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The Leadership of David McDonald at OSI Industries

David McDonald was born in 1964 in Iowa and got married in 1991. He holds a degree in Animal Science from the University of Iowa State, where his hard work and determination has made him who he is today. He joined OSI Industries, which was initially known as Otto & Sons in 1987. It started as a butcher shop owned and run by a German, Otto Kolschowsky. OSI Industries is a food processing firm, which operates in more than 15 countries where it has over 50 facilities. Its headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. McDonald stays committed to giving back to his Iowa community, where he founded the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship project, which in turn sponsors students and provides them internship opportunities.

Currently, Mr. David McDonald serves as the president and board member of OSI Industries. Previously, McDonald held the position of the project manager at the American Meat Institute, where he also served as the chairman. He worked at Marfrig Global from 2008 to 2017 as a director. At OSI Industries, McDonald concentrates in its expansion to Latin America and the Far East. The expansion move has created over 25000 job opportunities. In 2016, Forbes listed OSI Industries as a company with a net worth of $6 billion.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Industries merged with Baho Foods, a food supplier specializing in foodstuff and snacks targeting the European market.David McDonald was instrumental in the expansion of the meat products industry after closing a deal to purchase a sausages and hot dogs processing facility in Iowa. Led by David McDonald, OSI Group acquired Moy Park, a plant that specializes in the processing of white meat. The acquisition led to the formation of several partnerships between OSI Industries and other food suppliers in the United Kingdom. Later in 2012, OSI Industries acquired a Geneva-based facility, which specializes in the processing of frozen entree.

The Impressive Rise of the Hornets in the Premier League and FA Cup

Watford FC fans are content with their team following its recent victories in the Premier League. The football club commonly referred to as the Hornets is at the seventh position in the Premier Leaguev. Manager Javi Gracia has been on the forefront in motivating and praising his team for their great achievements. Out of eleven games, Watford FC has played; it has only lost one to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Javi Gracia has praised his team for their excellent teamwork in thrashing Cardiff FC to get a 5-1 win; their biggest win this season. Javi Garcia also praised goalscorer Gerard Deulofeu for his stunning three goals in the game which destroyed their opponent’s team spirit. For the fans, there was no more of a fascinating goal than Deulofeu’s hat-trick. The player made an exceptional performance for his team from his goals and his latest assist to Troy which secured their fourth goal.

Currently, Watford FC has forty points in the Premier League which according to Gracia is a good run but still have a lot to do. Deulofeu’s received a treble in over thirty years since Mark Falco scored the famous hat-trick against Aston Villa in 1986. According to Cardiff’s manager Neil Warnock, the referee made an erroneous judgment during the end of the first period. The manager complained that the referee did not award Cardiff a penalty when Daryl Janmaat pushed Cardiff’s player Josh Murphy to the ground. According to the manager, if the penalty would have been granted, the team would have gone to the dressing room with a draw which would have kept their spirits high.

Watford’s current owner is Italian businessman Gino Pozzo, son of Giampaolo Pozzo whom he succeeded the team. As owner and managing director, Gino Pozzo is heavily involved with his team; negotiating transfers between Watford and his father’s Italian football club Udinese Calcio.

Betsy DeVos Sets Stage As Political Powerhouse

Finding success in the White House is certainly a difficult task. This task is made even more difficult when you include how divisive the political environment has become since the 2016 Presidential Election. When Donald Trump won the election, he hand-picked his cabinet members by focusing on outsiders who he believed could fight back against insider political corruption. One of his choices for Secretary of Education was Betsy DeVos, a prominent GOP supporter from the state of Michigan. DeVos was ultimately confirmed by the Senate and has since been leading the Department of Education. Now, DeVos is looking to continue growing her rapidly improving reputation as a political powerhouse and prominent reformer.


It was early 2017 when President Trump set his sights on removing federal protections for transgendered students while at school. The move was widely lauded in conservative circles but it was still seen as ultimately divisive by much of the country. For Betsy DeVos, who worked directly with schools and the students inside of them, the move was one that she could not get on board with. Publicly, Betsy Devos called the elimination of protections an important step forward but privately she had her own misgivings. In fact, Betsy DeVos spoke directly with President Trump in order to try and dissuade him. Ultimately, President Trump would do what he chose but not before coming to the realization that Betsy DeVos was no mere pushover newcomer in politics.


