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Gino Pozzo Sets The High Bar For Soccer Scouting And Talent Identification

The ability of a top soccer club to nurture the best talent is a part of the game that sets the successful clubs apart from teams that struggle to sustain success. Gino Pozzo, the owner of the English team, Watford F.C. is always looking for new ways of challenging his scouting network to make sure the best players make their way to the Premier League club on an annual basis. What sets Pozzo apart from other owners of English soccer clubs is his ability to trust his employees as the team looks to secure new talent on a regular basis.

Gino Pozzo comes from a family steeped in soccer history for more than three decades following the decision by his father, Gianpaolo to purchase the Udinese club. The Pozzo family had built a successful business in the Udinese area and Gianpaolo struggled to remain neutral when the local soccer team was plunged into financial crisis. Gino Pozzo now runs the soccer side of the Pozzo family business from his office at Water’s Vicarage Road stadium.

Unlike many owners of top soccer teams, Gino has not sought to become a figure who interferes with the work being done by his coaching and scouting staff. Instead, Gino Pozzo places his trusted lieutenants in positions of power and allows them to control the areas they have specific expertise within. For example, the success of Watford has been built on the scouting network bringing some of the best young talents to the club before selling them on for a large profit. Gino Pozzo does not concentrate his efforts on this part of the club but trusts Udinese scout Andrea Carnevale to draw up lists of potential signings before a global network of scouts assesses each player. Knowing the success of a system that launched the career of Manchester United and Chile forward, Alexis Sanchez still works well means Pozzo can concentrate his efforts on other areas of the development of the cub.

Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur and Thought Leader

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group. He was born in Penang, Malaysia, to a hard working family of Indian descent. Eswaran worked to pay for his own college education in London, earning a degree in Economics. He worked as an information systems engineer for several Asian and US companies, including IBM, before returning to Asia. In 1998, Eswaran founded the company that would become QNET. The company used an innovative combination of direct sales and e-commerce and quickly became a leader in the Philippines and South-East Asia, supporting a growing group of entrepreneurs. Eswaran is still involved at QNET, leading conventions and trainings for entrepreneurs.

Eswaran founded The QI Group and is the current Executive Chairman, overseeing the business with Managing Director, Joseph Bismark. The QI Group is based in Asia with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They specialize in direct sales and finance, as well as education, hospitality, real estate, and retail. The QI Group operates with several core values built upon RYTHM– Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. The values, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi are: integrity, service, sustainability, and leadership.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Eswaran is a bestselling author. He has written several motivational books, including, In the Sphere of Silence and In the Thinking Zone. Each focuses on leadership and mindfulness. His latest book, Two Minutes from the Abyss, lays out his 11 Pillars of Life Management empowering readers to take back their lives and find purpose.

Eswaran has also established two foundations, RYTHM and Vijayaratnam. The foundations focus on improving communities within Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Vijayaratnam Foundation established a school in Malaysia for children with special needs. Eswaran has received several awards for his philanthropy including a Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship in 2016.

Scott Gelb On Productivity

Riot Games is the game developer of the prolific game, League of Legends. Scott Gelb is the Chief Operations Officer, or COO of this company. Riot Games is responsible for several other successful games as well as many e-sports competitions. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Recently, Scott Gelb was interviewed about his tips for productivity and what inspired the company. Read more at Digital Mode.

Scott Gelb was always enthralled with video games, ever since he was a young child. This inspired him to get two degrees in computer science, as this would help him create his own games. Thus, the idea for the company came relatively naturally, as he was determined to have his own game development company. Read more about Scott Gelb at

To make his day productive, Scott Gelb focuses on goals and themes. This is also how he structures meetings, as it will allow him and his team to stay focused on a single top. He also structures his time with divided focuses – half of his time is spent on long-term goals, whereas the other half is focused on short-term goals. This is key as his office needs to maintain output, but also work towards bigger projects. By color-coding his important work, he can visually stay organized to reach these goals.



Portland Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Sits Down with Interview’s George Baker

A 2019 Interview article by George Baker highlights the successes of Merger Tech CEO Nitin Knanna. The Q@A with the Portland, Oregon entrepreneur reveals some of Khanna’s background an strategies for success too.

