacity by offering grants through a program that goes for teaching educated people with enthusiasm in HVAC systems.

Lori Senecal Excelling As The Shy Introvert CEO

Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), creates culture. It is one of the hallmarks of the powerful woman’s leadership style. She wants to create a commonality for all of her employees to work towards.

Formerly the Global Executive Chairman of KBS, she brings big ideas to every company that she works for. KBS, as a company, believed that invention was much more productive than incremental innovation. So, she encouraged her workforce to invent. She got the company to run invention contests in order to reward employees who came up with absolutely new ideas. This allowed her entire workforce to buy in to the concept of invention. It created a culture of thinking in a different way. This is exactly the kind of leadership that put Lori Senecal on the international scene.

Now the Global CEO of CP+B, she is taking her innovative leadership worldwide. According to Huffington Post, she is also a staunch advocate of women in the advertising agency. She recently promoted a handful of women within her own company, and is quietly putting together a think tank of women in the Los Angela’s area; a collective of professionals brainstorming on how to help each other out.

But most CEOs at Lori Senecal’s level are men, and, most noticeably, they are outspoken men. Lori Senecal couldn’t be any more different. The self-described shy introvert is rumored to only have a closet full of black clothing. This rumor was dispelled by her personal assistant who said she occasionally wears navy blue. She does not bring dramatic flair to the jobs she works, but she does bring a creative environment full of innovation.

The CEO is gaining a reputation of being brought into an agency in transition. At KBS, she came into the agency when the original owners were leaving. Her challenge was to capture the imagination of the current employees and clients. She did so resoundingly well. And now she is at CP+B doing the exact same thing. She has helped the company grow from 200 employees to 800 members across the globe. The shy introvert CEO is succeeding again.

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George Soros View on Trump’s Election as President

George Soros, a billionaire and hedge fund manager, said that President Donald Trump would be a dictator. Soros made this statement at an economic forum held in Switzerland. It is of his opinion that Trump would rule with an iron fist. Were it not for the institutions put in place, Soros said that Trump would exercise extremism without considering the outcome. He described Trump as an individual who stands on the opposite side of an open society. A kind of person who isn’t open to suggestion and makes decisions without thinking them through. Additionally, Soros said that the president principles are contradictory and his indecisiveness and unpredictability will have an adverse economic effect on

The 86 year old businessman stated that the president is likely to offer China a seat at the high table. Soros line of thought indicated that Trump would do more for China with the aim of making it more economically acceptable on Forbes. The billionaire donated millions to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. In another forum, Soros once again said that the democracy in the United States of America was in crisis. Soros said that democracy was in the hands of a want-to-be dictator who sought the advice of incompetent people. Having toned his rhetoric since the election, Soros said that the president, however, has done nothing to change his behavior. Instead, he went ahead to appoint a cabinet of extremists on and retired generals to help him achieve and push his agendas.

The investor is, however, confident with the institutions built to protect democracy. George Soros expressed his confidence that the constitution would help tame the excesses of the executive and prevent the rise of a dictatorial rule. However, the country will be faced with an enormous internal struggle and minorities will suffer. The country will be unable to protect democracy in the world. George Soros stated that Trump will find it easy to accommodate dictators and will be more concerned about making deals rather than defending ideals from which the constitution was built.

Soros expressed his worries about the European Union. He feared that the institution would succumb to the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He stated that the Russian president doesn’t share the ideals of an open society. The economic growth is on a downward trend, and the refugee crisis is out of control. It is and is true according to Soros, not business as usual.

Besides his entrepreneurial skills, George Soros is known for his philanthropy. Attacks on immigrants and minority groups in the States has gone up since the election of President Trump. Soros has pledged $ 10 million from his personal foundation to fight the hate crimes. Through Open Society Foundation, he plans to fund at least $ 5 million to the development of strategies to help combat these crimes.

Kevin Seawright Commitment To End Poverty

To most people, success is being wealthy, owning and leading multi-million dollar companies. However to others, real success is using their career to impact others and striving to give back to the society for the right reasons. Some will engage in philanthropic ventures for public relations while others, help the needy people because they know what it is like to lack the basic needs. Kevin Seawright, the current chief financial officer at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright has moulded his career by relating to people being compassionate. As a financial analyst, he uses his knowledge and experiences to steer his company into great success by advising them on the strategic moves that they can take part in. he uses his position to create job opportunities to the people in the communities.

He has achieved so much in his career as a financial strategist. He has led corporations into seeking and finding their competitive advantage. However one of the most appealing accomplishments is being involved in his community. He believes in eradicating poverty and helping others get out of the situation they are in. he has worked alongside various charity organizations to make sure that they eradicate poverty.

