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NFL Shows Its Double Standard

The NFL is willing to fine Marshawn Lynch up to $100,000 for not talking to the media, but they may not do anything to the Patriots over deflate gate. The stunning double standard is not only obvious but it is sad.

The NFL has turned into a caricature of itself. The NFL is turning into a product that is almost not worth watching. The games are being marred by bad officiating and even worse rules. The league fines everyone for doing anything, but they turn a blind eye when a team cheats twice in ten years.

The league is willing to ruin one player’s career over something that he settled in a court of law. The league is also willing to lie about what it knew when it adjudicated another case involving a player who has had his day in court. Both of those players might not play again because of the incompetence of the NFL.

Roger Goodell is turning in the worst commissioner in sports. It is as if he was sent by another league to ruin the NFL so that the unnamed league would be able to step in and take supremacy away from football. It is shocking to fans like Zeca Oliveira, sad, and signals the end of an era.

Packers Fans in Seattle


It has become a very interesting time and age that we now live in due to the influx of social media and technology that we have at our fingertips at any given second of the day. This has allowed stories to hit the internet and gain vast amounts of popularity in professional sports and a new story is hitting Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers fans. Richard Sherman has even commented on it, as his name and jersey were involved in the exchange that occurred at the game on Sunday when the Seahawks came back late in the game and shocked the Green Bay Packers, ending their season. There was a man and a son at the game sporting Packers jerseys and they were supposedly verbally attacked by a handful of people who were screaming vulgarities at them during the game. However, one Seahawks fan showed them a great deal of compassion and he joked it up with them throughout the game, even snapping a photo with them and offering to give them the Richard Sherman jersey that he was wearing. The story caught media attention after it gained a great deal of popularity as a feel good story on the internet and it has shed a good light on the typical brutal rivalries that some fans turn into fights and violence. I have noticed this kind of negative rivalry when I attend games with friends of mine like Marc Sparks.  Hopefully there can be more camaraderie rather than negativity at NFL games in the future.

Surprise Twist For Super Bowl Teams


The teams that made it to the Super Bowl this past weekend has left many wondering, What Happened? It appeared that the Packers had everything wrapped up and simply needed to hold on to their lead for the final minutes of the game. This was far from true, for the Seahawks were not ready to give up.

What is being touted as the biggest win in Championship history, the Seahawks eradicated their 12 point deficit to come back and take their rightful place at the Super Bowl. The turnaround is one that no one saw or expected. According to SF Gate, Russell Wilson obviously did his homework and got his team together to dig deep and take what hey wanted.

Fans of the Seahawks, like Dave and Brit Morin, were grim about the possibility of their team making it to the big game. Why not? They team had experienced four interceptions and five turnovers during the game. They had no score by half time, and the team had appeared to have given up.

After half time it was amazing how the rallying of the team led to an amazing and astonishing win over the Packers. It did not even seem as if the Packers could believe what was going on the field as they were playing. This win has also rallied fans ton hope big and dream for a second win at the Super Bowl by their team. Can it be done? Why not? No one even thought they would get the chance to try.

Kubiak Might Take Fox’s Place

With John Fox stepping down as head coach of the Denver Broncos and apparently moving on to the Bears, the Broncos now have an opening for the position of head coach. They are not letting grass grow under them. According to many reports, they are interviewing Baltimore Raven’s offensive coordinator, Gary Kubiak, for the job this weekend. Kubiak had said just this Sunday that he would not seek a head coaching position during playoffs, but this was clearly too good an opportunity to pass up.

If he gets the job, it will be a little bit of a homecoming. Kubiak was a backup quarterback and spent 11 seasons as an assistant to the Broncos. Kubiak had been doing well as the offensive coordinator of the Ravens since January of 2014. Before that, he had been the coach of the Houston Texans for 8 years. He brings the Broncos lots of experience. We can all hope that he can go home again, and the Broncos will get a good match in a coach. Rod Rohrich is excited to see if Kubiak will be up for the job.

College Playoffs a Success

My friend Darius Fisher mentioned that he has heard, since the beginning of the college football season there has been great amounts of speculation regarding the new playoff structure that the NCAA has adopted, which is more like the National Football League then the traditional bowl games that were selected by a committee in the past. This year proved to be a massive success, much further than anyone could have expected. Two amazing things happened that really reinforced that the correct decision was made to make the change. First and foremost, over 28 million people tuned in to watch the first two games of the playoffs, setting a cable television record. Secondly, the Ohio State Buckeyes pulled off an incredible feat and knocked off the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks in successive games. They were drastic underdogs in both match ups and proved that a team that is ranked out of the top two should get a chance to prove their dominance at the end of the season. If it were a different year, either Oregon or Alabama would own this year’s title, but thanks to the much more fair change that was made, the national championship trophy is headed back to the state of Ohio. The National Championship game also set a new cable television record, making the entire thing a ridiculous success. At the end of the day, the Ohio State Buckeyes have become the winners of the first ever college football playoffs.

