Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Has a Plan for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Succeed in Business

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has found a career in oil, one that has allowed him to work for and with a number of companies in disparate countries over the year. How he got there was applying an entrepreneurial attitude, one he sees being applicable to a number of other industries.

Part of what motivates Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a daunting family legacy. He’s the great-grandson of former Venezuelan President Hermogenes Lopez, a farmer with a grade-school education who had an illustrious military career, then a social activist before leading his country. That’s a legacy Betancourt Lopez has tried to match with his career. Read more on WikiVisually.

Of the many steps you will take on making a career, none is harder than the first one. Getting started requires a bit of courage and determination. For Betancourt Lopez, this meant deciding a career in energy was for him, then making the decision to move to Massachusetts to study at Suffolk University, where he obtained a double-major in economics and business administration. This gave him the resume to get in on the career he desired, officially marking his start.

Once working in the industry of your choosing, the next step in a successful career is knowing how to handle failure. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez knows that all careers are marked by the failures and mistakes they regret most. Rather than lamenting the time lost, he suggests looking at each failure for a teachable moment.taking your shortcomings and learning from them to reduce chances those problems will repeat themselves in the future.

Resilience is a key component in business, but just as important is the ability to collaborate. Betancourt Lopez remarks how important it’s been for his career to work closely with others. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about business. Whether working with peers, or under an experienced mentor, he sees an exchange of narratives among workers is how entrepreneurs learn how to better do their jobs and what’s expected of the industry. This is also an opportunity for anyone in business to get comfortable with the idea of constant open communication, and learn those skills to better their business prospects.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez wants to live up to the family legacy through his energy career. Still, much of his attention remains focused on the choices he gets to make and the people he’ll work with while seeing all the oil industry has to offer the world. More information:

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