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U.S. Money Reserve; Recruiting Interns for the Summer Semester

 U.S. Reserve had its first internship program in 2016 when it hired its first intern in the marketing department. Recently, the company is celebrating the growing success of the internship program and is seeking to recruit new interns for the summer semester who are interested in developing interpersonal communications skills and working in a fast-paced surrounding.

The internship program was started after Jim Warren, the Vice President of Marketing and Communication, hired Mallory Burgess to set up the program after Mallory had previously interned with Warren at another firm. Mallory has successfully worked as a marketing coordinator where she managed and coordinated the internship program at U.S. Money Reserve.

Jim Warren said that Mallory Burgess is super organized, talented and driven and watching her grow in U.S. Money Reserve and become successful in the media and marketing sectors proves that with hard work and dedication, internships can grow into careers at USMR. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

Mallory said that she had gained a lot of experience working alongside Warren and the team at U.S. Money Reserve and the experience had been like getting trained in media and marketing.

She also said that any student who is searching for an internship program to help them grow in their career could check out the program at U.S. Money Reserve. Mallory Burgess has earned top roles in the company, and she now serves as the Media Buyer.

Additional Information on U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is built on trust and total transparency. The company is clear honest and open regarding what products the customer wants to buy and what they will pay. It also provides personalized services to meet the specific needs of the customers.

U.S. Reserve offers fast and secure shipping from the company’s vaults to the clients’ doorstep within five to seven business days or less. The company has one of the largest coin inventories in the field; hence it allows a large number of credit card orders to be shipped out twenty-four hours after the payment has been cleared. The shipments for USMR are fully insured and require an adult signature upon the last delivery.

U.S. Money Reserve also includes free shipping through the USPS or UPS for certified orders of more than 25,000 dollars and clients who have spent 50,000 dollars in certified precious metals with the company in the past. The shipment is always tracked and guaranteed.

U.S Reserve has distanced itself from the rest because it has much better products for its customers. The company is also keen on corporate responsibilities and that’s why it has initiated this internship program that will go a long way in helping the young people to get practical skills.

Betsy Devos Fights a Political Block to Give Students a Choice

Betsy Devos has been on fire lately. After years of working in the Michigan legislature under the Republican Party, she has moved up to the 11th US Education Secretary office, where she has been working with the First Lady Melania Trump, state education leaders, and school safety officials to help America’s students. Devos has said in previous interviews that she believes in putting students first, and she isn’t going to back down from educational choice just yet.


Ever since she was appointed to the 11th Office of US Education Secretary by President Trump, Devos has had to defend herself against many in education administration and public school policy. What does she want? She believes that students should have a choice where they go to school. Her opponents say differently, and it’s been causing quite a stir in Congress as Devos fights for educational choice.


However, many have underestimated the Michigan mother who comes from a teacher family and wants to do more for students than providing standardized tests and common core. Just before President Trump took away a federal policy that allowed transgender students to go into bathrooms based on their gender identities, Devos met with the Education Department official representations for gay and transgender students to warn them.


While she gave no public statement on the warning, she was in disagreement with President Trump on rescinding the policy. She told the Conservative Political Action Conference that the federal rules set in place in the Obama administration were overreaching. While she has been a huge promoter of private schools and charter schools, the former Chairwoman of the Republic Party in Michigan said that she was a strong team player in Trump’s administration.


Many don’t know who Betsy Devos is, but if you are from Michigan, then you have heard or seen her before at education rallies and in philanthropy news. She has worked hard to bring education legislation to the floor in Michigan, and she has been able to work hard as a political fighter, even eliminating political opponents in her home state.


In addition to her fight in Washington, she has also been fighting against school gun violence and helping school officials with new policies to derail new gun attacks. While she hasn’t said whether teachers will be armed, she does believe that schools need tighter regulations and not necessarily more guns.


Many have underestimated Devos before, but she doesn’t let that get in her way. She has continued to provide interviews and hopes that opponents see what she is doing is for students and not for private interests. She has been able to use funding from philanthropy for most educational choice programs in Louisiana and Florida so far.


