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Jeff Herman Shares Law Survival Tips

Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized lawyer that has devoted his career to protecting the innocent. Specifically, victims of rape, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and acts of violence. He is also the founder of Herman Law. Herman Law is a law firm that is recognized for dealing with issues like rape, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and violent acts. Certainly, his calendar is very full. Generally, this leads to disorganization along with a certain amount of stress for the attorney. However, Jeff Herman has a few legal survival tips that he would like to share with the public and other legal professionals.

Staying Orgnized
Jeff Herman is one lawyer that recognizes the importance of staying organized. Therefore, the legal professional takes appropriate steps to stay organized. Herman relies on his many years in the legal profession to help him break down his case load to their simplest denominator. His team gets to work and documents all the case loads. Next, they call in the fact checkers to make sure that everything is correct. Herman states that he is a visual person and likes to create charts to outline his progression on cases. This is the key to great organization in a law office.

Online Connections
Jeff Herman is one legal professional that finds it promising that victims of sexual abuse have found a place online to share their stories with other abuse survivors. This has made it possible for those people to feel more empowered and work together to create a network of people that are sharing and getting their messages heard by the public. This is a strong movement that is empowering all those victims of abuse.

Balancing Life
Jeff Herman is a man that is not immune to the suffering of his clients. Often, the work is very draining and Herman admits that he gets caught up in their stories of abuse. At one time, he even considered quitting the legal profession because of the heart wrenching stories he’d heard from clients. However, Herman found a way to cope with the stressful career and understand his reactions. Now, he feels confident that he is able to survive the workload and provide clients with quality legal service. Clearly, its all about learning to balance life.


Vinod Gupta Talks About Hopes and Dreams

The business and work world is a very funny type of world. When people talk about hopes and dreams when it comes to moving forward and working, he is going to be ridiculed out of the room. However, a lot of businesses are built on hopes and dreams. Without hopes and dreams, people would not have any type of job they can do. Among the people who have built a good career off of hopes and dreams is Vinod Gupta. However, there is one thing he has done right when it comes to his hopes and dreams. He has taken action.

One thing that Vinod Gupta says about hopes and dreams is that it is one of the tips he offers people who are hoping to be successful businessmen. One thing that helped Vinod with his hopes and dreams is that he was willing to get education. He has taken the time to learn all of the necessary lessons for moving forward. He has eventually moved from the small Indian village into America where he has gotten an education and used it to his advantage. He has built a business and put a lot of his earnings towards his philanthropy.

Vinod Gupta has made a lot of investments to the benefit of people. One thing that he has invested in is women’s education. He sees the value in education and wants women to be able to have a good chance at success. One thing that is a good skill that Vinod has is taking money that is borrowed and making it useful in other ways. Gupta knows how to manage money. This is one very important skill to have when it comes to success. People who are able to manage their finances are going to be able make it through some of the more challenging financial time.

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Co-founder of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm Helping Fix Australians Finances, One Home at a Time

Debt comes to us all at one time or another. Especially In today’s world, where new products and services are being marketed all the time that we would love to have, yet we are being hit with more bills and charges that we can barely afford to pay.


In fact, it’s hard for couples who live together, to keep up with all the bills, even with both of them working.


That’s where Infinity comes in. Infinity was specifically created to help average Australians get out of debt, and build wealth to secure their future.


Infinity assists families, businesses, and individuals alike to set goals and achieve them.


The partners at Infinity helped thousands of others to secure their future and they can help you too in becoming successful while building a relationship together that is built on passion, integrity, trust, and understanding.


At Infinity, they know that most Australian families have been given a bum deal by financial institutes and others with their hand in your pocket, but they aim to change all that, one household at a time.


Infinity works with you to get your budget, income, and savings exactly where it should be, giving you the financial freedom that you work so hard for.


For a span of 17 years, Graeme Holm has been building up his career and gaining extensive experience in the financial service industry.


After seeing how unfair financial industries were being to Australian individuals, including those with families to provide for, Graeme was extremely irate.


Hence, this is what inspired him to start a financial service business where he could utilize his knowledge and experience in financial planning to help Australians get out of a hole and back on their feet. Soon after, Graeme Holm co-founded Infinity Group Australia.


Graeme and his partner worked on research and development for six months to try to find out what the problem was with Australian mortgage markets. Their findings were very interesting. It seems, client failures were mainly due to the lack of guidance and support as well as not being able to access services available to them.


Therefore, to fix the problem, Infinity began providing clients with their very own personal financial service trainer and coach there to assist with budgets, accounts, expenses, and separate the wants from clients actual needs.


Now Infinity clients will be able to get the assistance they need. Fortunately, clients can follow a weekly budget plan their training coach works out for them.