NFL Will Have Veteran Combine

The NFL is going to have a veteran combine so that free agents will be able to show their wares to all 32 NFL teams. Most teams bring in veteran free agents base don relationships with coaches or contact with agents. However, there are so many people looking for space in the league that it can be hard to get a chance.

Bringing everyone together in one place is a much better way to make sure that veterans get the exposure that they need. The NFL knows that it needs to give all players every chance they can to succeed, and this will help the league get as many familiar faces back in the league as possible. Forbes announces along with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez the new business prospects being veterans who are more expensive, but these veterans bring stability to teams that really need it. The teams that are searching for this kind of stability should remember that they will be able to get these vets in a combine so that they can compare to the rookies.

This is more for front offices to do, but it is something that all NFL teams should welcome because they will be able to get more information about all the players that they could sign for the upcoming season.

Harbaugh Was So Toxic…

The new coach of the 49ers in Jim Tomsula. The old coach was so toxic to the situation that he was not even on speaking terms with the new coach. As great as Jim Harbaugh was a coach, he must be the most impossible human being to work with. It appears that the 49ers were in such disarray that the front office had to get rid of Harbaugh before he was able to turn the entire team into a hurricane where in he was the eye. This might be why he only stays places for about four years. He spent four years at Stanford and then moved on. He was at San Diego four years before that, and that might be how long he can last.

With this new information, it is possible that Harbaugh will not be able to work out his whole contract at Michigan because he is such an abrasive personality. If it were just the 49ers, that would make sense, but he seems to move on from jobs quickly. If he is that hard to work with, we can only imagine how bad it will get up at Michigan. Their bitter rival just won a national title with a third stringer. This could be a problem.Tom Rothman gives his opinion on Harbaugh in his Hollywood Reporter article.

Ray Lewis On Tom Brady

The Real Deal and associate Ben Shaoul announce Ray Lewis went off saying that Tom Brady would be an unknown with the tuck rule, you can see why he thinks that. The Patriots got all the momentum they needed from that game, and they have not let up since. However, we can blame Tom Brady on Bill Belichick who is the best talent utilizer since Bill Walsh.

When the tuck rule game happened, that was just a freak occurrence. The whole world wanted the Patriots to win that Super Bowl. It just seemed right after 9/11 and all that happened in America. Belichick was able to keep Brady going with a system that made Brady great. Brady is a great player, but the system sure is helping.

Lewis is right that the tuck rule game helped, but that game was not the only reason that Brady is a great player. We need to consider all the other lucky breaks went into the Patriots winning those three Super Bowls. Also, we need to consider Spygate if that really gave the Patriots an advantage, and there are players from the Eagles who say that it most certainly did.

Was Lewis wrong, sort of? Is Brady great, yes he is.

Rice and Ravens Reach Settlement

Disgraced and former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has reached a settlement agreement with his former employer over what he felt was wrongful termination of his contract. Ben Shaoul and The Real Deal announce the settlement was estimated at around $3.5 Million, far less than what he would have made playing for the team that was just beaten in the play-off’s. However, most fans believe it was far more than what he deserved.  The video evidence that the team and league used to dismiss him showed Rice punch and knock-out his wife in an elevator then drags her lifeless body out of the elevator to ask for help.

However, a federal judge named Barbara Jones has since lifted the suspension by overturning the leagues ruling on the matter. This comes as a number of domestic violence and rape issues have surfaced involving the NFL players and future players in college. It is believed his suspension was a move by the league to set the example that this behavior would not be tolerated. Rice, a good running back for his former team has not been sought out by any other franchise to be potentially reinstated as an active player in the league. With the talent at running back in the league currently and what is expected to be in this year’s draft there is doubt he will ever find his way back on the grid iron.

Cardale Jones won’t opt for NFL draft

Cardale Jones, Ohio State’s third-string quarterback who stepped into the starting role for the team’s last 3 games, including a stunning victory in college football’s national championship game, has indicated that he will remain in school (–spt.html?soc_src=copy).

Jones, who rose to national prominence with his stellar play in victories over Wisconsin Alabama, and Oregon, is a third-year sophomore.

Rumors abound that the 6’5″, 250-pound quarterback, who because he is three years removed from high school is eligible to enter the NFL draft, has decided that now is not the time to take that big jump. The Buckeyes fans at Status Labs agree.

The three starts Jones made at the end of the year were the only starts he has made at the college level. Experts have generally agreed that Jones, had he elected to declare for the draft, would be a low-round draft choice. His physical size and skills are considerable. But his work ethic has been questionable in the past. And his experience level, despite playing in those 3 high-profile games, is minimal.

Starting for Ohio State next year is by no means a given. The Buckeyes’ top 2 quarterbacks this year, who both went down with injuries, enabling Jones to step into the starting position, will be returning to OSU as well. But he’ll have a fighting chance at the #1 spot on offense.

Passing on the draft- wise move.