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Jason Hope Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author

Anti-Aging Work

In recent years Jason Hope has contributed significantly to the work of the SENS foundation, whose purpose is to decelerate the progress of aging. The SENS foundation laboratories received a great monetary gift from Jason Hope in 2010, but he has continued to support the foundation till today with as much as $1 million toward the cause. The purpose of the SENS foundation is to do research and collaborate with another scientist who works in the SENS labs as well as at other academic labs across the country and the world to find anti-aging solutions that give a better and longer quality of life to individuals.

Biographical Information

Jason Hope recently sat down with a reporter from Ideamensch to discuss his thoughts on a variety of topics about his life. One problem he spoke about was the importance he believes anti-aging research will hold for the future. Jason Hope expressed enthusiasm for the subject owing to the fact he pointed out that many people think that there is only one purpose for anti-aging. Research is to live forever. There is another purpose, which is broader and more relevant to everyone’s daily life, which is to enhance and prolong our lives to an higher quality of living.

Writing on Technology

Another passionate topic for Jason Hope are those technologies he finds which have a significant impact upon others and could be new waves of technology and enhance billions of people’s lives, which are often seen in his writings. He considers these technological advances in a twofold way. First, they disrupt the way we see things, and they also open more full doors to making lives better. IoT is such a topic that has recently been bringing much attention to the press, because of its cross-fertilization with technology. IoT necessarily the connection of technology, at home, business, or society, combined with the entire internet experience and all it has to offer.

Integratable Apps

The latest IoT contributions have been able to connect technology which is both personal and contributes to a person’s health and easily connects an individual to the internet and the contributions it can make even more to a person’s health. It can be compared to having every possible source for one’s physical health at the touch of a button and then have a simple app tell you what you need to do at each moment what you need to do to keep climbing up the ladder to perfect health.

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Sudhir Choudhrie: The Entrepreneur Behind Magnum Trading Company And Alpha C&C Group

Sudhir Choudhrie is one of the most notable businessmen in England and is someone who has had a strong impact on the industries that he has entered into. He has an inspiring story that led him to the position that he currently holds, and this story is what has made him such an iconic name in the field of business. Sudhir Choudhrie was born in India and lived in Delhi during his formative years. He was raised by his mother singlehandedly following the premature and sudden death of his father. Sudhir Choudhrie attributes a lot of the success that he experienced to his mother. He believes that if it wasn’t for the way that his mother raised him, he would not have become the man that he currently is.

Since an early age, Sudhir Choudhrie was always an ambitious child who wanted to achieve great things in life. He always wanted to make a name for himself and tried hard to succeed at everything that he did. He always wanted to start up his investment business and was inspired by his uncle who owned his own defense company. To be able to pursue his goal, he decided that the best approach for him would be to pursue a degree in economics. He chose to get his degree from Delhi University and soon after went on to start up his own company.

The first business that he started as an operation that imported televisions into India. At the time, televisions were just starting to gain prominence and people were just started to see the benefit of having one in their homes. He would import these televisions from the UK and started to sell them to the Indian Government. Seeing the success that this operation brought him, he decided to take an additional step and start-up an import business known as Magnum Trading Company. After experiencing a huge amount of success with his company, he chose to start up his ethical investment firm known as Alpha C&C Group. This company too proved to be incredibly successful and helped Sudhir Choudhrie become the prominent name that he currently is within this industry. Click here.

Betsy DeVos and School Traction

The planet hasn’t seen many people who are anything like Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She’s genuinely a person who has a temperament that’s hard to come across. Rare things typically are positive ones. No one can dispute that DeVos is a positive force in the United States and elsewhere. She’s not a human being who is a symbol of greed. She’s not one who is a symbol of sloth, either. She’s the polar opposite of both of those ideas. DeVos reveled in an American upbringing that was highly beneficial to her. She had a father who realized the immense value of working hard in society. He was a major industrialist who had a strong track record in his field. DeVos was fortunate enough to be able to emulate her dad and all of his daily actions. She is a person who genuinely grasps the strength of working hard day in and day out. She doesn’t waste any time behaving in a sluggish or lazy manner.


Betsy DeVos has a marital union that’s rock-solid in place. It’s a source of great pride for her as well. Her husband is the famed Richard or Dick DeVos. This man is someone who has a strong track record in the United States. People know a lot about him in the Midwestern part of the country. They know a lot about him in other parts of it, too. People in Grand Rapids in Michigan often remember his seriously lobbying actions all the way back in the beginning of the nineties. They often remember his zeal for all sorts of regional political matters.