Betsy DeVos came into Washington D.C. with a notable lack of political experience on her resume. For the past thirty years, Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos had been campaigning for education reform as private citizens. While Betsy DeVos has long been a substantial donor to Michigan’s Republican Party and the GOP on a national level, she has always lived by her own set of values. What does this mean? It means that Betsy DeVos came into Washington D.C. with a conservative pedigree and an open mind, the exact kind of formation that makes any politician tough to handle.


Betsy DeVos is fully on board with advocating for education reform that conservatives can believe in. Touting the voucher system and school choice, Betsy DeVos has been seeking to change the way that the United States government allocates funds to public schools. Betsy DeVos believes that the government should not discern between publicly funded schools and religious or privately owned institutions. DeVos believes that students learn best in environments that are tailored to them and that they should not be punished for being put in different institutions. This will likely be the defining campaign that Betsy Devos takes on during her time as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. Can she succeed? Only time will tell.


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Why Mike Nierenberg Makes A Great CEO

Mike Nierenberg is the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). He has experience working in mortgage loan investment markets. Nierenberg has held the position of Managing Director at Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. By holding the position, he was able to gain experience with sales and trade activity. In 2018, He led NR to purchase over $114 billion in mortgage servicing rights(MSR).

Mike Nierenberg help create a liquid market for MSRs. He was the driving force behind New Residential’s using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac MSRs throughout the United States. He makes investments and residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). He understands how to used residential mortgages. He has led his company to take advantage of using MSRs, and by having the qualifications to acquire MSRs throughout the United States is a smart business move on behalf of NR.

Mike Nierenberg leads a company that is considered a Real Estate Investment Trust. The company is valued at $6.7 billion dollars. It was once owned by Newcastle Investment corporation, but it would operate on its’ own beginning in 2013. Mike Nierenberg would prove to be a good leader, and he has taken challenges and positioned the company in a manner that would allow them to make very good investments regarding residential Mortgages. Mike Nierenberg has been the CEO since 2013.

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The outstanding career of Yanni Hufnagel

The career of Yanni Hufnagel has continued to flourish over the years. The duo has always had a great passion for basketball. While he was still a young boy, he always spent most of his time reading almost every book that entailed details of basketball. With the vast number of books that he understood, he gained a lot of insight and skills about the sport. He later became a commentator for, local basketball games at a young age, while he was still at the Scarsdale High school. His passion for the sport led him towards engaging with many people that possessed vast knowledge about it, and through this, he perfected his skills in the latter.

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Yanni Hufnagel later enrolled to the Cornell University, where he attained a degree in labor relations. While still at the university, he gained a [position as a basketball manager. The duo continued to grow his career, and through the vast effort he put towards ensuring that he accomplishes his dreams, he went on rising through the ranks to attain prestigious positions. The duo has also served as an assistant coach besides taking up many other roles in the field of sports. He is among the most respected basketball gurus, and his career has proven to be a success, thanks to his determination.

The ability of the duo to be focused and driven towards accomplishing his goals is also one of the great traits that have enabled him to make it in his career. He always ensures that he makes a move towards making it in his dreams. Besides, he is unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his goals and his ability to associate with people that mentor and motivate him has also enabled him to meet most of his targets. Besides, the leader is also enthusiastic, and he always ensures that he attends to his responsibilities. His ability to overcome the numerous challenges that he goes through in his career has ale served him good through making him stronger in his career. Being a go-getter, Yanni also keeps putting effort towards helping other grow their jobs by training them and sharing his counsel with them.


Ashley Lightspeed’s Work at Lightspeed Ventures.

Ashley Lightspeed has accomplished a lot at a very young age throughout the time she has worked in business. Ashley uses prototyping as a vital tool in the developments of business ideas and the growth of industries. From a young age, Ashley was fascinated by business and development; she used to sit with her dad the whole day watching him sketching buildings and developing constructions plans. Her dad was an architect who made her think that when she grew up, she would become an architect but, her she later decided to venture into business. She was more passionate about coming up with new business plans than architecture.

