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Jim Larkin, Irish Labour Activist

James ‘Jim’ Larkin was an Irish labor activist and folk hero who is most famous for founding the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and co-founding the Irish Labour Party. Larkin was a Marxist who wanted “the land of Ireland for the people of Ireland”; to further these aims, he organized a number of strikes and fought for increased workers’ rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Jim Larkin was born on January 21st, 1876 in Liverpool. He first became politically active in Liverpool as a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers, a labour union with socialist leanings. In 1905, he became a trade union organizer at the age of twenty-nine. But when his provocative and at times violent strength methods alarmed the Union, and thus Larkin was moved to Dublin in 1907.

That same year, he founded the ITGWU in Dublin, which aimed to bring all Irish labourers both skilled and unskilled under the umbrella of a single union. The ITGWU fought for issues such as mandatory pensions for workers starting at age 60, an eight hour work day, and the nationalization of transportation.

James Larkin’s other major political achievement was the co-founding of the Irish Labour Party in 1912 alongside James Connolly. The next year, the Party staged the strike known as the Dublin Lockout with Larkin’s help, and over 100,000 workers striked for more than seven months. Ultimately, they won a variety of rights in the name of fair employment practices.

Larkin organized several anti-war protests that urged the Irish not to fight for Britain leading up to World War One. In 1914, he went to the United States for a time to lecture and to raise funds to fight the rule of the British. He eventually became involved in the American Socialist Party, but was deported back to Ireland in 1924, but only after being convicted of criminal anarchy and communism and then later pardoned.

That same year, he founded the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He remained in Dublin and fought for workers’ rights until he died on January 30th of 1947, and he has since become a major figure in Irish folk history.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Making Bumble Dating App, Exciting and Useful

For men and women interested in dating, there are tons of dating apps out there that can help facilitate it with ease. The core services of many of these dating apps are free, which means that singles that are not looking to spend money can still make use of these dating apps. However, for women, the experience at these dating apps is not always as warm and friendly as they would prefer, because often they are suffocated with unsolicited and vulgar messages and images from male members. Even though there are many dating apps, but this is a problem that none of the existing dating apps ever addressed in a comprehensive manner.

However, Bumble dating app by Whitney Wolfe Herd changed all that. At Bumble, men cannot message women members, and they can only send messages when women contact them initially. It means that women can be sure that they would not have to wake up at the middle of the night due to continuous beeps of their phone due to messages sent by male members of the dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the youngest as well as the most successful female tech entrepreneurs in the country today and is the co-owner of Bumble, a company that Forbes estimate to be over a billion dollars.

Whitney Wolfe Herd in the past has been the part of the team that founded Tinder, the biggest dating app on the market today. As a co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd has had valuable experience with developing and marketing dating apps, which she used to the fullest when launching Bumble. It helped her get just the results she was expecting. Whitney Wolfe Herd knew that women are looking for a dating app that promises clean experience, and as per many of the users, the male members at Bumble are more mature and looking for a meaningful relationship. It is this general concept that has helped Bumble create a niche for itself in the otherwise overs aturated market of dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and even though she travels extensively now due to work, her base is in Austin, Texas. She has attended Southern Methodist University, where she completed her graduation in International Business. Whitney Wolfe Herd continues to find new ways to make Bumble a dating app that has the edge over other dating apps in the market.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Company Owners Should Understand Employee Incentives

Jeremy Goldstein is becoming an authoritative figure in the United States. The lawyer has managed to impress the individuals in the corporate world because of the great progress he has been making in the modern times. Jeremy is a trained lawyer who had the opportunity to attend some of the best learning institutions that are found in the US. Unlike many lawyers who prefer to keep their knowledge to themselves, the businessman has shared his thoughts and advice to people in several platforms, and he has changed many lives in the United States. At the moment, Goldstein practices at New York City, but his customers come from all parts of the country. International clients have visited him while trying to seek information about the corporate world and other legal matters. Learn more:


The corporate world has never been a walk in the park for any consumer in the modern setting. Employers are looking for different ways to survive the tough times and at the end of the day make great profits so that they can keep the companies running. There are so many activities that are carried out in companies in the modern times. All of these complex activities require a lot of knowledge and understanding so that investors do not get into trouble because of spending too much money that should have been used for other purposes. Jeremy Goldstein, as an internationally recognized lawyer, understands the factors that all investors and business owners should consider so that they can have only the best environment for business. Jeremy Goldstein experience in this complicated market has not come in a silver platter. Several years ago, before he could start his private firm, the lawyer had worked with some of the leading investment companies in the United States, and he had realized the strategies used by the companies to become leaders in the tough markets.


Not long ago, Jeremy Goldstein came out to discuss some of the issues that have been giving employers and investors sleepless nights. Employee incentives have never been an easy subject for all the people in the corporate world. The company shareholders have different programs that can be used to make things better. However, all the available programs came with their benefits and cons. This is where most people make mistakes that bring loses to the organization. If you are planning to become an expert in the tight markets, Jeremy Goldstein tells these investors to seek help from individuals who have been in the market for a long time.

Progressive Subsidiaries from EFH

A subsidiary by definition means a company controlled by a holding company. It is similar to having a branch or a subdivision of a parent company. Equities First Holdings is a business with roots in Indianapolis, Indiana. 2002 is when they started running, and they have been doing so for 15 years. Their purpose is to provide loans to businesses in addition to individual investors.

They have many subsidiaries worldwide including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney and Switzerland. In conjunction with its subsidiaries, EFH has successfully completed 700 transactions and delivered $1.4 billion USD as of now.

EFH also has an office in New York City.