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George Soros Suggestions of German Immigration

For the past fifty years, one of the most well regarded economic minds in the world has been George Soros. George Soros is best known for being the head of Soros Fund Management and being a lead advisor to Quantum Fund. Through his investments in these funds and other businesses, he has accumulated a net worth of around $25 billion.

Due to his lengthy industry experience, Soros is often looked to for his opinion on different current events and situations that are impacting the global markets. One situation that has had an impact on markets across the globe, particularly those markets in Europe, has been the migrant situation in Germany. While the Syrian migrant situation is largely considered a social issue, some believe that it could lead to social and economic issues in Germany and also put the entire European Union at risk.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made international news last year when it was announced that Germany would have an open door policy for allowing Syrian refugees to enter the country. While there is obvious concern for Syrian citizens due to the rampant civil war, the risk of increased terrorist activity due the extremists leaving the county has led many countries to create laws disallowing the migration and immigration of Syrian refugees.

While Germany was recently supportive of Merkel’s decision, the approval of Syrian refugees has continued to decline. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have only added to the disapproval. To make matters worse for Germans, many other countries in Europe have taken measures to prevent refugees from entering their countries, which has only led to more people to immigrate to Germany.

George Soros believe that this stress on Germany could lead to tensions with other countries in the EU, which could eventually lead to a weakening union or lead to an entire dissolution. While there is plenty of risk for this to occur, he has pointed out that there is still time for this to be prevented. However, in order for this to be prevented, it will be up to Angela Merkel and the rest of Germany to ensure that the union stays strong and unified on this matter.

One suggestion that he has come up with is to extend the current immigration and asylum plan beyond the borders of just Germany and Europe. This will help to reduce the economic load that comes with taking on so many additional residents of each additional country.


Aggregate Report Reveals Weakness in 4th q Real Estate Sales

Since the end of the 2008 recession the real estate market in New York City  apartments for rent  has been on a tear with average prices per unit and square foot increasing year after year. The Aggregate, which is a real estate report that is issued by Town Residential on a quarterly basis was released for the fourth quarter and provides raw data which indicates that the trend upwards has not been modified and prices in the fourth quarter have increased by 5% from the prior year.

Town Residential is one of the premier luxury real estate agencies in the New York City area and their Aggregate Report, which h is available on Virtual Strategy Marketing’s website, provides the insight of their professional real estate agents and executives. This provides additional insight above and beyond the raw data presented in the report and helps to serve as a valuable resource to readers.

The fourth quarter Aggregate report discovered a discrepancy between the average rate of increase and the marketplace which is meaningful to real estate participants. While the average prices for apartments and square footage increased in New York City, the figures appear to be distorted by new development projects coming online during the fourth quarter that have higher prices than existing inventory does. This has led to a variation in the real estate prices when the new development data is juxtaposed to existing inventory. New development units are still very attractive to buyers as they have modern amenities and appeal to the social standing of many people, but the pricing pressures on existing inventory including an increase in the number of days units are staying on the market, has led to a divergence of pricing.

Overall, for buyers who are looking for existing units this provides them with some additional bargaining power given the sheer number of units available on the market. Over 7,000 units were listed on the market in Manhattan alone at prices ranging from the sub $2 million market to over $10 million luxury market. If you are looking to purchase or sell a unit reach out to Town Residential to provide you with more information regarding the options available to you.

A Sigh of Relief for Squaw and Wirth as the Olympic Valley Incorporation Drive Halts

For the past few years, the communities and businesses North of Lake Tahoe have suffered the brunt of both nature and what Andy Wirth terms as divisive political activism. It all started with an epic drought that swept through the land bringing with it devastating effects on the small businesses and winter resorts that rely on them. These include the Squaw Valley resort and some of the most popular winter sports terrains in North America.
In an article published by Reno-Gazette Journal, the situation was further aggravated by the incorporation suit brought against the Olympic Valley communities. This case lasted four long years pitting the incorporation backers led by Fred Ilfield against the Olympic Valley communities. The communities and their interests were represented by the Squaw-Alpine resort CEO, Andy Wirth, who saw the incorporation move as a threat to the business and civic climate in the valley.
Wirth described the incorporation as a long-term threat to the survival of the valley communities and businesses therein. He noted that such incorporation would serve to increase taxes on the valley businesses making it difficult to open up a business or a operate one in Tahoe. According to Wirth, this would also lead to a decrease on the services that people depend on for survival such as road maintenance and snow plowing.
It, therefore, came as a relief to the Olympic Valley residents when the incorporation sympathizers decided to withdraw their case. It also served double relief to the Valley businesses as the winter season storms and colds came in earlier than anticipated and thus the opening of the various resorts across Tahoe including Wirth’s Squaw-valley resort. Wirth also mentioned that case was quite divisive and called on the Tahoe Valley residents to see the dropping of the case as a chance for healing.
About Andy Wirth
Andy began his career in as an intern with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. For over 20 years, Andy has been working with the company in its marketing department in various roles until 2006 when the company was purchased by Intrawest. This saw Andy elevated to the position of the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of sales. In 2010, he joined Squaw Valley Ski Resort as CEO where he serves up to date.

