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How Adam Milstein’s efforts are impacting the lives of the Jews in the U.S

Adam Milstein is one of the most known Israeli figures in the U.S. He is a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a pro-Israel advocate. He has been named as one of the most influential people on Jewish Twitter and was ranked among the top 100 people, positively impacting Jewish life by an American-based Jewish newspaper, The Algemeiner.

Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 soon after the state was formed. After serving his mandatory service in the Israeli defense forces, he started his higher education at the Technion, the oldest university in Israel, where he pursued a degree in business and economics.

While still at the university, he had joined his father in his real estate business, and that is most likely what inspired his interest in the real estate industry. He migrated into the U.S in 1981 where he began his career in real estate as a sales agent after his MBA from the University of South California.

Today, he is a managing partner at one of the largest real estate firms in Los Angeles, Hager Pacific. This company owns and manages close to 100 properties in the U.S including 300 apartments and other commercial property.

Adam Milstein has been on the forefront of championing Israeli-American ties especially marshaling U.S support for Israel. He is the chairman of the board of Israeli American Council, the largest American Jewish organization in the United States. This organization endeavors to strengthen the state of Israel and to preserve the values of Jewish people living in the United States.

He is also the founder and president of his family foundation, Adam, and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that sponsors the education of young people to identify with their roots and to be more connected with the state of Israel. His foundation also supports many charities across America.


EOS Lip Balms Have Quickly Become The Second Best Selling Lip Balms On The Market

Evolution of Smooth is one of the best selling lip balm companies in the industry today, which they did within a relatively short period of time. FastCompany did an interview with the company to get some insight on their methods and business ideas, and how they became such a success in the market so quickly. The reality is, at the very start things were slow and no one wanted to support them, but they caught a break and now they are worth more than $250 million, selling millions of their products each week.

The founders of EOs stated their ideas and inspiration behind the company actually started when they saw there wasn’t much competition and the industry had been largely ignored or abandoned. With the staleness of the industry and nothing changing with lip balms for a century, it was time for something a little new. This is the big reason behind the tube change as well, since all of EOS lip balms come in smooth spheres. This new design was not only to shake things up from the typical clinical tubes, but to stimulate the senses. There are different scents, colors, and flavors, and different varieties of smooth spheres for different purposes. This turned out to be an amazing change, as their product has become popular around the world today. also decided to take a look into the target audience for their new lip balms, since the typical ones on the market had no specific audience, but are generally unisex. Evolution of Smooth found out that millennial women put the biggest demand on their lip balms, which is exactly who they are tailored for today, though anyone can use and enjoy them.

Although they weren’t really noticed at first, once Walgreen’s decided to pick up their product, they began to spread like wildfire, so much so that there product can be found all over the world at major retailers today and even online for just a couple bucks each.


How To Maximize Your Financial Future With Online Banking Services

NexBank is a well known successful banking institution located in Dallas, Texas and strives to be a part of your financial future. They offer many promotional services to their first time clients and remarkable services to their current 169,000+ customers. They have been in the industry for over 30 years, committed to the highest standard of financial service excellency in the banking industry. They strive to be a part of your financial freedom, giving you real opportunities to save and invest your money. NexBank wants your money to do more than just sit there by creating many diverse programs for their customer’s nationwide.

John Holt is the current CEO of NexBank and has created several programs and partnerships that will improve the financial growth of NexBank’s clientele. For example, they have partnered with College Savings Bank of New Jersey, allowing their customers to save on tuition costs, with over 5,600+ available programs. Students and their parents are complaining about rising tuition costs and massive student loan debt. More parents are finding it financially impossible to fund their child’s college education. NexBank is there with real college savings solutions from one of the top college financial institutions in the industry.

Reliable NexBank Account Features

– Free online bill pay/direct deposit
– Free checks
– 24 hour customer service
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
and much more…

You can open an online account by visiting Nexbank’s website today. Get access to your money immediately after opening an account. Holt spoke at the National Banking Convention and assured his customer’s that NexBank is always creating ways to improve their services for their clients, nationwide. They operate as a well known big banking corporation, but have a high standard of customer excellency, passing on the savings to their customers whenever possible.