Thus, if they stick with the plan and resist urges to spend their hard-earned cash on unnecessary items they will probably throw away anyway, after several months, they will be able to pay off their home loans in seven to ten years on average (three to five if they learn to reduce costs extensively), with thirty-year terms. Learn more:


Sightsaver Is Fighting To Prevent Blindness By Eliminating Trachoma

The largest infectious cause of blindness in the world is trachoma. If treatment is not obtained, scar tissue can form beneath the eyelid. This causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea. This is not only incredibly painful but can cause blindness. Girls in Africa pull out their eyelashes with tweezers for relief but they grow back even more vicious. The record of trachoma goes back to ancient Egypt. This disease affects the poorest communities in the world and there are currently 182 million people with this disease facing potential blindness. Sightsavers understands this disease is treatable and preventable yet still it damages entire communities.


This may change due to a collaborative alliance created to eliminate trachoma. Oman was the first validated country to eliminate trachoma in 2012. The disease came to an end in Morocco in 2016 and Laos, Cambodia and Mexico were free of trachoma in 2017. There are six additional countries close to being rid of this disease. Ghana is expected to make history as the first country to be rid of the disease in sub-Saharan African country. This has been achieved by the collaboration of ministries of health, pharmaceutical companies, INGO’s like Sightsavers, donors the International Coalition for Trachoma Control. Their work encompasses shared strategies and visions for the SAFE strategy.


SAFE is an acronym for surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness and environmental improvement. Their strategy is to ensure every country with the health problem of trachoma has the resources they require to eliminate the disease. They have proved it is possible to eliminate trachoma. The Tropical Data service provides support for the national health ministries so data can be collected from areas successful in eliminating trachoma. Smartphone technology is used to collect and transmit data faster for analyzation. High quality surveys can be conducted in difficult and remote environments. Sightsavers is an important part of eliminating trachoma.


TED is hosting the Audacious Project. They understand it is time to end trachoma. The only reason trachoma still exists in many countries is because they lack the necessary resources to eliminate the disease. The United Kingdom has made an announcement they are committed to eliminating the disease with funding for £20 million. This will boost the efforts to eliminate trachoma by 2020 in ten Commonwealth countries. The fund for 2018 through 2020 is being coordinated by Fred Hollows Foundation in the Pacific and Asia and Sightsavers in Africa. This is with close collaboration through the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, local communities and ministries of health.

How NGP VAN is Transforming Campaigns with Modern Technology Tools

The mode of political strategizing and campaigning has changed significantly. In the 20th century, campaigns were largely based on intensive labor efforts. But the trend has transformed into intensive technological utilization. The most significant technical effort campaign can be witnessed in the Democratic campaigns with the use of NGP VAN technology.

NGP VAN was critical in the two successful presidential bids of President Obama. In both 2008 and 2012 campaigns, the Democratic Party used the company’s tech to spot their massive support base and supply extensive and vital data to these supporters. With this technology, the Democrats are steps ahead in ensuring extensive data powering within shortest times.

This new web platform is helping in future-driven campaigns. In this technological era, new methods of digital-based campaigns are emerging such as the use of smartphone apps to mobilize voters. Political parties utilizing these platforms have an advantage over those who ignore them as witnessed in the massive 2008 and 2012 Massive Democratic mobilization of voters.

Throughout presidential campaigns history in the US, candidates with the ability to utilize new tech platforms have had successful Whitehouse bids. For instance, Democrat Franklin Roosevelt harnessed the power of new technology by then (the radio) and a “Fireside Chats” strategy to connect with voters on a daily basis. In fact, this strategy helped him run successfully for four terms until the constitution was amended to set term limits.


NGP VAN has also been powering apps to counterattack opponents’ campaigns. For example, they powered the Pollwatcher App launched by the Obama Campaign in 2012. Positive results were seen as the app propelled the Democrats’ agenda through the young-digital-age minds.

The use of apps is localizing campaigns. Candidates don’t necessarily need to visit every voter, and they can use the tools as connectives between voters and the campaign team.

Though computer-campaigning methods are advantageous, it is a complicated process. To start with, the incumbent candidates have incumbency advantage. Then, the web-based campaigning needs tech experts. Digital experts are essential since they have to design platforms that cannot allow hackers penetration and excellent interface systems.


With the mid-term US campaigns, NGP VAN will have many tasks as the Democrats aim to paint the Senate and Congress blue.


The Book Creating Conversations in American Living Rooms is Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Some men and women have experienced a tumultuous life and choose to tell their stories in books called autobiographies. There are others who walked the earth and died, and others saw a chance to say to the world about them in books called biographies. The dead tell their stories from the grave. They cannot defend themselves so; readers read their stories and hope they had the best way they could. Then there are real-life stories of legends and events that impacted the world forever. Sean Penn stepped into the picture bringing on board a fiction novel and named it ‘Bob Honey Who Do Stuff’.

