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Organo Gold – Worth Its Weight in Gold

I love coffee! I often look for different brands to use in my K-Cup machine. When I researched the internet, I came across a brand called Organo Gold. I never heard of it, but after reading about it, it is on my list! I saw many different flavors, but I am the kind of person who loves plain and simple coffee. I do not go for any of those fancy-flavored ones.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua, a multi-level marketer from the Philippines, is the founder of Organo Gold. He started the company in 2008. His plan was to sell healthy products that contain Ganoderma lucidum, a substance from the lingzhi mushroom.

Organo Gold is a global multi-level marketing company that specializes in not just coffee, but also teas, personal care items, and nutraceuticals , which are foods known to have healthy additives and as medicines.

While living in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua worked as an executive for the company Gano Excel. He helped expand this company to Hong Kong and Canada, and then to the United States. He then became president of the company Gano Excel U.S.A after moving to California.

Bernardo Chua is one of the top names in the direct sales industry. Because of his Chinese heritage, he became familiar with ganoderma early in his life. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that grows on wood, mostly in the tropical regions. These mushrooms were used as medicine in the Chinese culture for centuries.

So how does Bernardo Chua use these mushrooms to the benefit of Organo Gold coffee? He saw the need to create a company that could really take use of naturally healthy foods to the next level. He wanted introduce this mushroom to the Western world, and he did so by integrating it with coffee!

Coffee consumption is popular in the Western world, so people can have their cup of coffee plus a naturally healthy ingredient. Perhaps this coffee can be a good way to take a medicine used in China for centuries. It may be very good for you.

NFL Betting You Can Count On

When it comes to NFL betting, there is some risk involved, there is no question about that. However, as the old expression goes, without any risk, there is no reward. If someone is a diehard football fan, knows their stuff, and lives and breathes the NFL, the reward can be great. There are a lot of people out there that could use a little bit of extra cash here and there in their lives. They just need a little extra money for bills or maybe something has gone wrong with their car or home. That is where NFL betting and specifically Super Bowl odds comes in, and the great thing about it is that it can be a lot of fun.

There are very few things in life that can produce the thrill and the excitement of winning a bet. This is someone that has spent a great deal of time researching this, listening to all of the experts, and thinking about this inside and out. In some cases, people just have a gut feeling. It is all about what works for the individual and there is not one tried and true formula. That is the beauty of it. Some of it is luck and some of it is skill. However, someone never knows until they actually put themselves out there and place the bet.

With a website like, they have all of the information on a website that is really well designed and is a site that can be trusted with a series of experts that have been doing this for a long time. When it comes to placing a bet, someone does not want to listen to just anyone. They want to listen to someone that has been involved in this line of work for a long time. That way, they know they are getting advice that is going to allow them to win. is the site that all NFL betters trust and rely on to give them the facts. Facts are important when it comes to placing an NFL bet. Someone wants to know if someone on the other team is hurt or if they have an injury that will keep them out of the game. They want to know how this team matches up against the other team. There is so much that goes into it. It is not a simple formula. If it was, it would not be any fun.

Safety Tips When Using And Buying Lip Balm

Lip balm is useful when cleaning up those chapped lips and maintaining the moist. The most important thing to remember about your lips is that they are very fragile, and usually not maintaining their texture through lip balm can cause harm and dry skin in general. The key is to find a good lip balm. These are going to be some suggestions on safety when using lip balm in terms of finding one that actually works.

Always make sure to look through the ingredients. If the lip balm contains anything related to fragrances or any artificial colors, it can cause lip irritation if your lips aren’t capable of handling the ingredients. Alcohol is a very huge component to causing any drying lips, so avoid this ingredient. In the end, you want to avoid finding products with menthol or any phenol and camphor in them because as much as they can help the lips, they can drastically dry them quicker and cause swelling and produce redness. The ingredients list can be a defining factor on the quality of the lip balm.

The Best Lip Balms On The Market

If you want only the best of the best lip balm, the Evolution Of Smooth takes that idea to a whole new level. With tons of different versions available on Walmart of this product, this company provides only the most unique and healthiest ingredients to your lip balm. Their lip balms (see, provide long-lasting moisture, she’s butter, vitamin E, and not to mention is so smooth on the lips and glides right on with ease.

They are some of the best in the business for numerous reasons. EOS lip balm also carries products like lotions and other skin care items, so they are the best to buy from for skin care in general. They always know how to use effectively healthy and safe ingredients that cause only soft improved skin. EOS lip balm products are available on local Walmart stores nationwide. Visit the website:


Laidlaw & Company Taught Me How To Save For Special Events

Laidlaw & Company is a great place for people to learn how to invest, and it worked really well for me to save for special events. I have four daughters all with weddings that will happen in the future, and one of them has joined the peace corps and now wants to move all the way to Europe. I had to make sure that I had a way of saving up for this, and that is why I wanted to try out Laidlaw & Company.

The Laidlaw & Company team helped me make sure that I had a couple different accounts going on that would help me save for the weddings and this big move to Europe. We sat down with James Ahern and Matthew Eitner to be sure that we had a plan, and then we started to invest based on their plan. They knew that I had some time because only one daughter even had a boyfriend when I started, but it was still worth it for me to get started.

I have also been very lucky that I could save the money to move my kid to Europe so that she could live the life she wanted after being in the peace corps. I wanted her to feel comfortable and safe there, and that is why I am glad that she did all these things. She gave me a chance to learn how to invest money, and now I am repeating that based on what she did.

We are going to be ready to help our family celebrate all these special events, and we have a chance to prove that having this many girls is not a burden. I can get the money out at any time. Plus, we can make sure that we have the money ready to go when it is time.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Leads The Field Of Plastic Surgery

When it comes to getting plastic surgery done, there are many different things to consider. Many people are not sure what to do or who to ask for advice. Dr. Jennifer Walden is highly experience in the field and ensures each of her clients is comfortable and happy before and after getting started.

A common question among those looking to get plastic surgery is where to find the best plastic surgeon in the region. Common hot spots such as NY or LA may be easy searches, but one wouldn’t expect one of the most renowned plastic surgeons to reside in Texas, Jennifer Walden’s home.

The are many reasons for choosing Jennifer for such an important and serious procedure. Most notable is that she is a recognized around the nation and she has worked on a great number of different people with success. Dr. Walden knows what each client needs and what will work to make them looking the best. She is even happy to show off her extensive portfolio of past works to show what she is capable of to make this process easier for those who are new to this type of surgery.

Jennifer is capable of performing any kind of plastic surgery an individual may be looking for. She has basically done it all and with her knowledge, she is confident she will leave her client’s happy with their results. She is always willing to give advice and talk over the potential procedure to keep customers feeling positive. She makes sure that no customers goes through a surgery unknowing of what to expect. As such she always kindly and respectfully discusses all areas of the potential surgery with each client.

There are many different plastic surgeons out there, but there is only a small number of them that go the extra mile to give each customer exactly what they need. With a surgeon like Jennifer Walden, people feel better going into their surgeries and are always happy with their results.