Khanna has not always been a Portland, Oregon resident. He was born in 1971 in India. Motivated by the entrepreneurial successes of his family members, Nitin Khanna decided to move to the United States of America at the age of 17. He chose to attend Purdue University. At Purdue, Khanna received his undergraduate and master’s degrees. He was in the doctoral program for robotics, when his brother decided to come to the U.S. in 1999. Nitin Khanna left the doctoral program at Purdue that year, and he and his brother formed a company called Saber Software.

Saber Software would grow by leaps and bounds after the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the 20000 election results and concern over fraud. Already providing voter registration support through their company’s software to the election board in Oregeon, Nitin Khanna and his brother would eventually land more than 20 government contracts to modernize state voting platforms.

Khanna would sell Saber and then formed his current company Merger Tech in 2009. The company would set its focus on helping other business startups with their mobile technology. He also founded another company prior to Merger Tech called CuraCann, which is a cannabis oil company. Although he is no longer with CuraCann, Khanna hopes that he left the company able to accomplish their goals for years to come. He still has high hopes for the company.

Focusing on one’s strengths and weaknesses is a key to success, according to Khanna. He admits that one must be realistic and fully aware of their abilities. Nitin Khanna also believes that staying on top of communications is vital for success. The entrepreneur tries to make sure that any communication he receives over the phone or via email is returned within 24 hours.

When not busy with work, Nitn Khanna finds time to DJ and create documentaries.

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Ted Bauman Is Expecting This Online Payment Company To Massively Increase In Value In The Future

Ted Bauman is a modern day financial expert who teaches beginning investors how to better protect their assets. He serves with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor and writer and educates people through a series of newsletters he writes. These newsletters are The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert, and he has been helping the little guy in the United States for many years through these newsletters.

Ted Bauman has been reminding his readers lately that money is moving into a digital form more and more everyday. He recently asked his newsletter readers to think about the last time they used cash instead of a card or other form of payment. While some people may use cash occasionally, most people probably had a difficult time thinking about the last time they did so. They may have used cash only because a smaller company or vendor required it.

Since Ted Bauman is always on the hunt for new investment opportunities for his readers, he has been looking at the current state of money as a chance for his readers to profit. He believes that credit card companies are not the best investment these days because there are better options out there. Bauman has been keeping his eye on Paypal and feels that it is an excellent investment opportunity right now. The company has been able to continually adapt and grow over the years, and with currency becoming more of a digital affair, the company is positioned for new growth in the future.

PayPal started out as Confinity, and it originally helped to keep mobile devices secure. The company also started out by offering people a secure way to transfer money online. After being purchased by eBay, PayPal was used as the company’s main source for taking care of online payments. Just a bit under a decade ago, PayPal had more than 100 million users, and today, it has over 244 million users. Ted Bauman is expecting the company to continue to grow as it forms new partnerships with other large companies. He believes now is the time to invest in PayPal before its growth begins to skyrocket. Read:

Grupo RBS, Radio and More


Grupo RBS is a massive media business that hails from South America’s Brazil. It’s been in operations since approximately the middle of the fifties. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho is the man who established it back in the late summer of 1957. It has the distinction of being among Brazil’s biggest communication organizations at this moment in time.

It’s associated with an entity that’s referred to as Rede Globo. Rede Globo, in brief, is a network on television. Grupo RBS is in charge of more than 10 television stations that offer broadcasts. These stations are connected to the aforementioned Rede Globo. It’s at the helm of more than 20 stations that function on the radio, too.

They now has a digital division right now called e.Bricks Digital. This business consists of a handful of technology sectors. These sectors have a lot to do with mobile matters, digital media and even technological advancements of all sorts. Grupo RBS’ primary office is in Brazil. It accommodates a substantial number of individuals in both Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer functions as the Chairman of the sizable company presently.

The individuals who represent Grupo RBS always have a lot on their plates. They’re consummate professionals who are well-versed in are all sorts of vital arenas. They know a lot about the development of digital products of all kinds. They know a lot about music and even the publishing of novels. Logistics matters are another category that’s covered by the team at Grupo RBS frequently. Read This Article for more information.

