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Igor Cornelsen Promotes International Investments through Expert Financial Advice

Igor Cornelsen resides in Brazil. He is popular in the Brazilian Investment Industries. In his career, focuses on investing wisely for the success of his companies. He also provides financial advice to various investors and entrepreneurs on how to cultivate success through investments.

Brazilian economic markets are now flooded with both local and foreign investors who participate in international businesses. His efforts in trying to equip retailers with long-term investment tips have paid off. Brazil thus shines in its economic developments in the entire Latin America with the highest revenue earnings.

Recently, he developed a few tips to help international investors in Brazil to excel in their ventures. He is committed to laying every foundation for them to ensure that they don’t regret their decisions on investing in Brazilian businesses. According to Igor Cornelsen, the investors should identify with the entities that fit their investment ideas after seeking advice from Brazilian business moguls.

As a country which has the most lucrative investments, Brazil provides both private investments and those that are run by the government. Hence, deciding on which sector to invest with is very crucial. Also, he advises international investors to partner with regional entrepreneurs to facilitate successful business operations.

Another important message that he passed to his fellow investors is that they should consider dealing in stocks. For the effectiveness of stock exchange markets, he tells them to consider investing in big companies and lucrative financial institutions especially banks. Igor Cornelsen happens to have a wealth of experiences with bank businesses.

Additionally, he equips the investors with ways of adapting to the rules and regulations that the government has put against unethical business operations. Acquiring certificates of good conducts from the authorities enables the investors to operate their businesses under the law.

Of great importance is the knowledge of the foreign exchange rates of the country’s standard currencies. Knowing the prices at which the currency sells and buys is important in accomplishing successful investments. What’s more is learning the market trends and seasons when the demand and sale of the currencies are high. For those with interests in Forex investments, the mastery of the rates on currencies for the country and other countries is essential.

OSI Group Expands Around the Globe as a Top Food Processor

OSI Group has grown substantially over the years under the leadership of their owner and CEO Sheldon Lavin who always entertained a global vision for the company. They have over 65 food processing facilities in 17 countries at the last count. They have developed a significant range of expertise in strategically acquiring companies that complement and improve on what they’re already doing.

One such example is their recent purchase of the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago which encompasses 200,000 square feet. It happens to be situated near other OSI Group facilities which made it an attractive opportunity. The additional space that this purchase brings into the OSI fold makes continued growth an easier proposition in going forward.

Europe is another region where OSI Group has a strong presence and it was bolstered with their recent acquisition of Baho Food which is a Dutch manufacturer. They specialize in convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks among their primary products. This acquisition strengthens their European operations and gives them a broader reach on the continent. The two companies mesh well together with one Baho executive noting the outstanding relationship that OSI Group maintains with customers and suppliers.

OSI Group has immense capabilities as they are able to develop food items from concept to finished product. They regularly help customers create custom foods according to their specifications. This includes the design of a manufacturing and supply chain that address complex challenges.

Culinary innovation is a hallmark of OSI Group and they operate several research and design facilities to help customers speedily bring products to market. They also widely use test kitchens as well as specialists in every production facility to ensure the highest quality and adherence to the needs of their customers. They can work with customers who know exactly what they want and help those who don’t by highlighting trending ideas from around the world.

Food safety is a great concern for the company and they implement strict protocols to ensure that this issue is properly taken care of. Their food quality assurance experts are found throughout their operations which gives great peace of mind to customers who rely upon the highest level of quality and safety. Their standards often exceed customer and regulatory requirements which places them on a rare footing among food processors.

OSI Group is also convinced that they wouldn’t be where they are today without the driving force of their business which is their employees. They are highly valued and they strive to put in place a challenging, rewarding work environment.

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Don Ressler Leads Fabletics in Innovating Fashionable and Comfortable Active Wear

For a long time, women had to choose between buying fashionable and affordable athletic wear. When Fabletics came into the market, it was a game changer. The brand made it possible for women to access comfortable, stylish and affordable activewear. Fabletics was established in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Before designing the sportswear brand, Don and Adam took time to study the market trends. First, they realized that consumption of activewear had hit an all-time high during that year. They knew that this trend would not go down soon. Their other observation was that the activewear availed in the market did not meet the clients’ needs and expectations. They carried out consumer tests to understand what clients wanted. From these experiments, the duo concluded that consumers were having a hard time finding outfits that they could look good in without spending heftily.