DeVos has a penchant for working directly alongside her husband. They relish harmonious interactions. Fighting just isn’t something that they ever do. They don’t see the point in engaging in arguments. DeVos and her hubby are the two talents who are at the helm of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They put this group together when they were a lot younger back in the eighties. They don’t find the foundation and its actions stale in any sense. They work on bettering the organization any time they get the valuable opportunity. Their financial donations advance it frequently.


This lady is no stranger to traveling all around the country and world. Going to airports doesn’t make her feel unsettled or out of sorts. She’s often spotted in the waiting lounges at airports all around the globe. She has been to bustling Miami in the Southern region of Florida. She went there in 2018 in order to talk about charter schools. Pitbull was a guest at the event as well. DeVos wants to see charter schools gain more traction in America. Pitbull wants the same.


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The Real Real Shopping Experience

It is important to mention that people these days like to do a lot of shopping and they are following current trends. They want to pursue a brand which has the capability to give them outstanding fashion experience. It is, therefore, necessary for us to find out some store which can offer a great variety to its customers. Real Real store is one such brand which has numerous variety of things which must be used with great care. The people should try to get in touch with this type of store so that they can use it for creating a fashion sense in themselves.

According to their linkedin page, there are many things which make this store special because it has several features that should be considered for a smooth fashion experience. However, one should try to use this store so that one could not only get good products but get some more products as well. This store is gaining immense popularity these days and therefore it is gaining a lot of credibility. Moreover, this store should be kept as someplace, which has the ability to offer great facilities. It is therefore important for us to get access to such store which has not only good products, but it also offers things with effective quality.

There is a great need to find the right type of experts for getting a good shopping experience. It can be done by ensuring that others should try to know what they should wear. It is also necessary for us to find access to such type of store that has the ability to cause others to know the right taste. One should try to keep oneself close to such type of stores which have immense properties in them which are for good taste only. However, it is necessary for us to avoid those stores which do not have the right type of products. Moreover, it cannot be done if one is not having the right kind of abilities that could be used for spreading good quality products, among others. Nonetheless, such stores should become a reason for someone to shop from, and one should stick to these authentic stores only beyond any doubt.For more details about Real Real you can visit

Sheldon Lavin’s High Priority for Sustainable Food

Sustainable food may not have always been a high priority for Sheldon Lavin. After all, he was once a college student at the University of Illinois and at Northwestern University who was more interested in eating food. He graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. Sheldon Lavin also attended Roosevelt University and got a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in business.

Sheldon Lavin’s first business experience had nothing to do with food production. He got his start as a banker and financier, but that was all about to change in the 1970s. He got involved indirectly with the growing phenomena of Mcdonalds Restaurants. One of Mcdonald’s main suppliers of hamburger was Otto and Sons. As McDonalds popped up all over the midwest, Otto and Son’s business grew. To sustain that growth, Otto and Sons worked with Sheldon Lavin to finance new processing facilities. To learn more about Sheldon Lavin visit at

Otto and Son’s was so impressed by Sheldon Lavin’s performance that they made him a consultant. In the 1970s McDonald’s was expanding into international markets and Otto & Sons felt the need to do the same. Again, Sheldon Levin came to the rescue, assuring that Otto & Sons would now become an international business under the new moniker, OSI Group. For this fantastic work, Lavin was awarded a full partnership and shortly after he committed full time to OSI Group when he became chairman and CEO.

With this exponential growth of his business, food sustainability became very important to Sheldon Lavin. He brought on a new person into the corporate suite of OSI to oversee sustainability efforts. Her name was Nicole Johnson-Hoffman and her title was Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Investments have been made in research facilities in the United States and China to do nothing but investigate sustainability best practices that can be rolled out in the organization.

The commitment to sustainability can be seen in the awards OSI facilities throughout the world consistently win. India is a country with eight OSI facilities and was so impressed by OSI sustainability practices that the nation awarded OSI its global Visionary Award for sustainability practices. Learn More:

Smita Shah is a Female CEO that wants Women to Succeed

Being a CEO is hard work for anyone. However, it can be more difficult for a woman to head a company than a man. Many female CEOs who run major organizations still are not being treated on the same level as men. This has to change. Many women want things to change. Especially females in the CEO position. Smita Shah is a female that wants females to succeed. 