Education is yet another topic that’s a major deal to the people who work for Grupo RBS. This business is consistently working on a schooling effort that can help push educational matters to the forefront in society. Grupo RBS is a business that’s constantly in tune with all of the people who make up its expansive target audience. It’s a business that regularly goes above and beyond to give the people in its target audience all kinds of adjustments that may be favorable for their existences. Grupo RBS has the cooperation of thousands of team members.


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The Relationship of Todd Levine and Clients

Todd Levine is a bright mind based out of Florida. As a founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., he works around the clock to ensure each project is completed in a timely manner. He has a rich history in the attorney business. Todd Levine first acquired the proper education. He first got a bachelors degree from the University of Florida, then completed the Florida Levin College of Law program in 1991. Over the years, he has amassed a loyal client following. In addition, Todd Levine has heavily contributed his opinions in the industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Todd Levine expands on how he approaches his job.

With a degree in one hand, and fresh ambition in the other hand, Todd Levine just needed his breakout moment. This came very quickly as complex commercial litigation cases are always coming down the pipeline. He was quickly assigned a particularity difficult case, but Todd Levine used a strategy of careful planning and patience. He soon found the road to success and won the case in a sweeping victory. This moment opened the door for clients, and fully cemented his carrer as an attorney.

Todd Levine spends each day doing whatever task needs to be completed the quickest. He plans the day around when he will be available, and what makes sense on that given day. However, there are many days when he is traveling around the region. This makes time a valuable resource for Todd Levine. In order to meet the demands of his clients, he ensures that he is always prepared. Whether it is courtroom arguments or just a simple client meeting, a single minute wasted is a minute that can not be returned. He must respect the time sensitivity of the industry. An attorney would not have a job with the support of their client.

The backbone of the industry are the attorney. They help business leaders of all walks of life navigate the legal hurdles. An Attorney can not afford to make a single mistake since time is of the essence to complete the job.

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Sea Marine Enterprise Providing Best Marine Wall Lights

Maritime lighting apparatuses are known for their uniqueness, elegance, and constancy. Adding maritime divider lights to a new good indoor space introduces the particular feeling associated with warmth although as however giving the top lighting needs required. In Sea Marine Enterprise, all of us have a great extraordinary gathering of nautical divider lights that have recently been preserved from exceptional oceanic automobiles. This guarantees the particular size of strategy in addition to material.

Adding person contact to nautical areas

Certainly not like typical divider lights apparatuses, have nautical divider lamps said a great deal regarding one’s character. Presently there will be no better method to be in a position to allow your people understand living space when compared with delivering delightfully planned antique maritime divider lights. Your personal site visitors will discover captivating desire for the underworld plans in these unlikely pieces. You could be using the historical foundation of nautical collectibles each time someone recognizes your current nautical divider apparatuses.

These types of lights provide a credible look to a new nautical space while providing agreeable usefulness. Painstakingly selected bits of nautical divider panel panel lights return one to typically the brilliant times of scallywags and 1st journeys. They will help a person to remember the magnificence of the particular sea. For the people who enjoy ocean voyaging and have got absolutely worked in typically the ocean for awhile, you will reverberate with these types of installations, achieving individual satisfaction every time you observe them shining.

Why maritime divider lights?

Divider illumination has for for ages been used in living and space spaces. In the particular continuing past, nonetheless, all of us possess seen the expanded popularity of these lights even in the dining rooms. In case you are in typically the particular market looking for divider -panel lights, you will move more than different plans plus dimensions. A lot of people who select nautical divider lighting possess individual reasons.

With regard to specific individuals, these installs assist them to remember important recollections of mins or times spent unfactual. Having a credible bit connected with the ship in your home gives all those stunning recollections back again. For the most component, veteran mariners have a great uncommon bond with deliver lights. This will be typically the thing of which makes all of all of them need to stay in contact with these apparatuses as long as they can. On the particular off chance that a great individual are the type of person, putting resources into ocean going divider lights will probably be a good incredible thought.