Important Details About The Squaw Valley Statement

It was all over the news that some microorganisms were found in the drinking water supplied to some parts of Squaw Valley. In response to the news, a statement has been issued by Squaw Valley.

The news was first broken to Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8. After which proper corrective measures have been taken and the situation has continued to improve. The purported contaminated water was treated consistently and there is a lot of improvement.

Four wells serve Upper Mountain and three of them are already showing very little presence of the bacteria. The director of Placer County Environment Health made this confirmation on Tuesday.

As a safety measure, all restaurants at Upper Mountain were closed after the news was broken. Despite the perceived improvement, restaurants are yet to open. Although skiers are not barred from skiing, they have been prohibited from drinking water until the water has been fully purified.

Due to the quick response of the appropriate authority, there have been no health issues. At least, none has been reported up till now. Apart from the temporary embargo placed on drinking water, top-to-bottom skiing is still allowed at the Squaw Valley ski resort.

At exactly 8.07pm Wednesday, November 30, Liesl Kenney, Public Relations for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows issued a statement on the unusual occurrence. Please find the statement below.

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Squaw Valley’s Statement

Sometimes in October, there was an unusually heavy rain storm that took its toll on some water systems in Placer County. This rain overfilled an upgraded water system recently installed at Gold Coast and High Camp. This obviously resulted in the pollution of the water system.

We can comfortably tell you that it was only that system that was contaminated and no other one because we embarked on thorough investigation. We also made sure that water from the contaminated water system has never been available to the public up till now.

We detected the issue while carrying out our routine testing and due to the enormity of the issue, we contacted both Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health immediately. We did not stop at that, we also involved other safety experts.

Due to their cooperation and assistance, we have been able to put the issue under control. We will continue with the corrective measures until the issue is fully resolved and all the traces of contamination disappear completely. We give you our words that we will invite health officials to come and declare the water safe before we make it available for public consumption.

Because the safety of our customers is very important to us, all our facilities will be available for our guests at Gold Coast and High Camp until when the issue is finally resolved. These facilities include free bottled water. We are ready to make the sacrifice.

We will definitely keep our guests updated on this issue. To conclude, we will like to express our deep appreciation to Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County for their timely intervention, full understanding and full cooperation on this issue.

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Keith Mann: He Is In The Corner Of The Police

When it comes to the police, right now, it is no secret they have come under some fire from the general public. There are many reasons for that and while some may have some truth behind them, some of it is just the media trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. By and large, the police are good men and good women. They are truly here to serve and protect. That is their sole purpose, and they are not looking for trouble and they are not looking to go on power trips. They are looking to make sure the world is just and fair.


As with anything in life, there are going to be a few bad cops out there that might be a little shady or behave in a way that is unbecoming. That is just life, and they do not represent the entire police force. They are a very, very small group. It is important to remember that and never forget that. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has never forgotten that. He has a relative that is a detective. Because of this, he holds a special place in his heart for the police. Even though he is not a cop himself, he knows the risks they face, each and every day on the job. It is clearly no picnic, that is for sure.


Though, they still give it their all and they don’t shy away from the challenge. Since Keith Mann noticed there was a lot of negative press about the police, which he found unwarranted, he decided to do something about it. Even though cops are as tough as they come, they are still human beings and they have feelings. They feel things and sometimes these things can get to them and they need a boost. They need a reminder that people are in their corner and people believe in them. That is why Keith Mann treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two occasions. It was all done by him, and he did it out of the goodness of his heart. That is the type of person he is.

Securus Technologies Make The Holidays Better

When the holidays come around, it is a special time, one that many people love to spend with familiar people, mostly family. For the people that are incarcerated, they can’t see their families, and they are not able to go home. Securus Technologies is a company that has allowed Christmas to come to the prisoners. They do this via video visitations. The prisoners can see and hear their families, and they feel as if they are part of the holiday. They are in a good mood, and the correction facility that they are housed in stays calm and less violent. The video visitations are working very well, and more and more of the correction facilities are beginning to use them. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


In order to let the public know more about this technology, the company is airing commercials. These commercials will be on during the month of December, and continue leading up until the holiday. This is so people can see how important the video visitations are to the prisoners and their families. This technology also saves money for the correction facility owner, so everyone is happy during the holiday time.


