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Bye-Bye Chapped Lips: EOS Lip Balm Review

Goodbye Carmax, Chapstick and Vaseline because EOS Lip Balm is my new favorite, go to beauty product. This is honestly the best lip balm that I’ve ever used. Not only is 100% natural and safe for my lips but it has the cutest packaging. It is so worth every single penny. I have to pick up at least two everytime I pass by them in the store. I’m truly addicted. I love the fact that it is packed with healthy ingredients that help to support gorgeous, healthy lips.

I love to brag to everyone about how it is made of all natural ingredients. I pass them out as gifts for birthdays and special events. My daughter is three years old, and I make sure that she always has one in her little purse. I appreciate the fact that it is good for your lips, so I don’t have to worry about my lips. 

Oh, and just so you know it also taste really good, so it’s great for smooching with the babe. This is such a popular lip balm, I’m glad that my best friend told me about it.

How Chris Burch Found The Home of His Dreams

An American entrepreneur, Chris Burch purchased a 10,000 square-feet property in a small village in France named Senlis, and the property was a 1608 Hôtel Particulier. With the help of his friends Marco Scarani and Jamie Creel, Burch found the place he would turn into a cozy home for his family. The redesign of the home will be taken upon by French architect and decorator, Michel Pinet and English landscape designer, Tania Compton. Scarani would also assist in getting Burch’s vision of his new home correct. Burch felt house needed renovations, but he felt the house would be wonderful . Pinet is well-known for his restoration of the Château de Versailles. Before Pinet was able to start decorating the house, Scarani was able to acquire Joseph Dufour’s 1805 scenic panoramic, and it showed the voyages of Captain Cook. The panoramic inspired Pinet to redesign columns and moldings of the dining room.

Pinet employed four hand-carved doors from the 1600s in the redesign of Burch’s home. Pinet what creates how from ancient stones, and he would produce cushioning for chairs from the 1700s called Braquenié. Pinet was able to redesign two kitchens and nine bathrooms that were nearly 300 years old. Outside the home, there was 17th century walls that surrounded the property and its’ garden. Compton designed the garden, an apple orchard, and added a vegetable patch.

Burch’s three daughters used the home as a gathering place. People will find museums, and enough activites to fulfill any preference near Burch’s home.

Stratford Shields: What You Should Know

Stratford Shields is public finance banker based in Chicago. He is currently the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets, an investment banking firm catering for Midwest and Northeast clients. Stratford previously worked in government, serving as the State Controlling Board’s President and at the Ohio office of Budget and Management as the Deputy Director.

Stratford Shields’ day begins with strategy and meditation quite early in the morning. To him, each client he serves is important. The financial strategies he offers must be of benefit to his clients. A case by case analysis allows Stratford Shields explore different worlds.

What works for Stratford Shields?

A reading culture always does. Stratford keeps tabs with current techniques to help him know which current strategies are working. The finance sector is one dynamic world, and staying at par is important.

Stratford Shields states that ignoring pessimism should have been a part of his youthful days. Exploring various solutions to issues would go a long way in making things work. He advises young entrepreneurs that they should always seek for greater ways to work things out rather than relying on the conventional ways. He states that encountering failures is not a problem, how they tackle them is what makes the difference.

His ability to focus

Stratford Shields links his productivity to his keen eye for details. His approach is client-centered. Offering clients what they want boosts their loyalty while growing his venture. Keeping records with clients he has attended to helps him remain productive while developing other means for his future endeavors.

Constant communication with clients and his team has also helped a great deal. Discussing with his clients about their challenges and achievements often inspire his next move. Stratford Shields prefers to address the advantages and disadvantages of each idea to torn down on expectations.

Privatization in institutions is one trend that really excites Stratford Shields. Creativity and innovation is taking shape in many universities. Stratford states that privatization is crucial as these institutions seek to boost their funding while improving service delivery.

ClassDojo Asks Teachers to be ‘Mindful’

Everyday it seems we’re a little more distracted by little things that steal our attention away from what we should be focusing on. This mass distraction has made its way to our kids and their performance in school is suffering as a result. ClassDojo thinks it has the remedy for that with a series of instructional videos about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is daily mediation meant to make people focus better, and its gained popularity in schools. 90% of teachers ClassDojo surveyed say the practice helps their students perform better, but when they asked parents they learned only 10% of children practice mindfulness regularly.