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Ashley Lightspeed currently works at Lightspeed Ventures; she has helped in growth and expansion in the frim. Ashley has brought about diversity in Lightspeed and support of new talent. She has enabled Lightspeed ventures to see how capable women are and how they can contribute a lot to the retail business. Lightspeed is currently hiring more female employees. She has created brands for the firm and is still contributing to the development of the firm. Ashley has worked for several companies at executive positions. She has helped all these firm attain their vision.

Ashley studied at Duke University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Soon after she joined Bain and Company, this was the start of her career. After several years of hard work and accomplishments, she left and joined Thumbtack as a category manager. Her primary role was to organize and plan events, with her help Thumbtack became a reputable event planner firm. Ashley went to Stanford Business School to further her studies while studying she worked on business projects that helped her attain the job at Lightspeed Ventures Capital. She first met Lightspeed partners at an event organized by Thumbtack and has been working with the firm for quite some time now.



Amazing facts to know about Serge Belamant, the man behind blockchain technology

Computer Scientist Serge Christian Pierre Belamant, a French citizen is the founder of the blockchain technologies patent. His invention has witnessed the creation of various cryptocurrencies that allow private entities, banks and governments to do banking process like deposits, investments and withdrawals securely. Born in 1953 in Tulle, France, Serge Belamant started his education in Johannesburg since his family settled there when he was 14. As he enrolled in Highlands North Boys’ High School, Serge had mastered to write and read in English language on top of his native French language. Serge won the respect from his fellow schoolmates because of his social character and participation in various games and activities like rugby. He became the science and bridge club’s captain in 1970 marking his start of leadership in the school. He won the Victor Ludorum the following year before becoming the school’s head prefect in 1972.Besides excelling in academic and rugby, Serge Belamant participated in chess and represented Southern Transvaal in many championships. In 1972 South African Chess School Championships, he finished sixth.

Although Serge Belamant started his education at University of the Witwatersrand as an engineer, he switched to computer science and applied mathematics after two years. Belamant started his working career at 22 at Matrix, a civil engineering company. His development of computer application started while working with cyber computers and IBM, the time he developed applications that analyzed water levels in South Africa. The applications helped protect or predict future droughts by analyzing the levels of water in dams.He developed computer projects for CSIR, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Pretoria based Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning program. His expertise helped the road project in creating graphic interfaces, statistical methods, and digital mapping.

Serge Belamant worked in many technology companies but his main achievement was in 1980’s as the head of the IT of SASWITCH Limited owned by the South African banks. He later founded Net 1 Technologies, the brains behind blockchain technology. The company invented a new technology in 2012 after winning a government contract under SASSA, South Africa Social Security Administration ,to pay grants to almost 10 million beneficiaries monthly. Belamant’s reputation continues to lead and he still remains as one of the founders of blockchain technology.

Doe Deere: Entrepreneur, Visionary & Futurist

Doe Deere launched her new company back in 2018, and it has garnered plenty of attention. This company specializes in vintage jewelry, and it’s looking to be another hit for the Russian-beauty. Poppy Angeloff is the company’s name. Poppy Angeloff is designed for Victorian girls who reside in a contemporary world. This exclusive jewelry brand will poses fine material such as sterling silver and 10k gold. This Los Angeles-based company has stepped its game up thanks to Doe Deere’s commitment to excellence. Deere also states that “the natural stones are conflict-free, and the cultivated stones are grown over a course of months.”

Deere’s sister gave her the initial push to tackle this expansive industry. Exploring the idea of starting a business in this field took some convincing. Deere wasn’t 100 percent sure of getting involved, but her sister provided the right amount of reassurance. Selling classic and vintage-inspired jewelry is the name of the game. Before launching the company, Deere had to put in a tremendous amount research. She went on to study the pros and cons of this industry for months. Thanks to her thorough research in jewelry design and jewelry making, she has decided that the Victorian era would receive her full-attention.

Poppy Angeloff is the name of an imaginary girl. This imaginary girl came straight from the mind of Doe Deere. Her creativity in the past has led to big achievements, and she is looking to reproduce those results with this company. Poppy Angeloff will be bringing in some much needed excitement. She isn’t cutting any corners as these pieces are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. Doe Deere has put herself back on the map or sure thanks to her revolutionary stance and ingenuity.