By the time Fabletics joined the market, there was already a host of other providers. Therefore, Don and Adam knew that they had to develop strategies that would make them stand out from their competitors. Don Ressler contracted Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. As the spokeswoman for the organization, Hudson created relationships with the consumers. She had an appealing look, and she was friendly. By that time, branding in the fashion industry was ubiquitous, so having Kate on board gave Fabletics an upper hand.

Within no time, Fabletic’s online presence had hit the roof. Besides selling online, another strategy that helped Fabletics grow at a high rate was the discount pricing system. The scheme enabled individuals to sign up as Fabletics VIP by paying $50 monthly. As a VIP, one would enjoy discounted prices, reward points for purchases made and free shipping.

Don Ressler is pleased with the outcome of his hard work towards developing a brand that ladies looking for activewear can rely on. The economics of sportswear that is both affordable and effective have proven that ladies’ sportswear can be functional and fun. He promises to keep innovating products that are both fashionable and cost-effective.

Don Ressler is not willing to get comfortable with the current status. He is planning on expanding their market by aiming at making clothes for plus size women. The move has been received well since it gives larger ladies who would like to cut off some weight to do so in a fashionable and less costly way.

George Soros Philanthropy Affirms He Cares more about People Than Money

George Soros reveals his $18 billion donation to the pro-democracy organization Open Justice Foundation. Soros who has been funding the organization for years believes this pledge will strengthen the organization’s stand against the injustices inflicted on humans in the world.

Early Life

Soros was born in 1930 to a Jewish family in Hungary. He witnessed firsthand what it meant to live under the oppressive rule of the German Nazi who were occupying his country at the time. Soros and his family managed to escape the Nazi rule even save a few Jewish families from the same oppression. Unfortunately, over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were brutally killed in what became one of the worst holocaust in history.

Joining Social Activism

George Soros vowed he will never let such a gruesome act of inhumanness happen again without him speaking up. For him to do that, he had to put himself in a position of authority and power. When he finally moved to the United States, Soros joined the Wall Street where he made his great fortunes. One of the major investments he made was betting $1 billion against the British pound. This bet paid off and Soros made fortunes earning him the nickname ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’.

Open Society Foundations

As his wealth grew, Soros gradually gained the position of prominence he wanted. He could now pursue his lifelong dream of fighting for human rights. He founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984 with the first branch office in Hungary. Through the years, Soro’s justice organization has increased its agendas and even managed to establish itself on a global scale.

Open Society Foundation advocates for human rights democracy in over 120 countries. The society has funded many other similar organizations in America fighting against injustices like discrimination of the LGBTQ community, sexual violence, and police brutality on minority communities. Open Society Foundation was also one of the donors funding treatment centers that were helping manage the Ebola crisis in 2014.

Soro’s justice organization found a new calling after the trump election in 2016. Open Society is working hard to protect American citizens from hate retaliations after the elections. Soros has committed over $10 million dollars just to fund this cause alone.

Forbes recently announced that the Wall Street billionaire has made an $18 billion donation to his organization to help fund its agendas. Open Society Foundation becomes the second well-funded organization after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. What people do not know is that Soros has been quietly making an accumulative donation to his justice organization.

George Soros started off by donating a total of $800 to $900 each year to keep his organization growing. This amount eventually increased until it finally totals to the $18 billion announced by the media. Soros made the statement that he would still be making more donations to Open Society Foundation. After the announcement, he pledged to make one more donation of $10 million which he will continue as long as he sees his money going to a good cause. and more information click here

Wall Street, and Europe, know George Soros as a powerful and wealthy businessman who is good with numbers. However, the whole world will remember Soros as a selfless philanthropist who cared more about the lives of people and making the world a better place. and Follow him

Cassio Audi: The Talented Singer Cum Finance Expert


Many people probably know Casio Audi because of his contributions in the finance sector. However, Casio pursued music in his hey days. Casio’s music career can be traced back to the time he was part of a music group known as the Viper rock band. Together with his band mates Pit and Yves Passarel, and Andre and Felipe Machado, the five ventured into rock music in 1985. The group was inspired by Iron Maiden, a British rock band.

Viper Rock Band Goes Viral

Casio Audi was a very talented drummer. His skills with the drums became popular after they release their first album, the Killer Sword. This was a demo album with tracks such as Princes from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare. The tracks were included in the first album with very few alterations. Their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, was released in 1987. Though English was the group’s second language, the five musicians were doing better than many English speaking bands.


Viper rock’s first album was given a four star rating by Allmusic. The album has been redone severally since it was originally released. The band was invited to many events and performed at numerous functions which made their music popular. It was in 1989 that Audi decided to leave the music industry. Shortly after, the group released their second album, Theatre of Fate.