This May, ClassDojo is asking classrooms to take part in the “Mindful Moment.” This will be a video series that will instruct teachers on how to guide meditation, put together by Marc Brackett, known for his work in opening up the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Brackett speaks of mindfulness as a tool for building emotional intelligence. He’s cited research that shows 75% of students and 80% of teachers in high schools experience negative emotions that limits their performance. With a regular practice of mindfulness, Brackett believes both teachers and students would have the emotional intelligence to refocus and concentrate on teaching and learning.

CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary agrees. For Sam, ClassDojo’s main goal is to get kids to love the idea of learning. An online connection between teachers and parents has gone a long way to making sure that studies at home reinforce what goes on in the classroom. But they also need a bit of mindfulness to help them move past distraction and give their educational experience a lasting impression.

Expert reporter, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens

Marcelo Crivella, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, invested a considerable amount of money to initiate a public, private partnership. The mayor spent R$2.3 million and hired a consulting firm that specializes in a various aspect of economic stimulus, International Finance Corp (IFC). The IFC is partnering with public officials to build 20,000 daycare centers and 40,000 preschool buildings in a massive campaign by the city to expand the childhood development in the town, this is one of the many public, private partnerships underway in Brazil, according to the Felipe Montoro Jens.

Places like Rio de Janeiro, a major metropolitan area in Brazil are in a long string of other efforts to heal the economy in Brazil, that has been described as an economic crisis by many experts. In the capital of Minas Gerais state, Belo Horizonte has been utilizing the public, private partnerships to upgrade the public lighting system, to LED lights. With the LED upgrade the city saves money on energy costs and creates hundreds of jobs. Eight hundred kilometers of road is being upgraded and repaired as part of the R$44 billion investment by the government. The roads getting fixed is the BR153 and BR364. Check out to read more full interview of Felipe Montoro Jens.

In Piaui state, Felipe Montoro Jens reported on a public, private partnerships efforts to expand and repair an outdated sewer and water systems. The current system will grow to Teresina increasing the capacity from 24 percent to 80 percent. Pernambuco Sanitation Company is partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to explore synergies in other states for more public, private partnerships.

Maranhao located in the rural Northwest region of the country has the construction of four new prison construction projects via public, private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens has reported on a genuine national effort by the state to create jobs, lower the deficit and stimulate the economy by using PPPs.

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How Luke Lazarus Guides Struggling Start-Ups Succeed

Start-up consultant Luke Lazarus bases part of his personal philosophy on an observation by Henry David Thorough. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” When a fledgling business or struggling start-up in South Eastern Australia needs guidance they can turn to Luke Lazarus.

Education and Early Career

Luke Lazarus related that many of his friends took time off to enjoy their first taste of independence before attending university. In his eagerness to “start making big moves” Lazarus enrolled in the Melbourne School of Business immediately. By the age of 24 Lazarus had earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Lazarus’ first attempt at starting a business failed. He entered into an unspecified business venture with a friend. The lack of a unified vision for the business brought about its demise. The friendship has not failed. Luke Lazarus recovered from that early reverse and by the time he was in his early thirties he had started and sold four businesses.

The Importance of a Good Back Story

McDonald’s franchise founder Ray Croc once explained that he kept the name McDonald’s because “No one would eat a Croc burger.” Luke Lazarus points out that today people gravitate towards businesses with a good back story. When Lazarus’ services are retained by a start-up the first thing he does is develop the company’s story so it can be put before the public. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

The story behind a start-up is utilized by Lazarus to develop the company’s business plan. The company story is also used for presentations to potential investors. Luke Lazarus maintains that like consumers investors are attracted to companies with a relatable back story.

Take Notes to Succeed

If you ask Luke Lazarus how to be more productive in business he will tell you to take notes. Lazarus reports that he always has a notebook on him. He also uses his phone to take photos of something he wants to remember or record reminders to himself.

A Word of Advice From Luke Lazarus

If you are looking for a business idea that will be “the next big thing”, as Luke Lazarus put it he suggests medicine. Specifically develop a way to make the rendering of medical care more efficient by streamlining the ordering of tests, procedures, and medications.

How Luke Lazarus Helps a Start-Up

Luke Lazarus helps a nascent business identify its target demographic. Once a company’s market has been determined Lazarus helps the company develop a strategy to get their product to that market. He shows the client how to manage financial projections and cash flow. Lazarus helps start-ups identify and correct impediments to success.

