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DonataMeirelles: Taking on AIDs with amfAR

The former style director for Vogue Brazil, DonataMeirelles, is a well-known fashion guru and socialite. She is best recognized from her high-profile lifestyle and contributions to the fashion industry, but she is an avid supporter of the charity amfAR which fights AIDS across the globe.

AmfAR is a leading organization in the global fight against HIV and AIDS, providing education resources and research funding in multiple nations. Originally based soley in the U.S., the New-York based American Foundation for AIDS Research became amfAR in 1985 when it took its efforts global. Meirelles was introduced to the organization by a friend and has been a major supporter and donor to the organization and its fight against AIDS.

By helping raise the profile of and funds for amfAR, DonataMeirelles contributes to its mission in the best way she can: By helping bring awareness of its mission and its need for funds to the world. She regularly uses her social media presence to encourage her nearly half a million followers to spread amfAR’s mission themselves and donate if they can. Meirelles also contributes to some of the various fundraising activities of amfAR’s, notably amfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS. The annual event, most recently held in Cannes, France where it raised nearly $20 million in donations, auctions off film and celebrity memorabilia and experiences to raise fund for research.

AmfAR has raised and distributed over $400 million in funds in its history. Meirelles has helped them raise money for nearly a decade now, and supports the organizations Countdown to a Cure initiative. The idea behind Countdown to a Cure is to boost funding into research and find a cure for AIDS by 2020. The idea has potential to succeed, as the second ever reported case of HIV being cured was recently reported.

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Jeremy Goldstein Shares His Secret in Overcoming Personal Doubt

Successful individuals have their own dose of struggles before they reach the pinnacle of what they are enjoying right now. And, New York lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is not an exception to the rule. In one of his interviews, he shared some insights about his career and about success in general.


Jeremy admitted that he had periods of discouragement when he was just starting his law firm. He said that one of the most difficult obstacles for anyone to get over with is the internal and personal battle with doubt. According to Jeremy, doubt is just based on your own feelings and is not in any way based on the situation in general.


To be able to overcome doubt, the lawyer-businessman shared that he concentrates on available tools to solve the problem at hand and fix the situation. Aside from this, Jeremy shared that each difficulty that he encounters in his business is always an opportunity that could help him grow as a person and as a business leader. He added that while doubt exists it never lasts and he noted that it is crucial that he always recognize it that way.


According to Jeremy, by recognizing his negative feelings and concentrating instead on his personal growth, he discovered that he think more critically and experience more success. During the interview, Jeremy recalled that his first-ever client came through a referral from a legal professional network where he is connected. He noted that most businessmen failed to recognize the role of referrals in the growth of their career and business.


Aside from referrals, Jeremy Goldstein also shared that he uses marketing through positive public relations to find the right kind of clients for his business. But, he said that not all publicity is good because negative publicity could technically damage any business. Jeremy added that in order for him to create the proper kind of publicity, he carefully chooses his legal cases based on the type of clients that he wants to attract.


Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney specializing in acquisitions and company mergers. He is also adept in company governance and executive compensation. Jeremy offered close legal counsel during the buyouts of various corporations.


This includes AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, JP Morgan and Chase, and South African Breweries PLC. He usually handles major company changes, managerial governance, and CEO guidance. With his impressive history of successful legal counsel for several biggest companies in the world, Jeremy Goldstein was named as the chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee of the business sector of the American Bar Association.


He is one of the top legal guide and most-sought after attorney for corporate compensation all over the US. At present, he is one of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.


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Maarten De Jeu Has Tips For Companies Wanting To Go Global

If your business is going well in the United States, you may be considering taking it internationally. While the concept may seem somewhat simple, an expert on the subject Maarten de Jeu knows that it can get complicated very quickly and leave people wondering if they made the right decision. You can’t just move the business model that you are using in the United States in a different country. You need to make sure that it is adapted to the culture and regulations that are part of the country you are considering growing too.


While there may be a demand in the United States, the demand may not be as high in a different country. Maarten de Jeu points out you will have to compete with any domestic brands that are available and show potential customers why your imported product is a better deal than what was available prior. It’s important to figure out what your competition is and if it’s worth fighting them to dominate the market in that particular country. Learn more:


Expanding internationally is an expensive process that should never be taken lightly. Maarten de Jeu points out that you should make sure that your domestic business will not be hurt if the international part of it ends up doing under. If you don’t have the money yourself, you may want to consider trying to attract the attention of investors to raise the venture capital that you need through a strong business plan and presentation to potential investors

Maarten de Jeu is a strategic business advisor that launched his business SVM Business Advisory back in 2012. In college, he graduated first in his class at the University of Oxford where he earned his MBA. He has the ability to speak multiple languages which is a highly sought after trait when it comes to doing business on an international level. Over the years, Maarten de Jeu has built a network of professionals from all across the globe and these connections have been quite valuable in his international business career. Along with helping with international expansion, he also is involved with commercial real estate and financial services.