Why Did Casio Audi Stop Singing?

Casio Audi had a strong passion for music but he never left the industry because he no longer had an interest in singing. His main reason for stepping down was to continue with his studies. He pursued a degree in business administration and later enrolled for an MBA in finance. Today, Casio has acquired skills in finance management and the real estate market. He also offers advice on finance issues. Despite his prosperous career, Casio has never abandoned his love for music. In fact, he occasionally takes some time off to practice his drumming. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi Group

Jorge Moll Copa Star’s Founder

Copa stars founder Jorge Moll is a prominent Brazilian cardiologist and entrepreneur. Jorge is among the few individuals who over the years have played significant roles in ensuring that the medical services are of quality. He has done a wonderful job in ensuring that Copa star retains its position in the competitive market. In fact, there are rumors that Copa Star is one of the best hospitals in Brazil. Moll has combined both classical entrepreneurial skills and the professional skill as a medical doctor to create an institution whose performance is unmatched.

One of the features that have made Copa Star a leading hospital in Rio de Janeiro is the type of treatment that they give their patients. Sincerely speaking it is merely hard for a hospital to maintain a good rating consistently. A good rating entails the ability of the hospital to keep the patients comfortable and to offer luxurious services. However, under the leadership of Jorge Moll Copa Star has been able to perform amidst the odds. As an institution, it has been able to survive the hurdles that bring down hospitals across the world. Jorge Moll is among the leading healthcare entrepreneurs within Brazil. In fact, through his hospital, he has been able to initiate change in the health sector. Institutions are now competing stiffly to make their patient comfortable by creating a luxurious environment.


Regarding medical technology, Moll has installed some of the easy to use technology in the facility. At Copa star, both the patients and nurses appreciate the convenience of the installed technology. For instance, once a patient is admitted to the hospital, he/she is given an iPad. With the IPad, the patient can call for help whenever he/she needs to be attended to by simply dialing. By using these criteria, the nurses and doctors can carry out their duties without straining. Learn more about Jorge on Wikipedia.

On top of that, Moll’s facility enables the patients to get in touch with family and friends using the tab. The doctor can also forward the diagnosis to the patient via the device. To keep you busy and entertained, Jorge’s facility has entertainment systems. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to Win Yet another Battle

Many philanthropists groups continue to form in the 21st century. Since immemorial, humanitarians groups have been in existence. This is an attempt to fight the inequalities that exist in the societies. Many nations have accommodated the abuse of human, civil and immigrants’ rights to the extent that it becomes normal.

The minor groups in this nations have no freedom of speech and expression as well. Immigrant rights are the most commonly abused rights. With over 200 million people living as immigrants, it is crucial that immigrants’ rights are observed.

Many countries have denied the immigrants the right to participate in democracy. Humanitarians believe that they should be given a chance in the decision making of the nations. Some immigrants have been denied even the most basic needs.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is among the leading humanitarian groups that have been actively fighting for human rights since its formation. The foundation was founded by the co-founders of ‘’The Phoenix New Times”.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spent a significant portion of their careers fighting for their rights. They acquired the money that they used to start the group from the sheriff’s case.

This was after Michael Lacey, and Jim Larkin published the Sheriff’s evil deeds on their headlines. This was a very courageous act. The residents thought this two were crazy. This is because the sheriff had a high social status. He was respected and feared.

When the news got to the sheriff, he was agitated. At midnight, he arrested Lacey and Larkin from their homes. He drove them to an unknown location. When the occupants learned of the sheriff’s action, they protested and demanded their release. The Protestants led to the two journalists release within 24 hours.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin went forward to the court to report the sheriff. The judge declared them innocent. They were also compensated with a lump sum of $3.75 million. They used this money to begin the Frontera Fund.

The first beneficiaries of the scheme were immigrants of the Arizona community. The Frontera Fund supports the humanitarian groups that share their common interest.

The Frontera Fund has a major mission of rescuing DACA foundation. The DACA foundation is a philanthropic group that prevents the deportation of immigrants. The DACA foundation believes that some immigrants are typically members of the state. This is because they have grown up in the country. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The DACA ensures that their members get an extension of two years in the USA. In this two years, the members may have completed their objective in the state. Alternatively, the member may have gathered the legal documentation to remain in the country.

Currently, the foundation is facing a threat of being closed down. This is after a legal filing by the Texas AG stating that it lacks the legal documents.