Kevin Seawright has led his company to collaborate with Summer Youth Employment Plan and other significant bodies in the communities to create job opportunities for the youths. He believes that once corporations take this issue at their hands there will be a great chance to end poverty, hunger and crime that may be brought about by poverty and hunger.

The Insurance Covers that the USHEALTH Group offers.

The USHEALTH Group is a firm that has specialized in the provision of health insurance solution. It provides its products and services by using its units, which are Freedom Life Insurance Company, Enterprise Life Insurance Company, and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The main offices of the firm are based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has been working hard to be regarded as a reliable healthcare provider to the people America. The USHEALTH Group has devoted its divisions to provide a broad array of solutions, and they include advanced life insurance, family, small businesses, specific diseases insurance, and accident cover for the self-employed. The company has been trusted by more than 15 million people who have purchased its products through its insurance subsidiaries. It has been in the business for more than five decades, and the solutions that it offers are customized to suit the needs of the clients.


The company’s subsidiaries have been providing services based on two major policies. The first one is to acknowledge that every client is different, and it also believes in using the method of “one size fits all.” It has been offering a broad variety of solutions that are pocket-friendly and can satisfy the demands of the clients. The USHEALTH Group supports customers to select ideal plans, and it betters their choice by using its excellent customer service. Its claim processing program is well established. It has a robust customer service that enabled it to be listed as one of the Top 50 American Call Centers. The payment plans and claim processing of the firm are balanced, and this is the wish of all insurance businesses. The stability enables it to serve its clients well and, it got an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is a highly reliable healthcare provider for the Americans.


The USHEALTH Group and its units have been selling insurance products through the USHEALTH Advisors, which is a distribution agency that it fully owns. Offering health insurance services is complicated, but the firm has been ensuring that its agency provides an exceptional buying experience to the clients. It hires highly trained and certified representatives to offer its solutions to the clients. The USHEALTH Advisors has dedicated itself to take close care of the customers, and it has gained international recognitions for its business development and creativity. The good reputation of the enterprise has facilitated it always to attract more clients to purchase its insurance covers. The USHEALTH Group appreciates the varying needs of its customers and has developed a wide array of solutions for people to select ones that suit their needs. The products are creative, flexible, pocket-friendly, and dependable in a way that they can address all needs of the clients.

Mike Baur Is A Key Asset For The Swiss Startup Factory

In the business world, there are many successful companies. While many companies are successful, the keys to the success for companies can be vastly different. However, there are a few things that most successful companies have in common. One of the most important is good leadership. It is extremely hard for a company to be successful without good leadership.


In the business world, good leadership is usually one of the major differences between successful companies and unsuccessful companies. The management that runs a company is usually similar to the main person in charge. In many companies, the CEO is the main executive. This is the person who is placed in charge of the company. The CEO has to lead the company. The CEO is responsible for making decisions.


If the CEO does a good job, the company will probably be successful. If the CEO does not do a good job, the company will probably be unsuccessful. This tends to hold true for all companies both large and small. With the technology innovations that have been coming on the market over the past few decades, a glaring example of success can be seen with the companies that are bringing innovations to the market. Most of these companies have good leadership in place. The leadership is key to the technology innovations that the companies have developed and brought to the market.


One of the newer concepts in the business world is digital entrepreneurs. There are companies that help these entrepreneurs learn how to start and successfully run a digital company. One of the companies that helps digital entrepreneurs is the Swiss Startup Factory.


Three partners started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. One of the partners, Mike Baur, is an experienced private banking industry professional with over 20 years of experience. He understands what is necessary for companies to be successful. Mike Baur helps digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and run successful digital companies.


One important aspect of what Mike Baur and the other team members at the Swiss Startup Factory do to help entrepreneurs understand about running a company is that leadership is very important. This is a part of the training and mentorship that the Swiss Startup Factory provides to all entrepreneurs because without good leadership it is hard to run a successful company.


Mike Baur is a key person in the Swiss Startup Factory. He helps with a variety of the training aspect of the company, and he brings a great deal of business expertise to the company.

The Success of Sujit Choudhry

As mentioned in the Oxford Journals, within the field of law, there is a growing field of study that has been expanding over the past several centuries due to not only the increased interaction among individuals all over the world, but also due to the increasing trend that the world has been going through to reach a globalized society. This area of interest is known as comparative law, a field of study that specifically analyzes laws from both the past as well as from the present in countries all over the world. Comparative law has attracted countless scholars to the field of interest and has been growing at an exponential rate ever since.