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After Being Ousted As President Isabel dos Santos Rejoins Unitel

Long been known as Africa’s wealthiest woman, Isabel dos Santos has developed quite an expansive portfolio of investments. These have included purchases in the likes of finance, media, retail and energy, which has also crossed over into other countries; that being said, her primary bases of operation are in Angola and Portugal. Despite achieving much of her wealth relatively quickly, this doesn’t mean that Isabel dos Santos’ career has been completely smooth. In fact, there have been a number of challenges and setbacks in the decades since she first started doing business. Perhaps one of the best known among these has been with Unitel, a telecommunications firm based in Angola.

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Isabel dos Santos began working with the company several years ago and became the president of the firm relatively quickly. However, this didn’t last long as Joao Lourenco replaced her in the role in 2017. Lourenco had known that dos Santos and her family had held a significant amount of control over the company for many years. Because of this, he worked to minimize the legacy that Isabel dos Santos had developed within Unitel and began undoing many of her key decisions.

This change in management was followed by a number of complaints by shareholders who argued that dividends weren’t being paid out fairly. This resulted in a lawsuit being filed, which eventually led to arbitration court; this court ruled that Unitel’s upper management was in the wrong, and awarded shareholders millions of dollars in repayments. Because of that, tensions between the two groups began to rise, which led to many shareholders looking to change the company board.

With this, Isabel dos Santos was one of the more obvious choices for a new board member. Alongside three other notable figures, dos Santos was voted in to replace a number of other board members that had become somewhat divisive within Unitel. However, this wasn’t the only notable change within the telecommunication company’s upper management. It has also been revealed that Miguel Geraldes, a former senior consultant at Huawei Technologies in South Africa will be the company’s new general director. He will be replacing Antony Dolton.

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Nina Vaca: Graciously Leading Women to Pursue Entrepreneurial Prosperity

Nina Vaca is a woman with a success story that exemplifies the type of power that any aspiring individual can have over their fate when they strive to be fearless in a world full of adversity. Born into a family of Hispanic immigrants, Vaca quickly learned, thanks to the cultural prejudices she endured from others, that she would have to assume control over her own desires and goals in order to have a chance of succeeding in life.

After attending and graduating from Texas State University, Vaca has used her knowledge to explore entrepreneurship. With her heart and mindset toward maximizing every opportunity that she could to help herself and others alike, Vaca founded Pinnacle Group when she was in her mid-20s.

Established by Vaca in 1996, Pinnacle Group operates as an IT staffing firm that has grown to become one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Moreover, not only is it classified as a leading firm, but Vaca has led Pinnacle Group to establish the honorary recognition of being one of the fastest growing female-led companies in the U.S. Through the great philanthropic efforts of Pinnacle Group, Vaca has been able to work alongside other foundations and programs that aim to assist Hispanics and women and increase their chances of becoming business leaders. Since developing the Nina Vaca Foundation, Vaca has played a huge role in helping aspiring business women and families all over the world by raising money to help fund career and lifestyle essentials.

Furthermore, as the CEO and chairperson of Pinnacle Group, Vaca has had the extended opportunity to serve as the director for three other large publicly traded corporations. Through her remarkable civic leadership and business achievements, Vaca has worked with several organizations and been recognized with numerous awards.


OSI Food Solutions is a fast-growing company with a track record in partnering with companies and organizations to provide them with food. OSI Food Solutions has expanded over the years and now operates in close to 20 countries and has thousands of employees. OSI is good in doing business, and its brilliance is yet to be paralleled with any other organization. OSI’s first base of operation was in Oak Park where it started as a small meat market.

OSI was founded by Otto Kolchowsky in the year 1909, and despite being a successful company right now, its headquarters are still situated in Illinois as a sign of appreciation. Otto Kolchowsky arrived in the USA by boat and to earn a living he opened his meat market. He provided one of the best quality meat in the town he was living in, and this gained Otto, a lot of customers.As more customers were attracted to Otto’s meat, his small business expanded over the horizon, and soon Otto was delivering meat to other towns. The first breakthrough for the company came when an entrepreneur from Illinois showed interest in the business. The entrepreneur, Ray Kroc had just received the go-ahead to open a burger restaurant, and Otto was employed as the supplier of beef patties. To know more about the company click here.

