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George Street Photo and Video Raises The Bar For Photographing Chicago Weddings

When you choose to work with George Street Photo and Video you aren’t just getting a single photographer, but a whole team dedicated to commemorate your perfect day and capturing your vision. Your wedding day photos and videos are your main source to share and remember the day after the event has ended, and the George Street team takes the responsibility of documenting it seriously.

George Street Photo and Video has been voted into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame five years in a row, and for good reason. They know the Chicago area well, and serve the Chicago metro area with locations in Schaumburg, Orland Park and Chicago. They are experienced in photographing in many of the best venues and engagement shoot locations Chicago has to offer, and will pair you with a photo planner to make sure the details come together to create a stunning portfolio you can treasure forever.

NuoDB – A Database Company on the Forefront of Technology

NuoDB company founders Barry S. Morris, who is at present the CEO and Jim Starkey set out in 2008 to create a database company that had a new patented elastically scaling database. This patented technology is designed to allow customers the cost effective process of supporting cloud and container based systems on the past, present, and future support level. It is the NuoDB mission to allow reliable technology that spans the needs of a database in practical and diligent ways.

After receiving the patent in 2011, NuoDB set out on a freight-train of success and was named by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech as one of their Innovation All-Stars in 2014. The services offered focus on a customer base that wishes to propel themselves in an evolving market by utilizing a database that is adaptable to all needs, rather than set in stone like the conventional options. For an approach to applications that creates more of a user friendly cloud and container based system, NuoDB is at the forefront of all technology in the current times.

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Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta; Pioneering the emergence of new treatments


Scientists keep trying to come up with new treatments for the severe illnesses in the society. Multiple sclerosis is a state where the immune system attacks one’s central nervous system. There have been new clinical trials trying to find ways to have a long-term suppressant for multiple sclerosis. These tests came up with new evidence. One can be given a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy and then given a transplant of someone’s stem cells that form blood. This can lead to a long-term decrease of multiple sclerosis. This treatment is referred to as High-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT). After the patients have undergone this treatment, it was seen that they do not need to take any more MS medicine.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is one of those physicians who is revolutionizing the new medical treatment. He does his practice of health in Voorhees, New Jersey. He has been doing his practice for about 40 years. Dr. Shiva did his medical studies at the Government Medical College. He got his degree in the year 1979. He then went to a residency at Boston City Hospital. He has mainly expertized in the field of neurology. However, he has also specialized in Psychiatry.

Dr. Shiva Gopal is currently serving in the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. He is also associated with The Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He is among the 34 doctors serving in that hospital. Dr. Shiva has tried his best to help his patients. He has served a lot of patients from New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The hospital he serves has a partnership with various medical insurance providers. Some of them are; Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross, and Medicare. He is on the participation of the Medicare Program. Therefore, this means that he handles the Medicare assignments. As a patient, you can, therefore, pay the amount approved by Medicare. You will not pay more than the fee that has been agreed.

Andrew Rolfe And His Work At The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is the best educational organization in the world, and it does quite a lot of work in South Africa to help kids. The kids that are given chances to learn through the Ubuntu Fund are able to go on to better lives, and they will find that it is much easier to fulfill their dreams. Someone who wishes to learn about Andrew will find he has the hearts of these children in-mind, and this article explains how the charity does its work.

#1: The Design Of The Charity

The charity was built to ensure that people may send children to schools that will be good for them. There are quite a few people who are searching for the best ways to get their children educated, and they will send their kids to classes and schools that are paid for by the Ubuntu Fund. This is a simple way for anyone to make a change to the way they educate their children.

#2: The Work Andrew Does

Andrew is working on donations to the charity that will help the schools grow, and he wants to ensure that all the children who come to the charity are sent to places that serve them well. A child who has needs will have them met in the schools, and they will feel better about their potential for the future.

#3: Andrew’s Fundraising Prowess

Andrew is asking donors to give their money freely, and he wants them to give their money to a purpose that they have not chosen. They will send their money without any stipulations, and they will find that the money they have given will be far more beneficial to the children. The children learn more in better environments.

The schools and educational programs that are started and financed by the Ubuntu Fund are quite important for South Africa. There are many children in South Africa who will find that they have better opportunities to improve their lives, and they will feel much bette rain schools that were created for them by people such as Andrew Rolfe and his staff.

Greg Secker, the Trading Expert

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur born in 1975. He is a philanthropist, master trader, and an international speaker. Even though Greg is a successful businessman, what he values most is his role as a father. He founded Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. The brand is a gathering of different companies such as Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Learn to Trade. The companies work together to educate people on ways of excelling in trade so as to improve their lives.

