Ara Chackerian is a Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. With a B.S in marketing from Florida State University, he’s been able to succeed in the world of business as a co-founder of several companies. He lives in San Francisco and is known for his contribution to the health and business industries. As much as most of his experience is in the healthcare industry, he strives hard to ensure that the youth get a better education.

Since Ara Chackerian pays more attention to the healthcare industry, he co-founded some healthcare companies like PipelineRx, which provides pharmacy-services that are telephone-based, TMS health solutions, healthcare provider, and BMC Diagnostics. Additionally, his experience has allowed him to become the Executive Vice President of World Medical/PSS, an international supplier of medical products.

With two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian is currently working as the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, that looks for healthcare companies in their early stages in America and invests in them. The primary target is to revolutionize healthcare in America. In his current enterprise, his primary goal is to ensure that the gap between technology and healthcare reduces to zero. He believes that with real-time data sharing and other things, patients will receive better treatments.

Additionally, Ara Chackerian is well known for his philanthropic acts and business mind. He has created partnerships and invested in non-profit organizations that focus on improving education for the youth in need. At the moment, he’s working with organizations in the United States of America, Armenia, and Nicaragua. Currently, he is focused on Limonapa Teak, located in Nicaragua. The farm pays attention to environmental conservation and social stewardship. In addition to producing a product that does not affect the environment, Limonapa Teak has employed many residents. The pay is equally good.

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