The Frontera Fund has intervened to ensure that the foundation regains stability to avoid the consequences that its closure may bring. The members are confident that this is another battle the Frontera Fund is going to win.

Class Dojo Makes it More Difficult to Skip Classes

In the good old days the only way teachers, parents and their children who are busy attending school, had only two ways to communicate with each other. First one would be a phone call from the school and the second would be when the teacher sent a letter or a note with the child to be given to the parents. Not so anymore. In this age of smartphones and apps, it is possible for everyone in the above example to be constantly in touch with each other. This is through an app called Class dojo and it allows a three-way conversation between the three parties, always letting each one in the loop of the day’s events.

Class dojo gives users the freedom to use photos, text as well as videos of the day’s happenings. This gives the users a feeling of a team effort as the children make their way through school. When one thinks about this for a second it is truly amazing. In the past, in our younger days, whenever we had a good or a bad experience for that matter, there were times that we felt the wish to share it immediately. With Class Dojo, this is now possible.

In a few short years, the app has gone on to become very successful. It is used at close to 90% of classes that go from kindergarten to 8th grade. Not only that, it is now available in 180 countries. It is also compatible with 35 languages. The people behind the design of Class Dojo are former as well as active teachers. The app has also managed to garner plenty of awards and accolades from the press. Including the prestigious “30 under 30” award from Forbes Magazine.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation Receives A Gift

The Dallas Women’s Foundation received a very surprising and welcomed gift. NexBank announced that they would sponsor the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon with a gift of $100,000. The Luncheon will be held in Dallas, October 20th, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, located in Dallas. The luncheon will include several high profile speakers during the luncheon that will be live streamed to local schools located in North Texas. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is concerned about advancing economic and social change for women and girls.


Nexbank is heavily involved with the community around the financial institution. In addition, the financial institution actively supports various community programs like The Dallas Women’s Foundation, which received a very outstanding donation from Nexbank. Nextbank also provides financial services to those in the local community. The financial services are in 3 essential areas that include Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. The regional banking service has a charter that dates back nearly a hundred years.

Nexbank Services

It’s interesting to note that Nexbank was formerly known as Heritage bank. Today, the financial institution offers services to a wide range of customers in the Texas area. Some of the services offered by Nexbank include personal checking accounts, savings accounts, commercial checking, mobile banking, Internet banking, and more. The institution is also involved with commercial lending, business loans, real estate loans, along with institutionalized services.

More About Nexbank

Nexbank has strived diligently through the years to offer their customers financial and banking services that go beyond the norm in the community. Certainly, this has established them strongly in the community as leaders in the financial industry. The Dallas based financial institution has outstanding leadership provided by top industry leaders that understand the role that a successful financial institution should play in a community. Nexbank continues to provide outstanding services and leadership to the local community.

Current Achievements of Tony Petrello

With so many different challenges in the business world today, leaders are all over are having to lead their organizations successfully with limited resources to get the job done. Therefore, it is important that each companies leadership is strong enough to make good informed decisions so that they can continue to thrive and expand their businesses.

To that end, there are many different notable personalities in the business world today that have done superior jobs with making sure that their organizations are financially sound and competitive in the industry’s that they work within. Some of which are well-known names that most people normally recognize right away. Others are not so distinguishable since the notoriety that they have reached does not always surpass the borders of local or across the board national fame. Whatever the case or situation, when it comes to talking about Tony Petrello, there are a quite a few things that many people may or may not know. For instance, with a big part of his background lying in the finance arena, he is a significant authority figure in many different financial circles today. He is also reported, in some sources, as having a network of over 15 million dollars and is among one of the highest paid CEOs in the U.S., according to the top best-paid bosses in the year 2014.

While Tony Petrello’s background is more than impressive, most people say that his generosity in the medical world does not match his current achievements as a CEO. Even though he graduated from Harvard and has since then led his company into being one of the top influential oil companies, there is another side that also matches his commitment to others outside of the business world. In particular, since Tony and his wife are striving to make a monumental difference in the world of medical science too. With his own personal story to drive him in donating huge sums of money to medical facilities in Texas, he is committed to finding the reason and a cure for the neurological illness that his daughter is suffering from. Therefore, he is not only known for being a prominent figure in the oil business, medical professionals are also appreciative of his generosity in donating millions of dollars to medical causes that relate to neurological research.

More than an astounding leader and highest paid CEO in the U.S., Tony Petrillo is also known for being a Philanthropist who is committed to finding a cure that is needed for his daughter and others too.

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