Greg identified a gap in the lack of tools to educate people on how to trade. The gap gave him the business idea. There was inadequate education offered to people with ways of trading. He started his firm as a way of helping people to improve their lives. Greg makes money by educating people on how to make it through Forex trading. He got a lot of friends and relatives who wanted to learn about the same.

After starting his business, Greg Secker started making profits within three to six months. His first clients were friends and relatives who admired his life. Greg says that what makes him successful is the support he receives from business partners, friends, and family. He does the best he can to learn from such people. Secker loves doing magic with a pack of cards as a way of getting the motivation to work hard. He says that how the magic happens relates to results in business.

Secker comes from a humble background. He started working at Thomas Cook Financial services before creating The Virtual Trading Desk. He is also interested in innovation, technology, sports, fitness, and coffee. His company offers an online Forex trading system that works in real time. The program used in his business allows traders to get foreign exchange transaction quotes. He also serves as the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation located in the U.S. He founded Learn to Trade which has educated approximately 200, 000 people through workshops and seminars.

Why Contacting Mathew Autterson is a Great Idea For Anyone Seeking To Achieve Financial Freedom

Investment management is considered to be a professional asset management that consists of various securities, some of which include bonds, shares, and other assets and securities. Investors can be private investors or institutions.

The term asset management is usually utilized for referring to investment management of investments that are collective, whereas, fund management that is more generic may pertain to all forms of investments that are institutional, as well as private investors’ investment management. Investment managers specialize in discretionary management or advisory on behalf of private investors, those who are often wealthy, in which they may refer to such services as portfolio management or money management often within the context of what is referred to as “private banking.”

The particular provision of investment management services entails components of asset selection, financial statement analysis, plan implementation, stock selection, and ongoing monitoring of investments. Derived under the remit of financial services, a vast array of the world’s biggest companies are at the very least in part managers of investments in which they employ staff members by the millions.

Fund manager is a term that refers to both entities of an individual who ends up directing fund management decisions and firms that provide services of investment management. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, assets that are professionally managed for fees reached all-time highs in the year of 2012 with $62.4 trillion, after essentially being flat-lined since the year of 2007. The assets of this industry under management had been expected to reach $70.2 trillion near the end of the year of 2013, per an estimate of Cerulli Associates.

Mathew Autterson is an independent investment management professional. Mathew Autterson can provide you with the skills and experience that he has to ensure that you are put on a road towards financial freedom. The financial freedom that you can pursue through the help of Mathew Autterson can provide you with many benefits in life. Be sure to contact Mathew Autterson when you get a chance, as he’s always willing to assist and guide anyone in need.

Attorney Karl Heideck On The Philadelphia Vs. Wells Fargo Case

Karl Heideck is a brilliant attorney who is very much in the public eye due to his high profile cases such as Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien as well as being a contract attorney for Grant and Eisenhofer. He appears in many magazines and on many websites.

Mr. Heideck earned his BA from Swarthmore college in 2003 and went on to Templeton University Beasley School of Law and received his JD in 2009. He began practicing law in Philadelphia for a number of years and now is making his mark in Pennsylvania.

In May of 2017 an article was published on where Mr. Heideck explains the lawsuit by Philadelphia against Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is an American banking and financial services company that is the 10th largest in the world based in San Francisco California.

The core of the lawsuit hinges on the “Fair Housing Act of 1968”. This act prevents discrimination against the sale, rental or financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin and sex. The state of Philadelphia claims that Wells Fargo is in violation of this act.

Mr. Karl Heideck explains that Philadelphia charges that Wells Fargo made it difficult for black and Hispanic borrowers. They say these borrowers were credit worthy of lower interest rates and lower risk mortgages and were steered into making bad choice loans. They also insist that Wells Fargo made it difficult for these borrowers to refinance their homes. The city says this made for higher crime rates and lower value on properties.

Wells Fargo is still reeling from a charge of creating fake customer accounts to meet goals as well as this violation of the “Fair Housing Act”. These practices are known as “redlining”. This happens when a company draws a “red line” around and area that they don’t want to extend loans to, which goes against the constitution when it done because of race.

Wells Fargo has come up to bat in this case unlike the “fake customer account” case in which they remained docile. They plan to fight this case although they have not written a legal answer to the complaint.


