Ara Chackerian Shares Some Of His Concerns About The Cost Of Healthcare

Ara Chackerian is an influential businessman who has also made his mark as a philanthropist. He invests in new private ventures in the healthcare industry and also has a seat on the board of many such firms. As a philanthropist, he is focused on environmental causes and helping children reach their full potential.

One of Ara Chackerian’s companies is Limonapa Teak. This business, based in Nicaragua, grows teak in an environmentally friendly way. As a result, this business makes the environment healthier rather than worse, unlike most businesses. It is also a socially responsible business as he has hired many local residents and pays them well. As this is a rural part of that nation these villagers would otherwise be impoverished.

According to, one of his latest businesses in the healthcare field is TMS Health Solutions. This company has a number of offices in the San Francisco Bay area where they help people who have depression that is resistant to traditional therapy. These offices use transcranial magnetic stimulation which has shown to be an effective treatment that reduces the symptoms of depression for patients such as this. Ara Chackerian says that he and his longtime business partner have quite a bit of experience with similar business models given that they have built diagnostic radiology centers in the past together.

As someone with deep experience in the healthcare field, he says that most first-world nations are deeply concerned about their healthcare systems. Ara points out that in the United States the costs of healthcare are increasingly burdensome, especially to those with lower incomes. He says that even wealthy people can find themselves in dire straights when it comes to paying for the healthcare they need. You can visit


It is not just the United States that is struggling with health care costs in the developed world. Two other countries that are finding it difficult to fund the healthcare system are France and Japan, Ara Chackerarian has written. These countries provide free healthcare but struggle to keep the budget to do so. Some countries are finding a way to successfully manage free healthcare, though, such as Sweden which is on a sustainable path despite people living longer lives.



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