Alex Pall On Growing Chainsmokers Sound

Growing Together as Artists

Best known for being a member of the DJ Duo The Chainsmokers. Andrew Taggart is the singer, and Alex Pall plays keyboards on lots of the Chainsmokers videos; both produce their sound. Pall recalls how he and Taggart when they initially met understood what each could bring to the group and after working a couple of days in production were happy with the results. Both he and Taggart were aware of what the vibe was in the DJ world and who was making it, so when they put their heads together, they came up with an exciting sound. Pall and Taggart worked ten hour days together daily and were putting their identity together one song at a time. Having the same core values as Brew was critical, but they both pushed one another to become better musicians. Alex Pall sees one of the keys to their being able to succeed was their ability to talk to one another openly about how each feels about a project. Of course, being able to try new things is very important, and that is always the case with him and Taggart. Pall and Taggart enjoy being able to have people related to their music on a deeper level.


The Chainsmokers fit in a genre called EDM-Pop, which is dance music with a story to tell. Numerous artists meet in this space and compete for fans on the Billboard charts. Among the likes are Zedd, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers, Hailee Seinfeld, Marshmello, Sean Paul, Cheat Code and many more. Alex Pall attended New York University where he studied art history and commercial music. Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler initially formed Chainsmokers, but after Bixler left Pall put out the word he was looking for someone to fill the space. Drew Taggart worked at Interscope Records as an intern, while attending Syracuse University. A mutual friend of Taggart and Pall put them in touch with one another. The newly formed group put out a couple of mixes with Indie artist Priyanka Chopra in 2012 “Erase” and 2013 “The Rookie.

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