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Edwin Miranda Knows Performance Driven Marketing

Edward Miranda is CEO of a performance driven marketing agency. He helps global brands get a larger market share for their products. His company helps clients push the limits of marketing their products. Edwin is founder of this company called KOI/IXS.

He begins his day at 5:30 checking news and mail from clients. Edward eats breakfast and rides a stationary bike or goes for a run. Often he spends time with his wife and children in the morning and takes their kids to school.

Using computer analytics is a great way to help customers, measure marketing results he says. It is easy today to predict sales results and find the best markets for products. Computer programs make personalized marketing a reality to customers.

He thinks his habit of getting up early every day has made him more successful. His advice is to be bold, take risks, make mistakes, and be passionate about what you do. His daily to do list helps him reach goals.

Edward Miranda surround himself with people he trusts and knows how to delegate work to fellow employees. He uses a time management and calendar tool called called Fantastical 2 to keep organized.

Their agency use data collection, research, and technology to help their clients succeed. They focus on innovation and strategy, digital ecosystems, digital marketing, and performance & optimization. The employees help with social media, design, and special apps. They provide each client with a customized marketing plan.

Edward received a BA in Business Administration from the InterAmerican University of PR. He attended MIT and Sloan School of Management, and he has received many awards for his work.

Why Jennifer Walden is the Ideal Cosmetic Surgeon

Maintaining a great body is not easy. Due to age, childbirth and environmental changes, the human body keeps changing. Most people are not comfortable with the changes they get, and they start getting self –esteem problems. Jennifer Walden, a top cosmetic surgeon in the US, believes that everyone deserves to look good. The surgeon has helped thousands of men and women to feel confident about themselves in the past. The professional cosmetic surgeon has written many publications in the past too, speaking about safe cosmetic surgeries that can be conducted on patients. Jennifer Walden has a clinic where her patients can visit and get all the advice they need.

Everyone does not do cosmetic surgeries. Without the knowledge and skills needed, a doctor will have a tough time handling the patients. Jennifer Walden is an expert in this field, and she has already worked in the industry for decades. The mother of two ventured into this industry because of her passion. Her patients always have praises to sing about the doctor who has done well in the profession that was previously a place for men. The women, for instance, want to visit a surgeon who will not judge them whenever they have to undergo a procedure to make their bodies look good. To know more about her click here.

One of the patients who underwent a breast revision from Jennifer Walden recently had all the reasons to smile. The client says that from the moment she stepped into the facility, she was handled with care. At first, the procedure seemed to be very complicated because the previous doctor was not keen when operating. Walden, however, proved to be comprehensive and perfect in handling the process. When the customer was ready to go home, she was happy and grateful that she had finally achieved the look she always wanted. Apart from being compassionate, the doctor is a beautiful person who loves to listen to her patients.

Career of Steve Lesnard

As a well-known person in the sports industry, Steve Lesnard has decades of experience in the field. Growing up in Paris and Corsica in France he was involved in sports very young. In school, he focused on international business and entrepreneurship but also delved into his talents in the sports industry. After school, he moved from France to America and got a job as the marketing director for the luxury fashion retailer, Wolford, in New York City.

After only a year he entered the field of sports. His first big role was during the Nagano Olympics where he was responsible for partaking in creating products and also signing the professional athletes. Being able to create the best products for top athletes was key to his success. Over the next 20 years, he worked in many fields of the sports industry but always focused on general management and marketing. He is credited with a successful management career while leading many Olympic marketing campaigns.

Steve Lesnard utilized big data analytics tools during his various campaign. These tools are available to all marketers but the key is marketing the product to the right audience by using the correct data. A serious marketer can see how to best utilize this technology to help their campaign and as technology advances, this trend will be more important. He emphasizes that the wellness and health industry can grow significantly if these technological tools are properly used. Another factor that he focuses on is that customers are changing the way they shop. They look closer at products because they are more health conscious than previously. He knows exercise is part of a full life and thinks products can change to encourage the positive trends in the market.

Steve Lesnard has always felt that marketers have to realize and establish what their goal is and quickly put a strategy in place. He thinks marketing is a great strength and video has great power to inspire. For example, Youtubers with large audiences have a great way to show off a brand authenticly to their audience. Steve Lesnard is passionate about what he does.