In 1973 Otto & Sons launched its first meat plant that specialized in freezing meat products and shaping meat patties. Freezing of products was done by use of liquid Nitrogen. Two years later the company changed the name from Otto & Sons to OSI Food Solutions as a reminder of the early days of the company the initials O and S were still used.OSI made further partnerships that enabled it to expand into the huge company that it is right now. OSI Food Solutions has an advantage as it has access to the food supply chain in the world. This enables the company to buy the best goods and products that fit their customers’ needs. The goods are acquired at a low price and are of the best quality in the market. They require less preparation time than other food products a factor that attracts more customers to OSI Food Solutions.

Check Out the Reasons Why You Should Invest in Video Press Release

PR distribution service are progressing. Currently, the use of video in promoting launches has actually happened a significant method to enhance interaction, website traffic as well as click-through rates.

Couple of solutions take advantage of the video news release (VNR). This is why not every person recognizes what it is, as well as exactly how it varies from the typical release, other than that it is a video clip.

What is a video clip news release?

It is a release that uses the story using visuals, which is numerous in single message releases. It plans to provide the very same information yet contains noise along with visuals. Specialists claimed that target audience that have checked out a YouTube video clip launch are more likely to act after viewing it.

What does it look like?

The material relies on the sort of product or service. There are different methods to design it, including product demos, consumer reviews, and also interview with financiers or professionals. Video can also be included with infographics, still photos and likewise sustain message to make it dynamic as feasible.

You can embed the video in normal releases, or supply precise details worrying your items. A web link is included in an order for the audience to read more concerning it along with computer system animated logo styles. Videos have a pleasing soundtrack that matches the internet content, humor along with appealing audio.

Is video clip launch efficient for any type of solution?

On the other hand, a current study revealed that video release has 55.4 percent brand-new views and likewise 36.1 percent additional clicks than typical releases. This shows how compelling visuals like making use of a YouTube video clip can drive internet traffic, participation, and also sales.

There is a research study that revealed that it can profit any organisation. A selection of video releases got to information and also media electrical outlets and also reporters. The media covered Their tales.

You can pitch your video clip to information magazines and additionally journalists directly to get focus. You can likewise choose to use newswire remedies that approve video entries.

Why utilize this kind of news release?

If your brand name isn’t leveraging on utilizing video on your launches, it’s time to alter your approach. You call for to adjust to the transforming requirements of the target market that accessibility news as well as also make acquisitions extra in their smart gadgets.
It’s innovative.
Ingenious video clips are attractive in addition to attractive to the audience. If you have a YouTube video, you can make a two-minute video clip that offers the message to your target market. If your goal is for sharing on social media sites, you can create fascinating quick clips that can be shared throughout the channels.

You create authority.

When you produce video clips, you can show what you understand as well as also that you remain in the marketplace. It’s an instantaneous authority-builder because people find out more about you a lot more in addition to consider you as an expert.

An outstanding video can be dealing with someone to review you along with your brand name. Besides that pitch the story to press reporters, blog site owners, as well as influencers to prolong your reach.
It’s a perfect platform to information your message.

Whether you want to market your brand name, product, and also solutions, assurance that you recognize what’s the difference of a VNR from a commercial video. Include truths quotes from the professionals, qualifications, as well as proof. Don’t make it resemble your marketing. You can also install video clip material in your ordinary message launch.

You create video clips based upon video clip client pattern.

When creating a video clip, you need to have a recommendation of what and additionally where the consumer product is originating from as well as also their consumer routines. The bright side is, there are on-line video clip examination devices that help trademark name in determining the intake patterns of the consumers.

These devices help brand acknowledge the high quality, intake patterns and also viewing experience of customers prior to producing a video. Recognizing these aspects is important for creating engaging video web material that is developed the target customers.

You can share it on social networks sites.

Utilizing social media networks systems can amplify the reach of your tale. Video are appealing content that people enjoy to share on the network. Video clips can be shared throughout different systems, containing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

When using press release circulation solutions, ask if they offer social media sites sharing. Allow individuals to share your video clip throughout various social media networks channels. They need to be extremely simple to download furthermore.

If you intend to develop video clip web content, make sure that you acknowledge the message that you mean to share as well as the needs of the consumers. Nowadays, it is now less challenging than ever to create video in different applications and additionally devices supplied online.