Dog Food Companies Offer Important New Products

The world is always changing. New products often come on the market in response to customer concerns. This is very much true of dog food. Dog owners have come to realize that research indicates the importance of feeding their favorite pets dog food that is made from the best possible ingredients. In turn, dog food companies have jumped at the chance to offer their customers the opportunity to purchase dog food they know to be an excellent product. This has seen a flood of new dog food products on the market that are designed to help customers get access to the best possible products for the needs of their dogs. One of America’s leading dog food company providers has long understood this need and done their best to meet it. Beneful provides owners with the chance to buy dog food that is ideal for the needs of any pet including both older dogs with special needs and new puppies. Officials at Beneful have long realized that today’s dog owners are people who know that new nutrition science tells us that dog food must be of the highest possible quality in order to feed a pet and help it grow. They also know that dog owners want to do their best to provide such high quality dog food for their animals. This has led them to do their best to work with new research about how to feed a dog and use that knowledge to help provide better dog food. Dog owners have been highly responsive to Beneful’s impressive market efforts. In recent years, their loyalty and appreciation of the brand have led to enormous success in the market as pet owners have often flocked to their side. Dog owners know they can count on Beneful to offer them the best possible dog food each time they purchase it. They know that any time they choose to feed their dog Beneful products, they are doing something that ideal for their pet. Dog owners also know that all varieties offered by Beneful will easily satisfy the needs of their adored animal companions.

Just Like Children, Beneful

Just like children, you have to be careful not to love your pet to death. This is a simple euphemism, but it highlights a powerful point. An overweight or underweight dog is not a happy pet. This is not a determination of what constitutes a good owner, but it does signify an informed owner. Dogs that are very active require much more food than dogs of even moderate activity. Failure to do so means active dogs will be running on empty in their most active periods. Dogs can have a lack of nutrition based on the type of dog food rather than simply not enough food making it even easier to underfeed your active dog. To rectify this situation, it is necessary to change the dog food and the feeding regimen in terms of amounts. I recommend Beneful in all dog food situations, but their formula called Healthy Weight Beneful with chicken allows owners that have been underfeeding to stabilize their feeding regimen. When their dogs will be inactive for a time, they can transitions to Beneful’s Playful brand with real beef and egg. This double protein dose is the type of nutrition active dogs need for maintenance after strenuous activity for a time.
Being overweight is as dangerous for a dogs as being underweight. This problem can occur for multiple reasons also. Inactive dogs should be fed somewhat less than the food label recommendations. The recommendations on dog food labels assume dogs will be moderately active, and they make their recommendations based on this. Dogs may tend to overeat when they are not getting the appropriate nutrition also. Combine this with inactivity or a naturally inactive breed and becoming overweight becomes more possible.
To combat this situation, the answer is Beneful also. Beneful Healthy Weight with chicken is the go-to brand to stabilize the weight situation also. The next answer is more exercise combined with a brand like Beneful Tuscan Style Medley that has the correct nutrition. I recommend Beneful’s Chopped Blends on Amazon for dogs losing weight because the most food will satiate them more without adding unnecessary calories from unknown sources. After this initial phase, Beneful has a multitude of other brands for variety.