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Article Title: Zeco Auriemo taking his business to greater heights

Article Text:

José Auriemo Neto, otherwise known as Zeco Auriemo is a Brazillian Executive and the current chairman of JHSF a business she inherited from his father. This is a company in the real estate business, focused on the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Notably, Auriemo Neto has previously served as the company’s CEO where he oversaw the company’s interests in public developments, hotels and office buildings.

It was not until 2009 that José Auriemo Neto oversaw the brand’s first experience as it tried its hand in retail business. This saw the company sign various agreements and getting into partnerships with other notable brands like Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. It also led to the company opening its first retail outlets in Cidade Jardim shopping complex, owned by JHSF.

In its bid to strengthen its business acumen and increase its reach even more, the brand reached out to Valentino for partnership, a feat that saw them open the first red Valentino stores in Brazil. However, the company faced a little setback in 2016 and 2017 thanks to the decline in luxury sales during this period. Being the resilient personality he has always been, José Auriemo Neto bounced back in 2018 with impressive end year revenues.

José Auriemo Neto attended São Paulo’s Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University before he went ahead to work for JHSF. In 1997, Neto founded the services department for the group through, Parkben, a revolutionary parking lot management platform. This went on to post impressive results, and this inspires the young executive to do more. In 1998, he developed the Shopping Santa Cruz the first shopping destination for the group.

Apart from his commitment to JHSF’s projects, Auriemo Neto takes his time to interact with its investors and stakeholders. This way, he gets to understand their side of the story and this helps him improve more on his service delivery.

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The Beginning of OSI Group’s Relationship with McDonald’s

Many people recently learned the story of McDonald’s. The fast-food chain had no support from much of the restaurant industry, and no one thought it would work. What people don’t fully understand is that McDonald’s success wouldn’t have happened if Otto Kolschowsky never immigrated to America.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant living in 20th century Chicago. Two years after moving to the United States, Otto opened a little butcher store in Oak Park, a nice suburban neighborhood on the west of the city. His store not only cut meat for customers but sold farmers’ meat in its retail store.

By the end of World War 1, Otto moved his business across town to Maywood and expanded into the wholesale business. When his sons, Harry and Arthur, were old enough, he began teaching them the business. In 1928, he renamed his company Otto & Sons.

They continued growing and expanding into new markets and regions until their business was a vital part of the Midwest. After the Second World War, the brothers took over much of the business but still relied on their father for guidance. The end of World War 2 also brought a population boom.

In 1955, Ray Kroc, an entrepreneur approached the brothers with a business proposal. At the time, Otto & Sons and Ray Kroc’s company were small fish in a big pond. Kroc wanted to make his restaurant chain into something bigger, but he needed plenty of meat suppliers that could keep up with his demands.

The first company he approached was Otto & Sons, and the brothers believed that Kroc’s idea could work. The first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, not too far from where Otto & Sons was headquartered. As McDonald’s grew, so did Otto & Sons, which eventually rebranded itself OSI Group.

Today, OSI Group has facilities all over the world, continually adding to their expansive flavor palettes. Arguably, OSI Group and McDonald’s only survived because of their owners’ close friendship.

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Desiree Perez is a Major Influence in Music

Desiree Perez

In November 2017, Billboard released a list that is not like other lists they have created in past years. This list consisted of the top women executives in the music industry. By Billboard creating this list it placed an emphasis on just how important women are in the music industry. The women are truly a part of the success of the artist, creating music, protecting the right of the music artists, negotDesiree Pereziating contracts, and finding new talent.

RocNation is called an entertainment company but the name is smaller than what the company actually does. JayZ was already an established musical artist with over fifty million albums sold when he started RocNation. He knew how the industry worked in detail and had established many connections. The Co-Founder of RocNation, Jay Brown, now is the CEO of RocNation. He has over twenty years of music management experience. He was part of discovering Nas, Rihanna, and Ne-Yo. They brought Perez on to help further the company past just being a record label. RocNation helps with touring schedules, endorsement deals, marketing deals and much more.