The particular solid structure highlighted within nautical lights is furthermore a objective for their broadening celebrity. Nautical divider lights are assembled utilizing overwhelming precious metals, for illustration, metal although recently, we have noticed aluminum gentle installations. These nautical points can endure a couple of climate condition. Once you have all of them in your calm, well-secured residence, they are presently there as extended as an individual need every one of them to end up being. The added confine ensures they help keep continuing very long to show their particular worth.

Time in order to put resources into ocean going installations

Within the off possibility that you have got a new waterfront topic home you might want to zest up, take into account acquiring nautical divider lamps. In case you by today have them in your current within space, you could usually add more to help to make that extraordinary, meriting demand. Just about all you should make particular of is that you simply simply are really purchasing from real sea rescue sellers. Only at Sea Marine Enterprise, you can typically believe our group in order to communicate the actual may guarantee anything; less!





Matt Fleeger: An Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Matt Fleeger, President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC., is the Managing Venturer of Oil and Gas General Partnerships, also known as Joint Ventures. This company has a presence in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana. In these states, Joint Ventures explores, develops and acquires domestic oil and gas reserves. With skills as a master negotiator, along with vast experience in business ventures, acquisitions and mergers and corporate structuring, Matt Fleeger has successfully employed his talent as a negotiator for Gulf Coast Western. He has obtained access to seismic data and property rights to hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana. Fleeger has also negotiated for working interests in 13 active wells and 140 drilling locations with nearly 30 million barrels of oil equivalent of total reserve potential.

In partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners, Gulf Coast Western has developed hundreds of areas of exploration in the Louisiana parishes of Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes. There, Gulf Coast Western will operate the development wells, along with the wells that are currently producing as part of an agreement from Warhorse Oil and Gas. This partnership has also permitted Gulf Coast Western to operate many of the development wells along with the acquired producing wells in Louisiana, such as Zachry Exploration, Union Gas, LLOX, Neumin Production and Endeavor NG. These are wells with an expected production equivalent to more than 800 barrels a day. In the southeastern part of Louisiana, there is another partnership of Gulf Coast Western. This agreement is with Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. from whom 50 percent assets and working interests have been acquired. In the Shoats Creek Field of Beauregard Parish, more than four million barrels of oil equivalents are produced.

Because he is so highly regarded for his expertise in the oil business, Matt Fleeger is listed in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals. He is especially praised and respected for his expertise in strategic planning, contract negotiations, strategic planning and abilities as an entrepreneur.

James River Capital Founder on How to Secure Funding for a Startup

As the founder of James River Capital, Paul Saunders helps new businesses raise money. He founded the company in 1995 and therefore is an entrepreneur himself. It is never easy for an entrepreneur to get others to believe in his or her idea, but Saunders has some simple strategies for raising capital.


One piece of advice that Saunders has for new entrepreneurs is to use personal savings and other resources. This approach is called bootstrapping and includes borrowing money from your family and friends and using credit cards. Obviously, this is not without its risks, but you cannot expect investors to part with their hard-earned money if you and your family members do not believe in your idea enough to invest in it.


In those cases where bootstrapping is insufficient or not viable, crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option. This approach requires a substantial social media presence but can be appealing to those entrepreneurs who have the time and know-how to build that online following, especially since the money generally does not need to be paid back. There have been some wildly successful startups that used crowdfunding for funding, such as Oculus, which was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion.


Applying for a loan is another obvious choice. Although most people have heard of bank loans and SBA loans, there is also local funding available, which might be a better option for entrepreneurs with limited credit. In addition, Paul Saunders suggests trying to secure funding from an angel investor or venture capital investor if you have a very detailed business plan.


Paul Saunders holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Before founding James River Capital, he worked in corporate finance at Warburg Paribas Becker and as a commodities specialist at AG Becker. He then moved to Kidder, Peabody, and Co., where he eventually became president of their alternative investment division, KP Futures Management Corp. In 1995, he purchased the company and re-established it as James River Capital. In addition, he and his wife Vicki head up the Saunders Family Foundation in order to manage their philanthropic efforts. Learn more: