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Highland Capital: A Reliable Investment Firm

Looking for an established financial services or investment advisory firm? Need someone to guide you in choosing the right investment vehicle or opportunity for you? If you want to be sure you’re investing wisely, it is imperative to sign up with a reputable and reliable investment firm.

Your reasons for wanting to start an investment portfolio may range from putting a little aside for retirement to building wealth. There are many options available to you but it is advisable to have expert guidance. That’s where Highland Capital comes in – to ensure that make the right decision for your financial future.

Highland Capital Management is a highly trusted investment and wealth building advisory firm. The is highly regarded and has top notch resources and industry connections, which enable them to cater to a wide variety of clients.

Highland Capital has a team of qualified investment and advisory services professionals. The company has been rendering superior services for many years and comes highly recommended in the industry. Numerous companies and individuals have relied on Highland Capital Management for a long time and are happy with the outcome of their investments.

Every day people around the world use the Internet to research investment and wealth building opportunities. They also search for investment advisory firms that are reputable and are available to guide them.

If you are serious about investing in a profitable opportunity or growing your existing portfolio of investments, you’ll need to seek expert assistance. Highland Capital can provide the help you need to succeed in your investment venture. As you work with a professional at Highland Capital, you can begin to learn advanced investing strategies and wealth creation strategies and techniques that yield huge returns.

These professionals will have a discussion with you in order to find out what your goals and expectations are. Once they know what you’re trying to accomplish, they will create a customized investment plan to help you accomplish that. Once you have these trusted professionals by your side, to advise and guide you, you can rest assured you will reap huge rewards.

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The Role of Avaaz in Creating a Better World

The Role of Avaaz in Creating a Better World

There are many nations across the globe experiencing some common problems. For instance, the issues of human rights abuses are very common in many countries. There are also countries which are experiencing unprecedented levels of poverty today. Needless to say, issues of climate change have been a major concern for all the countries across the globe. However, there is little activism around the issues which are very persistent in the world.

The existence of gaps with relation to activism is the main reason why Avaaz was established in 2007. The main objective of the nongovernmental organization was to empower citizens around the globe. Championing for enhanced democracy is also one of the major reasons why the organization was formed. There were different people who participated in founding the organization. For instance, Ricken Patel was one of the co founders of the organization. It is also important to note that Tom Pravda played a very important role in the formation of the organization. Ricken Patel, who also happens to be the group’s founding president, helps in the day to day management of the organization. To know more about Avaaz click here.

In the past, Avaaz used to take donations from various foundations and corporations. However, the situation changed in 2009 where the organization stopped taking donations from such foundations and corporations. Ever since 2009, the organization has also desisted from taking donations amounting to more than five thousand dollars. The contributions of individual members are the main source of income for the organization.

As noted earlier, the organization has a presence in various countries. Indeed, Avaaz currently operates in more than thirty countries across the globe. There are numerous campaigns which are usually held in the various countries. For instance, various campaigns have been held in India to enhance poverty reduction. The organization has also had numerous campaigns in Brazil to help in crime reduction.

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NuoDB Data Base Technology

NuoDB is a prominent data-base company which was created in 2008 by the Oxford educated software designer and company creator, Barry S. Morris and Interbase architect and entrepreneur, Jim Starkey. The company is currently led by CEO Bob Walmsley and operates primarily out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has achieved quite a bit of notoriety for its use of a elastically scalable database as well as for providing service for such companies as the French multi-national software company, Dassault Systemes, Kodiak and the Arab Emirates foreign exchange company, UEA Exchange.

NuoDB utilizes a unique SQL (Structured Query Language – the standard query language utilized for database management and communications systems) which is tailored specifically for cloud apps (which is any application which mobilizes both local and cloud based components to work in synchronicity).

What is really interesting and highly useful concerning the NuoDB tech is that because of its unique propensities, whenever a new server is added to any NuoDB connected database the whole database increases in speed as opposed to many other procedures where such a action would do the contrary and slow down the entire database. The NuoDB has exceedingly high processing power and is calculated to process upwards of one million different transactions per second.

DRAFT Brings Big Changes to Daily Fantasy Sports

Playing daily fantasy football is probably one of the most exciting parts of the NFL season. Whether you are pumping in just $10 a week, and using promo codes to fill out your other entries, or putting in full time work — you can’t ignore how hard the game is. Daily fantasy is all about maximizing your roster while minimizing your mistakes.

Building a great DFS line up is all about paying for the right premium player. In fantasy football there is no position worth more points than the QB. In conventional fantasy drafts for season long games you never spend your biggest pick on a QB but that isn’t how daily fantasy works. Opt for a guy like Drew Brees or Tom Brady with your big money picks and then go from there to fill out the rest of your roster.

Daily fantasy sports are pretty established by this point but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation. A new DFS competitor called DRAFT has come around in order to change up the entire industry. DRAFT changes the way the game works by utilizing a snake draft format instead of the conventional salary cap that most fantasy leagues operate on.