In 2013, RocNation expanded to include a sports division. They created a partnership with CAA Sports to help athletes the same way they help their musical talents. Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer for the entertainment company and record label. She started with the company in 2009 and has been a part of their growth ever since.

Desiree Perez LinkedIn –

Desiree Perez helps with the daily operations of the company, promotional strategies, prepares music tours and helps to support the company as a whole. Despite being a huge deal in the music industry, she lives a quiet life with her husband, Juan Perez. Desiree Perez is definitely a force within the music industry. She is a significant part of the success of RocNation.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Promotes the Use of Social Media for the Expansion of L’Oreal

To Dan Bethelmy-Rada, success is defined by different people in different situations using different parameters. Consequently, it is of no use to compare your trajectory or success with someone else’s. As such, you should enjoy your time, enjoy learning, and learn from your mistakes. After all, failing is part of the journey to success. The Global Brand President of the Professional Products Division at L’Oreal also knows the importance of maintaining a work-life balance if you are to be successful in all facets of life. Additionally, dedication, prioritization, keeping a strict schedule, pushing the limits, using inspiration, and effective communication will see you reach your goals eventually.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the youngest DMI General Manager to be appointed by L’Oreal in the history of the company. He attained this role before turning 40 years old after working with the firm for almost 15 years. His interest in the beauty industry was cultivated over the years. Born in Venezuela and raised in the USA, before eventually moving to Paris for his university education, Bethelmy-Rada encountered beauty wherever he went. This showed him there the definition of beauty in the world depended on where you were. Being a photographer, he also saw beauty whenever he stood behind a camera lens. This is also how he brings his ideas to life.

For his college education, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved to France at the age of 16 years. He joined the Sorbonne University to study International Business and later proceeded to ESSEC Business School to pursue his MBA. However, attending the AFS-USA program is what nudged him to pursue a career in international relations and business. The program came with intercultural learning programs which inspired him to work for an international brand.

After completing his studies, he took up the position of Product Manager with La Scad, L’Oreal’s cosmetics distribution company. Here he honed his skills in advertising and marketing. Through mentorship with his seniors, he was soon promoted to a Director in the L’Oreal Consumer Products Division. Before long, he was working as the Assistant Vice President of L’Oreal’s Garnier International where he was in charge of the Fructis hair care and skin care line before being promoted to his current role.

The use of social media as a marketing strategy is exciting to Dan Bethelmy-Rada. Consequently, he is looking forward to seeing what these platforms have in store for the marketing and beauty industries in the future.

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Global Expansion of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has undergone some substantial growth recently. With a combination of mergers, acquisitions and new facilities they currently have over twenty thousand employees in 65 facilities in 17 countries. These numbers are staggering but what is also compelling is that OSI Food Solutions also holds the rank of one of the top privately held businesses within the United States.

Because OSI Food Solutions has such a global outreach they have been able to produce an extremely diverse product line. Meat dishes, especially chicken entrees, are one of the top production items for OSI Food Solutions but they also are known for their European presence with dressings, dips, deli meats and easy sides. OSI understands their target market and is able to diversify their products to meet the needs and tastes of specific regional food.

OSI Food Solutions is strongly recognized for their United States and European market presence but they also have plants in other regions of the world. OSI has manufacturing facilities in China, Australia, India and the Philippines. They also have acquired many existing food companies in northern Europe and have recently expanded their Toledo Spain chicken production facility. This facility was turning out twelve thousand tons of chicken every year and with their renovations they are now able to produce double that. The expansion also created new jobs in the facility as well as management positions.

Poultry is one of the main production items that OSI makes but they also provide beef and pork products. When OSI was originally founded as a small family owned butcher shop in the suburbs of Chicago they understood peoples meat diversity needs. OSI got their boost in business when they entered into a verbal agreement with a franchise owner for McDonalds’. They experienced exponential growth and quickly had to relocate from their small family owned butcher shop to their large corporate location in the western suburbs of Chicago. OSI works on the same beliefs now that they did in the early 1900’s; they put a focus on their customers and put their customers’ needs and their communities’ needs first.