Of the many scholars that are involved within this area of interest, one individual in particular stands out due to his talents within the industry. This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a law professor with many degrees as well as a passion for teaching and a passion for conducting research. Sujit Choudhry has been able to grow his reputation over the past several decades by demonstrating to his students and to his peers that he has a passion for analyzing different legal systems all over the world. Sujit is especially interested in the legal systems that were not formed by governments. Sujit Choudhry has been interested in the various legal systems that have been formed through historical roots, culture, and even religion.


Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi to educated parents that always taught him to take advantage of the opportunities that he has been given. Sujit Choudhry has not only taken advantage of these opportunities, but he has surpassed any expectations for his to succeed. Sujit Choudhry has always loved school and has always loved gaining as much knowledge as he can about specific topics. Sujit Choudhry has had the fortune of living in many different countries all over the world and has had the fortune of being able to analyze the different legal systems based from experience.


Sujit Choudhry has had the rare luck of finding a career that specifically suits him and that does not feel like a career. Many students around the world go to university in order to take his law classes due to his reputation to inspire his students. For future goals, Sujit Choudhry wants to continue his research and he hopes that his students as well as his peers will continue where he will leave off.

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Steps And Tips To Creating An Online Reputation Management Strategy

Your online reputation is now an important factor in the success of your brand or business. A survey found that 86% of people will think twice before deciding upon purchasing or using a service from a business that has negative reviews online. Another survey found that almost 92% of people will look to their peers when deciding upon purchasing a product or using a service. This refers to both online reviews and word of mouth, which ties into your online reputation.

As with any major business decision it is best to plan it out and have a strategy in place. Below is a quick how to get your online reputation management strategy up and running. There are five basic steps which we have outlined below.

The first step is to identify your current reputation. Look up your brand on search engines like Bing, Yahoo and the big one, Google. Take a look at social media such as Facebook and Twitter which are the major ones today. Search around some message forums and blogs if you can find any that mention your brand.

Once you have found out what your current reputation is, the next step is to make note of where changes have to be made. If your reputation is fine the way it is, then you should ask yourself, how do I stay on top of my existing reputation and prevent future scandals? A good word of advice is to have a Reputation Defender review monitoring and start tackling the major issues first and then work downwards to address the less visible issues affecting your brand’s reputation on the web.

The third step, after you have identified where changes should made to your online presence, is to develop a strategy for building up your online reputation. This includes figuring out which strategy is best at meeting your needs. Ask yourself what will work best in your situation? Is it focusing on social media? Will it be creating blogs and responding to reviews on the web?

One you have come up with the strategy it is time to actually implement the strategy that you have created in the step before. This is step four, and it should incorporate all of the research and solutions you have come up with in the previous four steps. Go ahead and built that content that you feel will boost you reputation the most.

The last step is integration and being proactive. Consider combining your online reputation management strategy with customer service, public relations or marketing. Update your content regularly and think about ways to boost your reputation and how to prevent problems from popping up in the first place. This is what proactive thinking is all about.


Todd Lubar Creates an Entrepreneurial Empire in Banking and Real Estate Sectors

Todd Lubar is an investment guru known across the globe for his pragmatic investment solutions. His expertise lies in real estate, capital creation, and mortgage banking. He commenced his financial career as a staff of Crestar Mortgage Corporation, serving in the capacity of the loan originator. This job allowed him to interact and develop professional alliances with financial planners, insurance agents, certified public accountants, and real estate agents. Currently, these experts offer referrals to clients that Lubar serves.


Lubar’s career trajectory


In 1999, Lubar began making huge steps in the financial service sector after earning a high profile equity spot at Legacy Financial Group. This position enabled him to grow his lending capabilities by offering loans as a direct mortgage bank and lending to outside investors as a broker. Lubar embarked on a mission of advancing his real estate business by starting Legendary Properties back in 2002. His new real estate firm specialized in streamlining the process of making purchases.


The company managed to sell and make profits on over 200 transactions, including single-family properties and over twenty unit multi-family buildings. Due to Lubar’s expertise of closing many transactions, he built meaningful alliances with specialists in the construction sector, who were able to produce outstanding products on time. Additionally, he forged multiple relationships with leading financial institutions, creating lines of credit worth over twenty million dollars.


In line with his mission of becoming the top mortgage banker, Lubar incepted Charter Funding in 2003. This firm operated independently, but it was a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation, a heavyweight in the U.S. mortgage banking industry. This link presented Lubar with an opportunity to grow his business leveraging the unmatched access to broad range of products and programs.


Wise investment moves


After observing the lending market for more than 12 years, Tood Lubar identified a slot of underserved customers. Therefore, he instituted Legendary Financial LLC, a branch of Legendary Properties. The new firm serves as a home of commercial lending for both individual investors and corporations. Lubar uses his funds and liquidity of Legendary Properties to offer loans to a niche of borrowers, which traditional lending sources usually overlooks.