Honey Birdette not Afraid of Criticism

In recent times the Lingerie Brand Belonging to Honey Birdette has received numerous criticisms for advocating for equality in marriage. Honey Birdette acknowledged the report that the brand is polarizing however dismissed criticism from the recent flash mob in support of marriage equality.

A group consisting of 60 employees and models took to the streets of Sydney on Monday to protests in support for equality in marriage. The demonstration took place along Pitt Street Mall to Martin Place where the company workers and models were carrying placards written Make Love not Plebiscite and #freethenipple. The event was broadcasted live via the company’s official Facebook page and received criticism from customers who had divided opinions.
In another instance, some two posters on Honey Birdette lingerie store in Rundle Mall are causing some sorts of controversy. The two posters are showing women in a new range of underwear where one model nipple appears to be visible. The advertisement according to Tracey and her daughter Stacey is offensive especially to those that do have kids. Tracey argues that the advert should be placed on the inside doors where only people accessing the store should be able to see. According to Honey Birdette, the company has not received any formal complaint regarding the two posters. However, it seems a formal complaint has been made by Myer Centre Adelaide Manager Peter Lee. Peter Lee said that they have been in liaison with the retailer’s national office to have the posters removed from display.
In another statement, Adelaide City Councilor Phill Martin said that people should have the freedom to consume what they wish, but there should be limits if the matter appears to be offending in public places.
The poster has received mixed reactions, and in another statement, outspoken Councilor Anne Moran thinks that the poster was just fine and a good advertising tool as it made her look.

Eric Pulier Has Remained Dedicated to Making a Difference in the World

Eric Pulier is a multifaceted and a highly reputable tech entrepreneur. Pulier is also a published author and a top philanthropist. He has worked tirelessly and committed a big chunk of his wealth towards making positive and tangible impact on the globe. After an interesting tenure at Teaneck High School, Eric pursued an English and American literature course at the Harvard University from 1984 to 1988. Since receiving his degree, Eric Pulier has demonstrated his willingness to help underprivileged individuals and children suffering from chronic conditions and sickness. Eric uses technological innovation as a tool for solving day-to-day challenges and filling knowledge gaps.

The impressive entrepreneurial journey of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier embarked on tough journey of building both his writing and entrepreneurial career while he was at Harvard. He explored a wide range of topics that were full of insight and humor on his regular column that was published in Harvard Crimson. Most times, he advised his readers on ways of building a successful entrepreneurial empire. Pulier chooses Los Angeles as the ideal place to start his firm called People Doing Things. This company began its operations in 1991, and it focused on developing cutting-edge technological innovations on behalf of education and healthcare industries.

In 1994, Eric Pulier proved his outstanding business skills by availing an interactive agency named Digital Evolution. After being in business for four years, Digital Evolution entered a merger with US Interactive LLC. In 1998, Pulier became a household name in the technology field following a nomination by the Presidential Inaugural Committee that saw him oversee the completion of “The Bridge to the 21st Century,” a one of a kind presidential technology exhibit that was unveiled in Washington D.C.

Implementing ideas

Eric Pulier has a unique way of bringing ideas to life. He is always ready to pen down key words of concepts and inspirations that may come into his mind. He then expands his ideas and analysis their practicality. He shares the ideas with other investors in his many companies. If the investors are convinced that the ideas are doable, Eric starts the implementation plan.

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Alexandre Gama: Getting Effective Advertising Service

Are you trying to reach the Brazilian audience? Need help presenting your business or product to your prospective customers in Brazil? Alexandre Gama can help you accomplish that.

Alexandre Gama is well versed in all aspects of marketing, promotions and advertising and can help you present your brand or products in a positive light. He is one of the most reputable and reliable advertising professionals in Brazil and he has catered to numerous clients.

Many advertising agencies and marketing firms offer a full range of promotional services, while others specialize in certain areas of the advertising production process. It is important to find out what services are offered by your potential advertising consultant. Alexandre Gama offers creative services, as well as media buying and other aspects of the advertising and marketing services.

Alexandre Gama and his team of marketing and advertising professionals are committed to providing the highest quality services to clients. They have some of the best resources and tools, which enable them to design top notch marketing and promotional materials and messages.

Alexandre Gama has been an advertising consultant for many years and has helped countless entrepreneurs, organizations and establishments achieve success in their respective endeavors.

The services of a reliable consultant will ensure that you attain the desired outcome. Alexandre Gama is passionate about getting great results for his clients and he can help you achieve maximum exposure in Brazil. Contact Alexandre Gama to learn more about his marketing and advertising service.

Richard Blair’s Three Pillars Of Successful Financial Planning

When Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 he did so with the goal of helping as many people as he could plan for a better financial future. As the son of a teacher Blair saw first hand the power of education. He knew if he could educate people on the importance of financial planning that they would have brighter futures.


