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Matthew H. Fleeger

A Southern Methodist University Graduate, Matt H. Fleeger graduated with his business degree in 1985. After graduation from Southern Methodist University, Matt Fleeger gained experience using his finance and marketing education into various companies in the oil and gas industries. In 1970, His father established an oil and gas company, Gulf Coast Western. Between 1986 and 1993, he worked for Gulf Coast Western and other companies.

Between the time of 1990 to 1993, he served as a Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company, a large Texas-based petroleum company. Fleeger founded his own company in 1993 called MedSolutions, Inc. MedSolutions was an organization that helped with the transportation and disposal of medical wastes. For the next thirteen years, Fleeger has held positions of a Chairman/Directory, CEO, and President. Stericycle, Inc. an industry’s leader, found special interest from Matt Fleeger company. Fleeger was able to negotiate a sale for MedSolutions, Inc to Stericycle.

After the negotiation of MedSolutions, Matt Fleeger soon returned to Gulf Coast Western and took the position as there President and CEO. Under his great leadership, Gulf coast western has built a reputation of success in the domestic oil and gas industry. In 1999, he served as Director of Palm Beach Tan, Inc. Fleeger helped build the foundation of Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Fleeger being such a successful businesses man with mergers and corporate structuring, that the combined revenue of both company’s approached $100 million.

Fleeger has successfully made himself an influential leader within the oil, gas, waste management, and tanning industries.

Deirdre Baggot Has Built Up Quite An Impressive Legacy:

Deirdre Baggot has quite the impressive reputation within the sphere of healthcare payments. She is the holder of a PhD that she attained while studying at the University of Colorado in Boulder and is recognized as one of the foremost experts today in the area of bundled payments for the healthcare field. Deirdre served in the role of Senior VP at the Camden Group for six years and was the leader at the practice in the field of bundled payments. She is also a published author and has in excess of twenty professional papers to her credit. These works range in topic from reform of healthcare to bundled payments and transformation of payments. Deirdre also has the distinction of being invited by the Congress of the United States to testify on the subject of bundled payments. Another important position that she has held was as the expert reviewer for CMS. This was for its initiative regarding bundled payments. Visit to know more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has done some highly influential work in this bundled payment area. This was a huge move after the Affordable Care Act was passed. Roughly half the U.S. moved to a bundled payment strategy and the evidence presented by experts such as Deirdre Baggot show that bundled payment really does cover a lot of the bases in terms of the needs of healthcare payments. In 2013 alone, five-hundred different healthcare industry organizations were involved in an initiative in bundled payment that was focused around the improvement of care. This began back in the spring of 2013.

Payment bundles include things ranging from elective surgery to post-acute services among others. Bariatrics, paediatrics and oncology have also often been commonly bundled payments since all the way back in 2008. The kind of bundled payments that have been developed by Deirdre is intended to have the purpose of making care more sustainable.

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Michael Lacey

A brainiac to the core, Michael Lacey is a mathematician of unparalleled intuition. Inherently sagacious and naturally curious, Lacey boasts both the intrigue and intelligence of a successful mathematician. His talents revealed themselves at a young age, subsequently prompting Lacey to sharpen his skills. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

By the time he was a young adult, Lacey had received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and was champing at the bit to make great strides alongside his trusted mentor, Walter Philipp. Lacey and Philipp proved an unstoppable duo as they formulated new paradigms while focusing the majority of their efforts on expanding the realm of probability.

From empirical characteristic functions to the law of the iterated logarithm, Philipp and Lacey immersed themselves into the most intricate elements of their passion. Fortunately, their painstaking undertakings unearthed a world of findings. Their most noteworthy feat included their “almost sure proof” of the validity of the central limit theorem. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

When Lacey and Philipp parted ways, Lacey’s eminence didn’t waver. In fact, he immediately went on to secure a position at Indiana University, the same institution where he received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. During his time at Indiana University, Lacey did what he does best and solved a seemingly unsolvable theory, the Hilbert transform.

As a result, Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize. The Guggenheim and Simons Foundation recognized Lacey for this tremendous achievement as well. Armed with both ample experience and an honorable reputation, Lacey retired from his research days and became a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Both irrefutably wise and a shrewd mentor, a teaching career suited Lacey. Lacey’s been a part of Georgia Tech for over two decades, and he continues to improve the world of mathematics by bestowing his wisdom onto others.

Borrowing a leaf from Michel Terpin’s success as a rally driver in Brazil

A member of the Sertoes Rally team and a world-class rally driver, Michel Terpins has built his brand in the racing scene, not only in Brazil but across the globe. His journey in the racing industry started in 2002 when he began participating in motorcycle races. It was in 2004 that he joined car racing championships and has never looked back.


With an elder brother already in the racing scene, taking on any car racing was not very difficult for Michel since he could easily get the support that he needed. However, he vividly understood that for him to become the best he needed to put in a lot of hard work and dedicate his time, energy and everything to his craft. With this kind of mindset it was clear that Michel Terpins would soar high in the racing scene and for sure, he did just that.


Alongside his brother, Terpins formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which is one of the best rally racing teams in the country. The duo has taken part in numerous races where he has emerged victorious. For instance, in the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally Championship, one of the most challenging events according to many racers, the two brothers were able to maneuver through every obstacle and finish in the 5th position. You can visit Terra to know more.


A considerable amount of Michel Terpins’ success in rally racing can be attributed to his ability to select his racing equipment carefully and with a lot of wisdom. For instance, the car he uses is a T-Rex machine. The T-Rex machine is one of the most potent rally cars since it features a V8 engine which helps the car take on any terrain. That alone may play an essential role in making the racer stand out when put among other rally drivers. Other than bagging awards and the fame, Michel Terpins has played a crucial role in guiding and motivating beginners in the world of rally racing. This is because beginners can follow in his footsteps and learn a thing or two.



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