People read fiction to enjoy stories from the imaginations of authors. ‘Penn’s’ fiction’ is his first book and so controversial, it is the talk of America. It has received attention and has lovers and haters in equal measure. Penn does not take it personally, after all, there is no such thing as bad publicity. He began writing the book to fill the time on his hands and though he expected an excited audience. He was not quite prepared for the backlash and immense interest it received.

Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is a fiction novel, describing the state of the American nation. It is so on point that people have compared the one character to the current president. While it has angered some, the author feels that the American population needs to examine themselves if they are to understand the book that is about them.

The central themes in the book reflect an America so consumed with self that it does not notice innocent deaths, race inequalities, neglected regions and people, as well as other vices. Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea. Readers that choose it have to have a strong stomach and an open mind. It is enthralling in its own right.

More about Sean Penn and Bob Honey Who Do Stuff

Sean Penn is also an actor but is considering quitting due to age and falling in love with writing. Though he has written before, it was for films. Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is a creation of his mind and his first novel in print. It was once an audiobook.


Fortress Investment Group Now Under New Management

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned investment group which has a global presence in many investment niches. According to a recently released report, the company features an asset base of over 3.6 billion dollars. The business model used by Fortress gives the company some mileage over its competitors in every venture. For example, the company has won over 1750 organization trusts and now it is managing their assets.Additionally, the firm can manage properties for individuals and private clients. The company ventures in a wide range of investment sectors. These segments include private equity, real estate, and credit.

The Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank

SoftBank Group announced that it has finally completed the acquisition of the incredible Fortress Group as they had planned. The financial company has been able to pay 3.3 billion dollars for its new outlet. It is now official that SoftBank now owns Fortress shares.SoftBank Group stated that they had fulfilled all the required statutory elements for the accomplished acquisition. The management also added that the Fortress shareholders have so far approved the ownership changes. However, the fortress is expected to operate as an independent company but under SoftBank Group umbrella.

Winter Olympic 2010

That followed their demands regarding payments from the owed Canadian authorities to be paid before anything could proceed. That made the company appears in headlines for some time before the games started. Many Canada residents were shocked by how the American company would be involved in Canadian events such that it threated to halt the progress of the games.However, the fact is that Fortress Investment Group was the company that owned the British Columbia Ski resort which was to be used by the Olympic organizers for all the Alpine events that year. Fortress Group stated that the authorities for the games were supposed to pay 90 million dollars; failure to the company would stop the games and sue the organizers.

 The Plan by Fortress

Fortress Investment Group said that the authorities at Ottawa had agreed to settle the debt before the commencement of the games something that they failed to do. The saga also features Whistler Blackcomb resort which is run by Intrawest. The company owes Fortress since Fortress bailed out. The total amount that Intrawest should pay to Fortress is 500 million dollars.

What You Did Not Know About Human Rights Groups

A human rights organization or group is usually an NGO, which supports the rights of human beings. This is done by identifying violations, lobbying to halt said violations, making sure the public is aware of such violations, performing institutional advocacy, collecting incident data of violations and publication and analysis of the same. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase


Funding for human rights organizations is mainly derived from various sources and well-wishers. A good example in the United States is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are cofounders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They received settlement money from an arrest by Sherriff Joe Arpaio. This money is used to fund migrant rights organizations in the state of Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin received $3.75 million settlement from their arrest on October, 2007. They sued the County Sherriff’s department for unlawful imprisonment and arrest, and they received the settlement. They have dedicated the settlement to assist immigrants, especially of Latino decent, as a result of their experience of human rights violations.

How Human Rights Groups Work

Similar to other non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations are defined by legal restrictions under which they operate including:

  • Having a formal existence with a representative and democratic structure and a statute that normally enjoys legal personality under law
  • Does not promote or use violence or have any clear connections with criminality
  • Has a non-profit aim (this means that any profits the group may get will be used to fund its objective and not distributed to its members)
  • Is an NGO meaning it does not perform public functions, is free from governmental influence and has been established by a private initiative

Michael Lacey defines such a group as an entity that is distinguished from any political components of a given society. Unlike political advocates who seek to protect human rights of a particular constituency, human rights organizations such as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund defends similar rights for members in all societies in their region, and sometimes even globally.

Furthermore political groups tend to look for ways to improve their own discrete programs or interests. On the other hand, groups for human rights are not politically biased when dealing with any legitimate participants in areas where any violations of human rights have occurred.

Lacey insists that having such a general independent focus will distinguish partisan and sectarian groups from human rights groups. For example, a trade union has the main goal of protecting the interest of their members and not everyone in the said industry.

Confusion With Humanitarian Groups

Jim Larkin has stated that it is common for humanitarian groups and organizations to be confused with human rights groups and organizations. The latter is also often confused with organizations representing lobbies with a focus on particular lobbies.