A Great Double Of Micheal Jackson

Some people are naturally great at pretending to be someone else. For others, it can take practice and much diligence.Although some people use there impersonation skills to be funny or entertain a group of friends, others to put more thought into there skill and may even think of creating a career path for themselves. A great example of someone who used his great impersonation skills to build a career is Sergio Cortes. Mr.Cortes is a successful and well known impersonator of the American pop idol singer Micheal Jackson. Sergio is a artist with a given talent to sing, compose and dance just as the legend himself.Now if you’re wondering how does someone choose to become the perfect double or impersonator, heres how Sergio was able to turn his impersonation skills into a striving career.Sergio Cortes is originally of Spanish descent. Growing up his mother always told him how much he resembled the great pop star MJ. During this period of time Micheal Jackson was still a part of the Jackson 5 and there names were known everywhere around the world. Here is where his curiosity grew for knowing who Micheal Jackson was. Upon watching the iconic singer dance and sing on his television he couldn’t help but admire how talented Micheal Jackson was. Sergio’s passion and admiration drove him to study Micheal’s music, rhythm and dance moves. He utilized his television as much as he could as a way to teach himself everything he could about being just like Micheal Jackson. During his teen years he was invited to join a party where he was asked to dress like Micheal Jackson.From this great passion came his decision to pursue his career as a impersonator.

Today his striking resemblance and talent continues to gain him followers and invitations to perform all around the world. Sergio states that he is extremely humbled and very privileged to impersonate someone as talented as the idol Micheal Jackson. He also speaks about his feelings toward the death of the great singer back in 2009. His statement acquired from R7 he states “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the charecter of his idol, you know all about his life and interpret it part of your everyday life. It was a big impact on my life”. To learn more about the famous Sergio Cortes and see his skills follow him on Facebook and Twitter on the link below.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Beneful Offers the Best in Dry Dog Food Selection

Without a doubt, dry kibble is the most convenient way to feed my dog. When I first got my Lab pup, eight years ago, I fed him wet dog food. I soon found out, Rex was lacking in table manners, and often made quite a mess on the floor around his meal bowl. And that is when my journey with Beneful dry dog foods began. And I haven’t turned around since!

I started with the Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food with real chicken and vegetables like peas and carrots; and Rex loved it from the very start, which was great. In the beginning I did moisten this kibble just a bit, but soon Rex preferred it dry. I never experienced that hunting and picking to find a brand that my puppy would take to. Healthy Puppy is full of calcium and it contains the Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, which has been proven to aid in the development of the nervous system and brains of young mammals.

When I transitioned Rex to the Beneful Original dry kibble, once again, he took to it without fuss. What I really liked about this product was the variety. I could buy the beef one week, then a couple weeks later switch to the chicken or salmon. And we’re not talking about flavoring! This is actual salmon, chicken and beef product blended with all sorts of good foods, like sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, avocado and spinach.

Then I was told by a friend how favorable her grown Schnauzer had taken to the Beneful Playful Life on with real beef and egg. She told me of how her dog actually appeared to be more energetic and more alert to her commands when on the lease when walking. Well, skeptical me, I reluctantly switched Rex to the Playful Life kibble; I was also so pleased with the change in his energy level that I continued feeding him that brand for about 3 years.

Now Rex is enjoying the Beneful on wikipedia Healthy Weight with chicken. I use this brand not because Rex is very overweight, he’s a healthy seventy pounds; but being the lowest in calories, I plan to keep him from becoming overweight as he ages. I am so pleased with Beneful dry kibble for my dog. I am confident in the quality and the ingredients, and according to my vet, he says Rex is so healthy, I shouldn’t change a thing.

Soros: A Champion Of Social Justice

More than just a champion of the underdog, George Soros is a champion of social justice. His inspirational rags-to riches life story not only serves as an example regarding the resiliency of the human spirit but also demonstrates the power of human potential. As a philanthropist, Soros has committed his time and wealth to be a crusader for human rights, democracy and government accountability. Soros believes that the value of each individual should be acknowledged along with their right to determine their own destiny.

According to Investopedia, George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930. As a youth Soros experienced firsthand the hardships of living under tyrannical and unchecked leadership when the Nazi Regime occupied his Hungarian homeland. In 1947, Soros left Hungary and migrated to England. He attended the London School of Economics and graduated in 1952. After graduation he obtained his first job at an investment bank in London. In 1956 he immigrated to the United States and from 1956 to 1973 worked in various analysts and investment management positions. In 1973 he began his own hedge fund company by the name of Soros Fund Management which later became known as Quantum Fund. In the late 1980s when he moved away from the daily management of the Quantum Fund, he was known to be one of the wealthiest people in the world ( However, while many successful and wealthy people concern themselves with a self-indulgent lifestyle, Soros chose to use his time and wealth to advocate for human rights.