Since opening his firm over 20 years ago Richard Blair has continued to hone his knowledge in the area of financial planning. He is now considered one of the top retirement planning specialists in Austin, Texas.


After helping several clients bridge the gap between planning for retirement and actually living in retirement, Blair came up with the three pillars of successful financial planning that he now takes all of his clients through. Learn more:


Pillar #1 – Create A Financial Roadmap


Creating a financial roadmap is all about identifying your goals. Once you understand your strengths and level of risk tolerance you can easily determine the best route to help you reach your goals.


During this phase Blair focuses on building a better relationship with the client. His goal is to establish a deeper understanding of exactly what the client wants so he can establish clear expectations.


Pillar #2 – Develop A Long Term Investment Strategy


Once you have created your financial roadmap its time to come up with a long term investment strategy that will help you get to your financial destination. For this pillar Blair will create a customized strategy that is tailored to each clients individual needs.


When it comes to management and the reallocation of assets Blair is very hands on. Especially during times of upward market movement when it is smart to maximize performance. Performance is tracked to ensure the clients and company’s expectations are always being met. Learn more:


Pillar #3 – Determine Insurance Needs


Life is very unpredictable and you never know what could happen in the future. That’s why it is very important you have adequate coverage. Richard Blair helps all of his clients prepare for the unexpected by ensuring they have the right life insurance policy and a long term care policy just in case they are no longer able to care for themselves.


To learn more about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions visit

The Life and Work of James Bondero

James Dondero is a co-founder and the current president of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has well over thirty years’ experience in the credit and equities market. He has used this world of experience to steer his firm in the development of award winning products and solutions for companies and individual investors. Under his exemplary leadership, the company has grown to amass assets worth 14.9 billion dollars. These include Nexpoint Capital, NexPoint Advisors, Nexpoint Residential Trust and Acis Capital Management. The company and its subsidiaries were the recipients of three awards in the year 2014. The first was a 5 Star rating by the MorningStar for Global Allocation, the top rank for Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund by the same institution and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. All these awards point to the success that the company has achieved in its short span and is evidence of the effectiveness of James Dondero’s leadership and management skills at the helm of Highland Capital Management.

Mr. Dondero’s career in the credit and equities market dates back to the year 1984 when he joined the prestigious Morgan Guaranty Training Program. He had graduated in the same year from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. During his time and upon the completion of his education from the University, James Dondero had attained two majors in Accounting and Finance, graduating with the highest honors of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi respectively. He has also sought and gained certifications that would allow him to practice in both those fields. He is a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst respectively. Mr. Dondero went on to join the American Express as a Corporate Bond Analysis in 1985. He would attain immense success, having risen to manage a 1 billion dollar portfolio in fixed income before he left four years later in 1989.

Before founding his own company, Highland Capital Management, James Dondero served as the Chief Investment Officer for GIV, a subsidiary of Protective Life. Under his leadership, the company grew to become worth 2 billion dollars, despite having been newly founded in 1989. He also sits on several boards for different organizations.

John Dondero is known as a sociable person to his close acquaintances and is also involved in numerous charitable activities.

Scratching The Surface With George

What Does A Billion Dollars Mean To You

Do you have an undying passion to become wealthy or very rich? It’s best that you resemble men like George Soros when on a road to financial greatness. But Mr. Soros had to first define what a billion dollar status actually meant to him. For some, the passion comes alive on a whim but leaves in the same manner.

For others, which are those who actually succeed, seeing great sums of money in the bank is a necessity. As George Soros would encourage all of us to do, we must maintain the vision that we seek and keep it alive within us. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

This is why he, like anyone else desiring to obtain riches, had to first lay out what it actually meant to be a billionaire.

A Full-Fledge Responsibility

What makes George Soros stand out so much is that he enacts a level of discipline that many on Wall Street struggle with everyday. We know the craze of Wall Street and how the money it promises take people into strange mindsets of absolute surety when nothing is guaranteed. You need a certain amount of discipline to manage these.

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No investor is immune to dealing with the delusions of earning great sums.

That’s why the best in trading and investing use their minds so differently from those who constantly lose. This is the full-fledge responsibility that George Soros has. It’s one where he built a great reputation as a person who analyzes and takes into consideration the details.

In doing so, George built a billion dollar empire because he acts on information and inspirations that are not based on delusions. He has instead held a vision and then led his life with the discipline to make that vision a reality. His example to us lets us know that we can all do the same.

When Dreams And Visions Come True

A look at George Soros’ past, and the message is clear regarding his personal struggle. We’d like to believe that his success was simply a gift given to him by a higher power. The reality is, however, that Mr. Soros earned the level of success that he has. This level of success first came from a dream that a boy had. Read more about George’s life story at

That dream then became a mighty vision of an adult with the means to make it happen. And this is the legacy we know of George Soros, which is a legacy unlikely to be deterred anytime soon.