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Why Contacting Mathew Autterson is a Great Idea For Anyone Seeking To Achieve Financial Freedom

Investment management is considered to be a professional asset management that consists of various securities, some of which include bonds, shares, and other assets and securities. Investors can be private investors or institutions.

The term asset management is usually utilized for referring to investment management of investments that are collective, whereas, fund management that is more generic may pertain to all forms of investments that are institutional, as well as private investors’ investment management. Investment managers specialize in discretionary management or advisory on behalf of private investors, those who are often wealthy, in which they may refer to such services as portfolio management or money management often within the context of what is referred to as “private banking.”

The particular provision of investment management services entails components of asset selection, financial statement analysis, plan implementation, stock selection, and ongoing monitoring of investments. Derived under the remit of financial services, a vast array of the world’s biggest companies are at the very least in part managers of investments in which they employ staff members by the millions.

Fund manager is a term that refers to both entities of an individual who ends up directing fund management decisions and firms that provide services of investment management. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, assets that are professionally managed for fees reached all-time highs in the year of 2012 with $62.4 trillion, after essentially being flat-lined since the year of 2007. The assets of this industry under management had been expected to reach $70.2 trillion near the end of the year of 2013, per an estimate of Cerulli Associates.

Mathew Autterson is an independent investment management professional. Mathew Autterson can provide you with the skills and experience that he has to ensure that you are put on a road towards financial freedom. The financial freedom that you can pursue through the help of Mathew Autterson can provide you with many benefits in life. Be sure to contact Mathew Autterson when you get a chance, as he’s always willing to assist and guide anyone in need.

Attorney Karl Heideck On The Philadelphia Vs. Wells Fargo Case

Karl Heideck is a brilliant attorney who is very much in the public eye due to his high profile cases such as Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien as well as being a contract attorney for Grant and Eisenhofer. He appears in many magazines and on many websites.

Mr. Heideck earned his BA from Swarthmore college in 2003 and went on to Templeton University Beasley School of Law and received his JD in 2009. He began practicing law in Philadelphia for a number of years and now is making his mark in Pennsylvania.

In May of 2017 an article was published on where Mr. Heideck explains the lawsuit by Philadelphia against Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is an American banking and financial services company that is the 10th largest in the world based in San Francisco California.

The core of the lawsuit hinges on the “Fair Housing Act of 1968”. This act prevents discrimination against the sale, rental or financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin and sex. The state of Philadelphia claims that Wells Fargo is in violation of this act.

Mr. Karl Heideck explains that Philadelphia charges that Wells Fargo made it difficult for black and Hispanic borrowers. They say these borrowers were credit worthy of lower interest rates and lower risk mortgages and were steered into making bad choice loans. They also insist that Wells Fargo made it difficult for these borrowers to refinance their homes. The city says this made for higher crime rates and lower value on properties.

Wells Fargo is still reeling from a charge of creating fake customer accounts to meet goals as well as this violation of the “Fair Housing Act”. These practices are known as “redlining”. This happens when a company draws a “red line” around and area that they don’t want to extend loans to, which goes against the constitution when it done because of race.

Wells Fargo has come up to bat in this case unlike the “fake customer account” case in which they remained docile. They plan to fight this case although they have not written a legal answer to the complaint.


Avaaz- Promoting Peace and Cohesion Thus Making the World a Better Place

Founded in 2007, Avaaz has had a great impact on the global community to the extent that it is now considered by The Guardian as the most powerful online activist network internationally. The name Avaaz was translated from the Persian language, and it means “song” or “voice.” The organization has owned up to its meaning by providing an avenue through which issues such as climate change, poverty, conflict, animal rights, human rights and corruption can be articulated.




An organization that is managed well is bound to prosper, and Avaaz is no exception. The organization’s president, Ricken Patel, is not only well educated but also experienced and passionate about his job. Patel studied Politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford University. He later went to Harvard University for his master’s degree.


Ricken developed the passion and expertise for activism during the time he worked for the International Crisis group around the world. During this time, Patel worked in many countries such as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Liberia. Working out there taught him how to reinstate public faith in political systems. When he returned to the United States, he was able joined as a volunteer, a position that helped him understand how to utilize online tools for activism.




  • Avaaz aims at narrowing the gap between the current world’s status and the world people desire. Some of the progressive causes the organization is involved in include:
  • It set up internet proxy servers to enable protestors to upload videos on public sites during the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests
  • It braced establishment of the no-fly zone over Libya, which caused the Military intervention in the country back in 2011
  • Avaaz supported the civil uprising after the Syrian civil war. They sent 1.5 million U.S. dollars’ worth of internet communication tools to the protestors. They even sent two million U.S. dollars’ worth of medical equipment into the country

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Finding Complete Fulfillment of Life with Kabbalah Teachings

The realization of the true meaning of life is one of the best moments for a human being. For most people, however, it remains elusive. For the few lucky ones, it comes much later in life when the best of the days have been spent living someone else’s life and there is nothing much to be done except spend the few remaining sunset years in constant regret and despair.

Undiscovered by many, Kabbalah Centre teachings had been helping people find fulfillment in their lives for hundreds of thousands of years. Since the early Rabbis believed that the teachings were too complex to be understood by young people, they were restricted to only very dedicated students—above 40 years of age. In reality, this robbed the youth and many women the chance to lead a better life and find both fulfillment long-lasting religion happiness.

Breaking Traditions

Thanks to Philip Berg and his wife, the old traditions were discarded by the founding of Kabbalah Centre International. The organization has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but has centers in cities all over the world as well as study groups and an online platform through which Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar courses are imparted. The selfless effort by the directors has succeeded in turning around the lives of millions of people who would still not have found the true meaning of their existence.

Unbound Spirituality

Unlike most of the world’s religion, the Kabbalah Center does not seek to oppose the teachings of other religions. Instead, it is a supplement the religions. Based on universal principles, Kabbalah welcomes people who profess to any of the world’s faiths without paying any special attention to ethnicity or nationality. In addition, it doesn’t attempt to compel its students to behave or think in a certain laid-out way. All it does is imparting teachings that if applied in real life will result to complete fulfillment through better connection with the Light.

Bottom Line

Without doubt, the Kabbalah Center is the best news for a desperate human race that more often than not, doesn’t know the true purpose of his or her creation. No wonder it has attracted a long line of celebrities as its followers, including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Alex Rodriguez and Elizabeth Taylor to learn more: click here.

Success Academy Earns Top Charter Award

Success Academy is a high performing charter school in New York that has won the honored Broad Prize for 250,000. They won the grant their great success in helping to close the achievement gap among low-performing, low income students. The 10 member selection committee based their choice on academic outcomes and scalability. The prize will help to fund their college readiness programs. CEO and founder Eva Moskowitz has been quoted as saying that “zip code don’t have to determine destiny.” Every elementary and middle school within the network was in the top ten percent for the state in 2016 on English, Math, and Science scores. Minority students outperformed the Caucasian and the low income outperformed their wealthier counterparts. Success Academy has shown it is possible to close the gap.


Eva Moskowitz hopes to grow the network of successful charter schools to a size comparable to Atlanta or Boston school system. Soon, she hopes to have close to 100 schools in the charter network serving close to 50,000 students. This kind of growth would prove how successful charter schools can be. In addition to the college readiness programs, they will launch a digital sharing system that will share their materials with schools around the country. They will share their curriculum, training, and other intellectual materials and make them accessible at the hands of other charter schools.


Success Academy is currently the largest charter network in NYC with 14,000 students. 93% of their student population is African American and 76% is considered low-income. They continue to push the envelope and close the achievement gap. In just a decade, the school system has grown from one school to 41 schools. This network is larger than 95% of the school districts across the country. Success continues to expand as it has earned incredible academic achievements.

Cassio Audi: Executive Fine Tuned

In 2016, Cassio Audi displayed a rare talent that can be traced to over decades before: his excellent drumming skills. During the live performance, he joined members of the pop and rock band, Vipers. However, this was not the first time he was performing with the band. Between 1985 and 1989, Cassio Audi performed with the band as a drummer where he played a key role in the release of three tracks including ‘All My Life’, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ and ‘Theatre of Fate’. He played an integral role in the performance, writing and arrangement of the tracks.

The musical career highlights Casio Audi’s professional versatility. It also highlighted his multitalented nature. In addition to being fluent in Spanish and English, Cassio Audi has excellent project planning, cross-functional team leadership and strategic planning skills. He is also skilled in strategic financial planning, due diligence and change management. He is also good with company restructuring, valuation and business planning as well as startups development and management. His skills are enhanced by his hands-on and open leadership style.

Academic and Career Background

The numerous skills Cassio Audi is renowned for have been built over a long career, which has seen him work for several companies including startups especially in Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1994 at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. He furthered his education at the Universidade de São Paulo with a Master of Business Administration. He graduated from the university in 2000 with specialization in finance. His over two decades of professional experience began at JP Morgan Chase in 1992 where he worked as a trader. After four years with the company, Cassio Audi rose through the corporate sector while establishing a name for himself as a suave financial manager and company executive. He has worked for companies such as Dow Chemical where he worked as a senior financial analyst, Gillet, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. and Rossi Residential among others.

Find more Cassio Audi with Viper on YouTube.

A Better Life Connection Is Made Easy With The Kabbalah Centre

The ancient Jewish teaching of Kabbalah has long been shrouded in mystery, but The Kabbalah Centre has made a major impact for the last half century in bringing this form of mysticism into the light. In many ways Kabbalah is all about connections and making sure each individual who builds a strong connection to their fellow human beings throughout their life by allowing them the chance to explore the connections they make with other humans and the universe as a whole.

The key to Kabbalah in the view of The Kabbalah Centre is not to obtain happiness, but to develop such a deep understanding of the universe that we are able to see the greatest level of interest in the everyday tasks and actions from the simplest to what may seem to be the most important. The studies undertaken with The Kabbalah Centre focus on ensuring the afterlife we pass along to will be successful and understood by those who follow these ancient Jewish teachings as followers attempt to live their lives in a way that makes sure life is as successful as possible at all times.

The teachings of Kabbalah are said to have first been handed to Adam in the Garden of Eden by the light that surrounds everything in the world, and has been passed down along the patriarchs of Judaism ever since to keep this oral tradition alive; before the work of The Kabbalah Centre only Jewish males over 40 were even considered to follow this teaching as it was deemed to complex for the ordinary mind to understand.In the 21st century there are many ways to follow and learn from the teachings brought to the everyday attention of the public by Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Karen through The Kabbalah Centre, including attending one of the ever increasing physical locations of The Kabbalah Centre or exploring the many Online courses now available.

The Kabbalah’s Quest to Connect People

The Kabbalah can be described as an esoteric school of thought within the Jewish religion. It is a set of teachings that seek to explain the relationship between an infinite Creator and the mortal human in the finite universe. Rooted in the Judaism culture, Kabbalah can be traced back thousands of years. It has been passed down with each generations teaching the next how to gain a deep connection with God and each other.Moreover, it teaches those in practice how to immerse themselves in life by being the best version of life. Practitioners learn the importance of appreciating all that life has to offer. They are taught to disregard abstinence in search of fulfillment while understanding when to draw the line.If you want to meet their team : Click here.

Kabbalists are taught that even how we dress has meaning. Dressing neatly offers easier connections with others who may need our assistance.Kabbalah centers have since been established to help further the teaching of the values behind the movement. The first Kabbalah Center was established in 1922 while the center in Los Angeles was founded in 1984. It is a non-profit organization that dedicates its resources and time towards fostering peaceful coexistence in the world. The institution provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings.

About Kaballah Centers

These centers provide alternative physical locations for the study of Kabbalah. They have in place an online learning system that offers lectures, prayer services, books, CDs, and DVDs. The centers provide a supportive community and environment for their students to grow spiritually, exchange ideas, and develop relationships with like-minded people.Kaballah Centers engage in philanthropy within the communities they serve in. They benefit from partnering with organizations such as RedCross to provide aid to those in need. Such aid could be in the form of finance, food or any other form of humanitarian assistance.

Greg Secker is proving good guys can finish first

The life of Greg Secker can easily be made into a major movie. The problem is that there’s a good chance no one would believe it. Greg Secker is a very successful trader, entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist, and to top it off, a helicopter pilot! Yes, Greg’s life seems to move at 1000 miles per hour. He apparently loved speed as a child and at the still young age of 42, he shows no signs of slowing down.


Greg Secker started his business career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At only 25, he became the vice-president at Mellon Financial Corporation , a fortune 500 investment bank. With the success and knowledge he had acquired while working with some of the best foreign exchange (Forex) traders in the world he was able to retire to trade on his own at the age of 27. From there, he decided to share the vast knowledge he had acquired in the Forex market with friends and family to help them achieve their own financial independence and allow them to live out their dreams as he had. Before long, there became so much demand for his teaching that he created Knowledge To Action and began bringing his teaching to the public. He also began a career in public speaking around this time to motivate people to live their dreams.


With all the success that Greg Secker has achieved in his incredible life, it seems that his biggest motivation and greatest joy may come from giving back. In 2010, he founded the Greg Secker Foundation which is a charity that works around the world improving the quality of lives of many children. This sums up his passion, which is to give as many children as possible the best start possible in life. This is just one of the many philanthropic endeavors that Greg Secker is involved in. It truly is amazing that Greg is able to do so many things seemingly at once, along with having his own family. In a certain sense, Greg Secker is proving that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to, especially when you live selflessly!


Equities First- AU Is Offering a Vast Array of Opportunities For Those Seeking a Loan Though a Provider That is Honest, Reliable, and Fair in The Terms That They Provide

If you are striving to obtain a loan from a capital lending solutions organization that is willing to work with just about anyone while offering terms that are as practical as they can be, then you may have landed on the right page. Equities First- AU is a lending solutions organization that is essentially existing to support those in need of capital to pursue their own personal endeavors, whether it be to continue/expand business operations or non-purpose loans. If you’re a high net-worth individual who is seeking to obtain a loan that could possibly assist you in purchasing an item or anything that would be considered as being “non-purpose” regarding loan types, then Equities First- AU may be just the solution that you need.

Non-purpose loans use securities as types of collateral. Proceeds from loans are utilized to purchase things that are not considered as being securities themselves. An individual may prefer to invest in a non-purpose loan over loans with lower interest rates and types with regular installments due to the lower interest rates they offer. Equities First- AU is a great click here option for those who want to obtain a non-purpose loan.

Equities First- AU is helping business owners with obtaining capital that they need so that they may be able to purchase equipment and other forms of assets that may have a part of helping them to achieve further endeavors. A customer service representative of Equities First- AU is someone who will be able to provide you with guidance pertaining to your particular loan request, whether it be in the form of non-purpose or for a business. Making the decision of contacting them could have an effect of positively impacting your life. Please be sure to know exactly what it is that you are looking for in a loan prior to contacting a loan specialist, as it may make the application process quicker and easier.