Andy Wirth – Olympic Valley Incorporation

Andy Wirth I the CEO of the Squaw valley Resort, and he has been enduring some hard times in the past few years. He has withstood several years of a drought which ha been hard to run a ski resort. Squaw Valley Resort is one of the most prestigious ski resorts in the country. Many people travel to the area to visit the resort. It’s located in the Olympic Valley in California. Thankfully there has been some much needed moisture recently which has provided some relief for the resort and Mr. Wirth. They were able to open the doors early which helped get a jump start of the season.

Andy has also been dealing with the Olympic Valley Incorporation which he recently found out has withdrawn their efforts. This has provided some serious relief for Mr. Wirth. He says that it was a recipe for disaster. Their efforts would have caused some disasters in the community. Although it has caused some divisiveness between the two, Andy hopes that in the future their can be some healing between the two.

Mr. Wirth was born in raised in Germany. He moved to Colorado to attend college. He started college at the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. He moved to Steamboat, Colorado after college and started working at the resort. His career started in Steamboat and he gained a lot of experience there. He always enjoyed the outdoors and his family was pat of some of the historical parks and recreation parks in Germany. His years in the outdoors is where he found his love for the resorts. He encountered a near death experience while sky diving that forever changed his life.

Mr. Wirth has worked very hard to make the resort a beautiful place to visit. His current project involves the construction of a gondola that will connect the two ski resorts located in the Olympic Valley together. It will allow the skier’s to easily navigate from one resort to the other which will make it much more convenient for the outdoor enthusiasts. The gondola has been a project that has been in the making for some time an is expected to be completed soon.

The project will make the beautiful sister resorts even more appealing than they already are. The recent relief has been much needed for Andy Wirth and the success of the resorts have really helped out. Mother nature decide to cooperate and the incorporation pulled their efforts from opposition. Things are finally looking on the upside and Wirth is hoping to continue to do the best for the community. Between the two divisive parties, he hopes there is healing involved and that they can move past it.

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