The people and companies that go to Maarten de Jeu for his advice are some of the biggest companies and individuals on a global level and they all trust him with his experience and knowledge. He enjoys being able to spend time with his family that he loves or playing tennis when he isn’t busy working or participating in different boards and organizations in his community of Chicago. Some of the organizations that Maarten de Jeu supports include the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, and many others in the greater Chicago area.

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Looking at the Exit Deal Between Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney, and Holley Performance Parts

Holley Performance Parts is no longer part of the Lincolnshire Management family. Since the company as sold in late 2018, there has been a lot of talk about their new position and how the transaction impacted the two companies. In fact, observers are watching keenly to see how they will be performing. There is no doubt that this is a transaction that caught many people by surprise. For many years, the two companies seemed inseparable as Lincolnshire Management ensured that Holley is adequately funded to run its operations.

About the transaction

The press release from Lincolnshire Management indicated that before agreeing to the transaction, Holley Performance Parts had received advice from top advisors. They included UBS Investment Bank, Lazard Middle Market, and Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Looking at Lincolnshire Management and Holley, you can notice that they have been involved in some of the biggest transactions in the history of business. However, they did not disclose the terms of the transaction, but revealed that Holley had been bought by an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. In addition to that, the statement indicated that the new owners had plans to merge Holley with another company that they called Driven Performance Brands.

Looking back at the relationship between Lincolnshire and Holley

Lincolnshire Management acquired Holley Performance Parts in 2013. This was after they had scouted it as the best option in the middle level categories. Lincolnshire Management was not wrong because under their partnership, the company grew immensely. While commenting on the exit, TJ Maloney the CEO of Lincolnshire Management said that Holley had one of the most vibrant leadership teams. He also said that during their time together, they had enjoyed good relations, and that it was one of the best acquisitions that they have ever made.

In 1986, a group of visionary investors came together to found Lincolnshire Management. This was a time when the industry was still limited because of too many challenges. Therefore, Lincolnshire Management is one of the companies that have shaped the industry. They focus on buying middle level firms that have the potential to grow into big companies. Through several partnerships, Lincolnshire Management has taken its rightful position as a leader in this industry.

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Ara Chackerian And Investing With Gusto

Ara Chackerian is well aware that proper benefits can arise from having the proper patterns in terms of healthcare and habits. As such, Ara Chackerian is known to gravitate toward healthcare investments to upgrade humanity.

He has been able to do so because of the right education and spending his hours in the right places. He doesn’t back off. He continues to find his balance and has great talent in helping healthcare companies become the companies they were meant to be.

As such, Ara Chackerian would advise to create the right habits and have the right patterns. This is what would contribute to the best forms of life and living.

There are a variety of ways to do this in life.

For example, if you want to train yourself to start going to the gym three times a week, you would first need to choose the days that you would like to go, figure out what workouts you would like to do, figure out how much time you would like to set aside and figure out what machines you need.

Prior to joining a gym, you could do something as simple as taking your dog for a walk during those specific days/times or do something other than watching T.V. with that time that way you get into the habit of setting that time aside each week.

Then, as Ara Chackerian eventually once the habit is set you can actually join a gym and maybe even increase the number of days you go to the gym or the amount of time you spend at the gym.

Ara Chackerian will make certain to allocate the right time and right effort to habits that will help himself and others. He doesn’t want to be the one that will hold people back. Ara Chackerian is one individual that strives to support.

ClassDojo mindfulness training event

An article from Fast Company recaps a global event that educational platform ClassDojo held called “Mindfulness Training” to help kids destress from all the schoolwork year round with various breathing exercises and online activities. Other big companies such as Target, Google, and Intel have joined in by teaching their workers meditation techniques to calm down and enjoy life.

A survey showed by ClassDojo shows many children not getting adequate training in meditation or exercises to destress with about 90% of teachers and parents believing it to be very important.

ClassDojo is a platform that allows teachers to communicate with the parents of the students and reward their children for good behavior with points or remove any for bad actions. The company has expanded tremendously to about 180 countries with 95% of kindergarten to 8th grade using the application.

After ClassDojo looked at the results of the survey, they decided to conduct the “Mindfulness training” that was held on May 10. Each day afterward contained 15-minute videos with different exercises for children to learn. Representatives of ClassDojo stated that the event was held to help children calm down and teach them essential skills needed in the future.

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Nitin Khanna and How Results Come To Be

In business, as Nitin Khanna knows, results are the only thing that matters. Of course, results, Nitin Khanna would see, come from a variety of actions that are tied to the company and to the employees.

Results, Nitin Khanna would realize doesn’t just come out of thin air, results would have to come out of clean and correct processes, they would have to come from the right steps taken each day, they would have to come from the right type of culture and they would also come from promoting the right type of behaviors within a company as well.

See, Nitin Khanna would know that results do not exist within a vacuum, they exist within a specific context. That context is what needs to be paid attention toward if one were to succeed.


This aspect is perhaps the most important one of the assessment segments. What’s the most important thing to your organization? Or any organization for that matter?

It’s productivity, of course. The more work you get done, the more beneficial it is for your firm. The less that you get completed, the more you are driven towards losses by each day.