Soros is best known for the creation of the Open Society Foundations. The mission of the foundation is to “work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people (excerpt from the OSF Mission Statement).” The mission statement of the foundation reflects the goals and values of its founder and chairman, George Soros. Open Society Foundations (OSF) “financially support civil society groups around the world, with a stated aim of advancing justice, education, public health and independent media (Wikipedia)”. In 2014, OSF reported granting at least $33 million to civil rights and social justice organizations within the United States. The OSF provided funding to groups such as the Organization for Black Struggle and Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment which supported social protest response to separate incidences of shootings and/or death of black citizens. OSF is currently involved in lawsuits against recently enacted voting laws which OSF has deemed restrictive to voters within particular social groups. NY Times reports that Mr. Soros has already committed the sum of $5 million toward the litigation effort.

George Soros is an empathetic advocate for the oppressed. His acknowledgment of the value of each individual is demonstrated by his active campaign for human rights. Through his experience and wealth he provides a voice and the means necessary to empower those whose lives have been exploited or devalued. Soros is clearly a champion for social justice.

Ricardo Guimarães Makes Deal With Marcelo Melo Though BMG Bank



BMG bank has made its announcement of its newest sponsored the tennis player, Marcelo Melo. The company pointed out that it had entered into a commercial agreement with the athlete, who occupies the number one position in the world ranking of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) in the dual sports category. According to Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, the Minas Gerais Bank logo will be displayed on the sleeves of the uniform during games and training, as well as other materials belonging to Marcelo.


On the established contract, Melo said that their support will assist the athlete in preparing to compete at the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, next year. This partnership with BMG will be of great importance to the athlete. BMG bank, under the presidency of Ricardo Guimarães, will bolster Marcelo. “We want to enhance further their projects to achieve new titles, as well as a better preparation for the next world sporting event. The partnership signed in early November brings a wealth of nuance regarding this deal, something that befalls any investor.” quotes the president of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães, as Marcelo Melo arrived in Brazil with celebrating a new conquest.


This week, the trophy will be among their luggage, from the doubles championship triumph in 1000 Master of Paris, obtained together with the court partner, Ivan Dodig. This was the fourth consecutive time the Brazilian gained victory. Apart from this win, this year alone, the tennis player has won the ATP’s 500 Acapulco, the Tokyo and Vienna, in addition to the Master 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros. BMG bank holds the tradition in valuing the talents of the athletes from the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil promoting sponsorships in various categories.


According to Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, it is also important to support athletes who are professionally dedicated, disciplined and committed to their goals, values that are highly esteemed by BMG. “And this is the case with Melo,” according to the executive. Ricardo Guimarães reiterates that this partnership aims to present, again within the sport, the name of this very important company.


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Yeonmi Park: The Value of Humanity

If there is one thing that Yeonmi Park at has come to appreciate in her life, it is the valuoe of humanity. As her book shows, the rulers of North Korea did not value humanity. They were all about control and intimidation. Her book will grip the reader and he or she will not be able to put the book down until the last page is finished. It is a harrowing and haunting story of pain, suffering, oppression, and resilience. She has grown accustomed to a ton of things that would have really upset many people at later ages. She has grown used to seeing dead bodies and other stuff as revealed in her book, “In Order to Survive”.

Her book also talks about other events going on in North Korea in order to give context for her experiences. Her book can be found in book stores or downloaded to a tablet. Excerpts of the book can be read online. There of course are going to be differences between what Yeonmi Park at has said in her first speech in front of millions and what she has written because the story that she writes in her book is the absolute truth.

Yeonmi Park has been in some of the most dehumanizing situations and as a result, has come to be overwhelmed when faced with more reasonable conditions. However, once she has gotten used to freedom, she has come to value it so much that she has wanted others to experience it. Due to her new found desire, she has taken the time to study at a University in majors like criminal justice so that she can serve people and make sure that she is able to help people who are getting their rights violated.

Yeonmi Park is very passionate about freedom. She is going to make sure that people experience real living to the full extent. She wants people to treat each other with the respect that is due to them as equals. She wants to avoid partiality. She is doing the best to help people avoid being treated unfairly. She also wants to work towards preventing children being born and raised in horrific circumstances like she was.