Avaaz- Promoting Peace and Cohesion Thus Making the World a Better Place

Founded in 2007, Avaaz has had a great impact on the global community to the extent that it is now considered by The Guardian as the most powerful online activist network internationally. The name Avaaz was translated from the Persian language, and it means “song” or “voice.” The organization has owned up to its meaning by providing an avenue through which issues such as climate change, poverty, conflict, animal rights, human rights and corruption can be articulated.




An organization that is managed well is bound to prosper, and Avaaz is no exception. The organization’s president, Ricken Patel, is not only well educated but also experienced and passionate about his job. Patel studied Politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford University. He later went to Harvard University for his master’s degree.


Ricken developed the passion and expertise for activism during the time he worked for the International Crisis group around the world. During this time, Patel worked in many countries such as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Liberia. Working out there taught him how to reinstate public faith in political systems. When he returned to the United States, he was able joined as a volunteer, a position that helped him understand how to utilize online tools for activism.




  • Avaaz aims at narrowing the gap between the current world’s status and the world people desire. Some of the progressive causes the organization is involved in include:
  • It set up internet proxy servers to enable protestors to upload videos on public sites during the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests
  • It braced establishment of the no-fly zone over Libya, which caused the Military intervention in the country back in 2011
  • Avaaz supported the civil uprising after the Syrian civil war. They sent 1.5 million U.S. dollars’ worth of internet communication tools to the protestors. They even sent two million U.S. dollars’ worth of medical equipment into the country

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Finding Complete Fulfillment of Life with Kabbalah Teachings

The realization of the true meaning of life is one of the best moments for a human being. For most people, however, it remains elusive. For the few lucky ones, it comes much later in life when the best of the days have been spent living someone else’s life and there is nothing much to be done except spend the few remaining sunset years in constant regret and despair.

Undiscovered by many, Kabbalah Centre teachings had been helping people find fulfillment in their lives for hundreds of thousands of years. Since the early Rabbis believed that the teachings were too complex to be understood by young people, they were restricted to only very dedicated students—above 40 years of age. In reality, this robbed the youth and many women the chance to lead a better life and find both fulfillment long-lasting religion happiness.

Breaking Traditions

Thanks to Philip Berg and his wife, the old traditions were discarded by the founding of Kabbalah Centre International. The organization has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but has centers in cities all over the world as well as study groups and an online platform through which Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar courses are imparted. The selfless effort by the directors has succeeded in turning around the lives of millions of people who would still not have found the true meaning of their existence.

Unbound Spirituality

Unlike most of the world’s religion, the Kabbalah Center does not seek to oppose the teachings of other religions. Instead, it is a supplement the religions. Based on universal principles, Kabbalah welcomes people who profess to any of the world’s faiths without paying any special attention to ethnicity or nationality. In addition, it doesn’t attempt to compel its students to behave or think in a certain laid-out way. All it does is imparting teachings that if applied in real life will result to complete fulfillment through better connection with the Light.

Bottom Line

Without doubt, the Kabbalah Center is the best news for a desperate human race that more often than not, doesn’t know the true purpose of his or her creation. No wonder it has attracted a long line of celebrities as its followers, including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Alex Rodriguez and Elizabeth Taylor to learn more: click here.

Success Academy Earns Top Charter Award

Success Academy is a high performing charter school in New York that has won the honored Broad Prize for 250,000. They won the grant their great success in helping to close the achievement gap among low-performing, low income students. The 10 member selection committee based their choice on academic outcomes and scalability. The prize will help to fund their college readiness programs. CEO and founder Eva Moskowitz has been quoted as saying that “zip code don’t have to determine destiny.” Every elementary and middle school within the network was in the top ten percent for the state in 2016 on English, Math, and Science scores. Minority students outperformed the Caucasian and the low income outperformed their wealthier counterparts. Success Academy has shown it is possible to close the gap.


Eva Moskowitz hopes to grow the network of successful charter schools to a size comparable to Atlanta or Boston school system. Soon, she hopes to have close to 100 schools in the charter network serving close to 50,000 students. This kind of growth would prove how successful charter schools can be. In addition to the college readiness programs, they will launch a digital sharing system that will share their materials with schools around the country. They will share their curriculum, training, and other intellectual materials and make them accessible at the hands of other charter schools.


Success Academy is currently the largest charter network in NYC with 14,000 students. 93% of their student population is African American and 76% is considered low-income. They continue to push the envelope and close the achievement gap. In just a decade, the school system has grown from one school to 41 schools. This network is larger than 95% of the school districts across the country. Success continues to expand as it has earned incredible academic achievements.