In this aspect, make sure that you are looking for employees who are the most productive for your organization. They could be the best at customer service, they could be highly prolific in sales, or they could be amazingly fast at accounting.

Either way, they prove to be some of the most results oriented names in your organization. And they need to be rewarded for that.

This group could prove to be the team leaders in your organization due to their time-efficiency, production-friendly and self-management skills. Make sure to assess these employees accordingly to show them their true value.

On the other hand, employees who have poor productivity levels should once again be gently reminded of why they had been hired and how their lack of efforts could be affecting the organization. Depending upon the severity of their non-productivity, you could also schedule sessions with HR or training to determine what could be done for them.

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Paul Mampilly Explains the Best Investment Strategies

If you are tired of trial and error with your investments and want to finally, make definitive choices with your investments that would reap you great results, consult with the financial expert or follow his or her advice. One financial expert based in the United States who is trusted by thousands of people in the country for his financial expertise and knowledge is Paul Mampilly. He believes that the fundamental thing that most people miss out on when investing or choosing an investment product or entity is research. He bases his investment and financial decisions on extensive research, and it has served him well over the years, and also helped him make millions from his investments. After earning a fortune from his investments as well as working for the top financial organizations for many years, Paul decided that the common people in America need financial advice too.

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It is what gave him the idea to join Banyan Hill Publishing, a financial news publishing house in the United States. Paul Mampilly does constant research to find out about the productive investment opportunities in the market and help the common people know about it. Paul Mampilly believes that it is crucial that the common people know about what is going on in the financial markets so that they can make decisions for themselves. In the last few years, there are many market speculations done by Paul Mampilly that have come true, providing his readers with great returns on their investments. If you feel that your investment choices are weak or baseless, then following Paul would definitely provide you concrete investment ideas and tips to attain the financial goals you want to achieve.

Paul Mampilly believes that people need to understand the changes going on in different industries to help them make the right investment. Those looking to invest in real estate should know that the real estate industry will have a few dull years. Since the prices of real estate will not increase considerably, people will want to hold on to their investments for longer. It will mean that it is not a good time to invest in real estate at the moment.

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Sharon Prince Providing A Safe Haven For Children


Sharon Prince is a model American citizen who believes strongly in doing the right thing in society. She is very God fearing and is led by God in everything that she does. Sharon Prince is extremely well-educated and she has used her education for the purposes of bettering America and the world. Get Related Information Here.

Sharon Prince has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. She obtained both degrees from the University of Tulsa. Sharon Prince founded an organization called Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation in 2009. She is currently the president of the foundation and the goal of the foundation is to improve people’s lives by having them to engage in nature, justice, community, and faith. The physical facility of Grace Farms is located and based in Connecticut. Sharon Prince Grace Farms is state-of-the-art and cost around 120 million dollars to build.

The facility Grace Farms currently sits on 80 acres of land with a beautiful view of nature. The reason why she chose this location to build Sharon Prince Grace Farms was because she had a vision that it would inspire thought, garner preservation, increase communication, and foster education and understanding. The facility is currently open seven days a week to the general public.

Grace Farms gives visitors, which are usually children, the opportunity to participate in on-site programs, hear guest speakers, see different types of art, interact with people of different backgrounds, and get close to nature. Grace Farms is unique because it offers some of its activities depending on the season. In the summer the facility offers activities such as catch and release fishing and exploring the many nature trails.

In the winter season a one mile walking trail is open to the public so they can enjoy all the snow-capped trees and different wildlife that you can only experience during the winter months. Sharon Prince had one specific goal in mind when she purchased the 80 acres to build Grace Farms on. The three main goals were to enrich the habitat, restore the land, and create a nurturing environment that fosters indigenous wildlife.


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Jason Hope Bringing Technology Together While Caring About It

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is a well educated and smart entrepreneur who is focused on technology. Specifically, bringing technological devices together. Linking them together through the internet. Internet of Things to be exact. He lives in Tempe, AZ where he went to college and earned an MBA. He was born in Liverpool but his parents moved to Arizona after he was born and he is considered a native there. His philosophy is such that he has created a way to bring items together using the internet. Items such as appliances, cars, and electronic devices. He is innovative and continues to think toward a future using the internet for daily activities. The prediction is that over 25 billion items will have this technology by the year 2020. Using daily items that will be linked to a cell phone via WiFi connection. Here a consumer would be able to start their dishwasher, set the thermostat of the home before getting home to cool or heat, and other similar items that will be linked together to make life easier. See more on wikipedia

He is actively writing on the subjects and current technological advances in the Internet of Things genre. Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and working with several different causes. One in particular that he is working on is getting donations to the Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation. Research here is leading toward Diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Jason Hope has donated an estimated $500,000 to the research and prevention of aging. There is extensive research including, how cells work, managing damaged cells, and other extensive cellular function regarding disease and aging.

The SENS Foundation is the foundation that Jason Hope has founded where one can donate, find information about recent studies, and have a media conference about it. He is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and has a website.

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