Smita Shah is the CEO and president of Spaan Tech. This organization is a developer within the Chicago area. They help needy communities by improving their communities with sustainable housing and public works. Smita Shah knows how important her work is. This is why she started this company. She wants to see people live better since their environment plays a role in their overall quality of life. 


Smita Shah is adamant about women’s success. So many women are being deprived of their opportunities to prove themselves in the business world. Part of the problem is that women are not prepared for their success. Females must be ready to take on the challenges and issues that impact their gender in the sphere of business. 


American culture influences how women are treated in the workforce. The United States has a long history of treating women in a subpar way when it comes to work. Women are generally seen as subservient individuals. Smita Shah knows that this is not true. While it is a fact that females traditionally tended the home and cared for children; that doesn’t mean that they did not (or could not) perform important functions outside of the home. Learn more:


Women are capable of working in many different fields just like men. They need education, training, and wisdom. Smita Shah wants females to know that they should get as much training as possible and be competent about whatever field they choose to work. This way, they will be able to effectively compete with men at a greater degree.


Remember that female CEOs have come a long way. However, they still only account for up to 10% of all company heads. Females have a long way to go to gain mainstream acceptance as business leaders and head figures within organizations. 


However, that does not mean that they cannot achieve this goal. The main thing for a female to remember is that she must work hard and not allow social norms and values to define her work life. Ultimately, a woman can be an effective leader like any man.

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James Dondero and Working Abilities

Jim Dondero isn’t someone who ever randomly stumbles onto things. He’s the kind of person who thinks everything through with all of the caution and prudence in the world. That path has proven to do well for him so far, too. James Dondero is an individual who did extremely well for himself at the University of Virginia in Central Virginia. He studied in all sorts of classes while at the school. Go To This Page for additional information.

His education there helped him get ready for all sorts of things that were on the horizon for him. After his time with the institution was up, he was all set to go into the competitive work field. JP Morgan is among the United States’ most renowned financial firms.

That’s one of the companies that recruited James Dondero relatively swiftly. He worked for JP Morgan for quite some time, racking up brand new talents left and right. That’s when American Express came knocking on his door. He put time into the credit card business for a few years.

Later, Jim Dondero encountered Mark Okada and nothing has been the same ever since. Okada is the other half of Highland Capital Management, Dondero’s existing firm. The pair made the decision to create the company in the nineties.

Once the middle part of the decade came around, they changed its setting from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas. What tied the duo together? They were investing banking connoisseurs who had in-depth work backgrounds to their credits. View More Information Here.

Jim Dondero continues working tirelessly as Highland Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer to this very day. He’s even its determined President. When he’s away from his desk for extended stretches of time, he tackles the local philanthropy sector. He likes doing everything he can to empower charitable organizations that operate within the vast city in Texas.


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Betsy DeVos and Abandoning Limitations

There are an abundance of consummate professionals on this planet. They in many cases do not compare to Betsy DeVos, however. She’s without a doubt in a league of her own. Few people can hold a candle to her and to all of her efforts. She has an exemplary partner on her side as well. That partner is Dick DeVos or more simply, “Richard.” They’ve been a peaceful couple for a long span of time, and nothing about that is going to change any time soon. They adore being around each other no matter what.


President Donald J. Trump isn’t someone who has any questions that involve voicing his opinions. He never hesitates to share the things that are on his mind. That’s why he has no problem telling everyone just how outstanding Betsy DeVos is. He chose her to work as the Education Secretary in the United States for a reason. He has more than a sole reason, too. He has countless reasons. She knows a lot about the ins and outs of the schooling system in the United States, first and foremost. She’s someone who never backs down from things that may be difficult. She has a work ethic that’s out of this world. She’s someone who genuinely wants to do right by other people as well.


Betsy DeVos is never ever bored. The thought of boredom has honestly never even occurred to her. That’s because she’s in tune with all of the inconsistencies that go on in this world. She thinks that there are many things about the United States and planet that call for a degree of fine tuning. She wants to fine tune things herself, too.


Elisabeth Prince used to be this lady’s full name. It ceased to be her full name after she got married, however. She never looks back on her marriage with any emotion other than pure giddiness. She knows all too well that Dick is her true soulmate. He believes in the power of rock-solid educations just as she does. They never stop talking about the things that educations can do for people. They acknowledge all of the time that it opens many doors.


Does Betsy DeVos ever disagree with President Trump? She does sometimes. That doesn’t interfere with how she speaks with him, though. She’s always the most positive force around him. People who are around her never spot her behaving in a way that seems uneasy. She’s always a bundle of sheer enthusiasm. Her positivity is something that many people think is infectious. People adore the feelings of sunshine she offers.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is an important subject for Betsy and for her tireless husband. It’s been an important one for them since they created it in 1989. It’s a group that’s categorized as being a not-for-profit. It’s one that handles all sorts of American charitable goals. It even goes into philanthropic concepts of all kinds. DeVos wants to take the organization even further soon.


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The Salle Family – Brian and Karen Salle North Carolina Entrepreneurs

Brian Salle founded The Salle Group in 2015. He proposed the idea after being dissatisfied with the lack of online marketing resources available for ordinary business owners. With 40 combined years of business experience, the Salle Group facilitates web design and online marketing techniques in a time where it is most needed.

New services open to small firms include information technology support and web development. Additional features may also range from integrated SEO to a custom-built online store, complete with a landing page. The Salle Group promises to deliver pure quality design solutions with its expertise in multiple programming languages.

Brian Salle is also the founder of Highland Legacy Farms as well as Principal Director of IT at Florida Property Network.

Brian Salle’s wife Karen is the founder of real estate developer, Blackpoint. In January 2018, Southern Avery County was granted access to the high-speed network through the collaborations of Blackpoint at Linville Falls and SkyLine, a telecommunications firm.

The project’s tasks included the installation of 12 miles of high-speed fiber-optic. Blackpoint contributed around $350,000 for the groundwork construction. SkyLine was responsible for covering the rest of the cost. In terms of high-speed connection in the High County, SkyLine is unmatched. SkyLine’s company reaches into communities such as Avery, Watauga, and Johnson counties.

The places in need of service are rural areas, most notably in the Appalachia. Nearly 35 percent of Avery residents lacked high-speed internet.

Installation is necessary for the local economy to run better. In this day and age, paper job applications are constantly being replaced by online applications, and that is something that Blackpoint and SkyLine understand. The same thing could be said about the current educational system, requiring students to complete assignments with a mouse and keyboard. Karen Salle mentioned the necessity of high-speed internet, saying it was “absolutely vital to our community’s success.”

Jack Plotkin Leads Innovation in Telemedicine

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is the former CTO for Virtual Health. He is leading the innovation in telemedicine that is disrupting the healthcare industry. Telemedicine used to only be about providing health care services to patients in remote locations. That is useful; however, Jack Plotkin reports that innovations in telemedicine are improving health care dynamically in exciting new ways.

Jack PlotkinFoundational Uses of Telemedicine

Jack Plotkin notes that the benefits of using telemedicine for remote patient care are well-established. Positive health care outcomes are easy to demonstrate and patients report feeling a more intimate connection with their physicians because the doctor visits via telemedicine connections are more frequent and consistent.

Another big telemedicine success is the use of remotely-operated, robotic, laser-surgery equipment that allows a specialist surgeon to perform a complex surgery from a remote location using a real-time, high-definition, live video stream. The amount of time saved by the specialist surgeon, by not needing to physically go to a patient’s location, allows the surgeon to perform more surgeries and to help more patients.

Advanced Implementation of Telemedicine

Improved Diagnostics

Jack Plotkin reports that adding artificial intelligence (AI) programming capabilities to telemedicine efforts has proven to improve diagnostic success. AI systems are vastly superior to human doctors in being up-to-date with all medical research information, which helps make a more accurate diagnosis. AI systems are excellent at reading X-rays or other scans and making a highly-accurate diagnosis from the images.

Data Mining of Big Data

Jack Plotkin notes that the data mining of Big Data in medical research may uncover patterns that are very useful to health care processes that would otherwise not be part of an average physician’s awareness. There are thousands of peer-reviewed articles published in medical journals each year. It is far easier and more comprehensive for an AI data-mining system to analyze this massive amount of new information and use it, along with machine learning software routines, to improve health care outcomes.

Wearable Devices and Biometrics Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) also provides new opportunities to improve health care, as noted by Jack Plotkin. Global deployment of the new 5G wireless technology will make it possible to track the personal health of every patient who wears a biometric monitoring device.