According to Larkin, this happens even though the majority looks to distinguish themselves from all political groups, organizations or movements associated in conflicts and encounters that are usually the cause of human rights violations. Usually these rights groups deem themselves experts on information they gather using field researchers and rights observers.

One of the popular internationally renowned group fighting for human rights is Amnesty International. Take note it is currently not a sole human rights group as other organizations. It has expanded the definition of human rights as they get involved with issues that are not really considered to be human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Everything To Know About National Steel Car And Greg Aziz

National Steel Car is a reputed manufacturer of rolling stock. These are kind of vehicles that move on railway and includes railroad cars, coaches, wagons and locomotives. Greg Aziz is the famous CEO behind the success of the company. Gregory J Aziz has worked at the company since 1994. He is one of the most recognizable people in the northern parts of America. Mr. Aziz is the chairman, president and the Chief Executive of National Steel Car an Ontario-based leader in the manufacturing and engineering world of railroad freight cars in the world.

Greg Aziz majored in economics and is a degree holder from the University of Western Ontario. Immediately after graduating, Aziz joined family business known as Affiliated Foods and the company grew to become one of the successful wholesale food business companies. He moved to New York where he joined the investment banking industry. He worked hard and went on to purchase National Steel Car.

Upon joining the company, James Aziz focused on the company’s excellent engineering capacity and team building. He provided capital and human investment that was essential for the growth of the company’s manufacturing capabilities. Through Mr. Aziz leadership, the company’s production capacity increased from 3,500 units to 12,000 freight cars production. In addition, the company’s staff capacity grew from 600 to 3,000. Today, National Steel Car is the leader in production of railroad freight cars and innovation worldwide.

The company has gone on to receive numerous awards under Gregory J Aziz. For instance, the company has received TTX SECO awards for 13 consecutive years for being a great company in the steel car manufacturing sector. Quality is a key focus in the company and it is the core reason why the company has stayed at the top of the business. National Steel Car is the only North America railroad freight car company that is ISO certified and does not disappoint its customers when it comes to meeting deadlines.


The Philanthropic Ways of Greg Aziz


National Steel Car does not just depend on its excellence for its expansion and growth. The company has also been a force to reckon with when it comes to charities. The company has been focusing on a better future via continued determination and provision of more innovative services in the railcar industry. Through the guidance of Greg James Aziz, the company has worked with the Hamilton, Ontario community to make lives better. Refer to This Article to learn more.


National Steel Car Company is also a key participant in Ontario food initiatives and has hired more than 2000 Hamilton residents. The company also sponsors Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius among many other charities. Lastly, Mr. Gregory J Aziz’s family also sponsors Canada’s biggest agricultural fair widely known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Sight-Saving Treatments Distributed in Yemen by Sightsavers

Through the collaboration of the Yemen Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, Sightsavers and a few other organizations, antibiotic treatments were distributed through 273 villages in Yemen, a country undergoing a civil war. Dangerous conflict zones and roadbocks make it hard for humanitarians to reach people in need of aid, not to mention, the every day lives of residents are threatened on a regular basis. About two and a half million Yemenis are at risk of contracting the bacterial infection, which spreads rampantly in places with crippling water supplies and poor sanitation. And it spreads more easily among children.

A team of four thousand volunteers, who were mostly women because local customs make it difficult for strange men to enter homes to treat women and children, traveled to the hard-to-reach Al Hodeidah and Ibb regions to administer the medication. They were escorted by local health officials. Over four hundred thousand doses of Zithromax donated by Pfizer were used, and soap and hygiene tips were also handed out alongside the medication. Simon Bush, Sightsavers Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases, acknowledged the immense effort it took for the organizations involved to help those in need, especially in a region where danger is readily present. He also noted that it was necessary to help those who were suffering from the treatable disease, adding that the people in areas suffering from conflict should not be left behind.

Trachoma affects the eyelids of the afflicted. The inner surface becomes rough by way of tissue that has undergone granulation (like a scab forming over a small wound). This layer rubs against the cornea, often leading to pain. If left untreated, a person who has experienced several instances of trachoma can eventually go blind. This disease is easily treatable, which Sightsavers and collaborators have proven through the distribution of antibiotics. The real culprit in this situation is circumstance; that is the current hostile state of the country and the worsening water infrastructure and sanitation that occurs as a result.

Sightsavers and company are planning to continue their humanitarian efforts, reaching out to other areas of the country in need and also treating those with trichiasis, the advanced stages of trichoma. According to ncbi, it is the leading cause of blindness caused by infections in the world. They have noted two thousand cases of trichiasis in Yemen, which they will address when they raise enough money to pay for the surgery that can ease the pain and possibly save the eyesight of the afflicted.