Securus Technologies is all about the safety of the public. They are creating new ways to make sure that everyone is safer, and they work in both the criminal and civil justice sectors. Since they deal with over a million prisoners every year, they know what happens in correction facilities. They use techniques like incident reporting, investigations and more to keep the area safe for everyone. When they want to make it safer for the public, they mean it, and they are known all around the world for what they can do.



Avi Weisfogel: Striking a Balance Between a Career in Dentstry and Social Life

Since the first week of Avi Weisfogel’s general dentistry, he has treated dental problems associated with sleep. Avi Weisfogel’s keen interest business strategy and marketing capabilities for the dentists led him to numerous platforms and marketing clubs in the world of dentistry. No matter how much success he earned himself in full mouth rehabs and marketing implants, Avi Weisfogel could not find a suitable business and marketing strategy that would lead to an influx of patients in his practice. For this reason, he decided to change his attitude towards the whole issue.


In 2010, everything took a different way. He decided to found a practice that would dedicate itself to sleep solutions for dental patients when he left his general practice. For over two years, he established his practice that consumed millions of dollars to establish. Avi Weisfogel developed a system that could create a minimum of 300 patients monthly. This was a new way of approaching business. For more than three years, Avi Weisfogel has been teaching dentists, doctors, patients, and other dentists in practice about the new technology that solves sleep apnea among oral health patients. When the time came, Avi Weisfogel joined forces with Barry and founded the Dental Masters Program that sought to improve oral health care for sleep-related conditions. He taught physicians, patients, and dentists on the need to use this technology.


With a dentistry background, Avi Weisfogel was a late addition to the music industry. With nothing but an international motivation in music, Avi Weisfogel has taken the full advantage of the hip-hop music world. In the recent past, he has developed an enormous fan-base in Soundland where he wants to share more of his music. When Avi Weisfogel is not making music, he has various hobbies that take much of his leisure time. He fixes teeth, as a dentist, on a regular basis besides watching the Football Giants of New York City. Avi Weisfogel is also a great philanthropist engaging in multiple charitable events. He is also a supportive member of the Oral Health Campaign in America. One of the most recent beneficiaries of his charity is the Smile Videography and Photography Operation.

Adam Goldenberg: A Talented Innovator And Master Techpreneur

Adam Goldenberg is co-founder and CEO of Just Fabulous, alongside Don Ressler. Having started his first company at the age of 15, which he sold to intermix media; the Myspace parent company, Mr. Goldberg has always been entrepreneurial from a young age. He quit high school to join intermix as the strategic planning VP at the age of 20. Goldenberg became the youngest chief operating officer of a public traded company after he was promoted to COO after just one year at intermix media. Adam Goldenberg knows how to spot leading industry brands, grow them into big enterprises and initiates change to adapt to upcoming trends.

The birth of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler met at Intermix, and their friendship grew rapidly in the year 2005 when News Corporation acquired their employer, Intermix. It didn’t take long for the pair to create their own company together. In 2005, they co-founded Intelligent Beauty, an online brand incubator company. The pair started to think about the idea of a new form of adapted shopping experience capable of living online; this is after they had already found numerous brands as beauty and health market leaders. This idea led to the birth of JustFab. They build an affordable and attractive subscription model, hired a couple of designers and style consultants to create a personalized platform which they knew needed to be social, fun, and highly engaging. For only $39.95, the registered JustFab members get to receive custom-made handbags, shoes, and other fashion accessories every month.

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The Fabletics Brand

After noticing a gap in the line of active wear in the online fashion business, JustFab CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler created Fabletics in conjunction with Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver in 2013. They noticed that none of the existing brands provided customers with high-quality gear at an affordable price, they were all lavish brands. Fabletics was established to venture into the affordable active wear untapped market. It is one of the most successful brands in the fashion industry at the moment. Fabletics is set to open up stores countrywide to reach more customers.

Adam Goldenberg on CNBC

In a recent interview with CNBC, JustFab CEO talked about the future of the online fashion business the company’s possible name change. JustFab officials have decided to rebrand and change the name of the company to TechStyle fashion group. The CEO also talked about the company’s plans and how it uses data to serve clients through its portfolio brands better.

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