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The Best of the Ski Resorts

For individuals looks for a vacation spot that not only combines adventure, but also combines a sense of luxury to the spot, take a look at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a resort that is dedicated to each and every customer and that tries its hardest to combine the beauty of the Tahoe Valley with the luxury that so many individuals take vacations for. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a resort that is located in the Skiing in Lake Tahoe Valley and that has gained recognition for being the second largest ski resort that is located on the West Coast and that has been open for over 70 years.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a 70 year old resort that has been passed down among members of the Cushing family since the official opening of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. It was not until 2010, that this ski resort found new management in the hands of a mountain resort enthusiast known as Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth has over 25 years of experience within the mountain resort industry and has always considered himself to be a nature enthusiast. With the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he has not only been able to make the resort environmentally friendly, but also a ski resort that is beloved among all of the locals.

In recent news, Andy Wirth has invested over $70 million into the resort which has been invested into the resort thanks to many prestigious investment firms that wish to watch the growth of this historical ski resort. The amount of money that has been put into this resort has been used to update the interior of the resort with many of the rooms and to update the ski slopes in order to make them better for all of the ski enthusiasts that come to this resort to use them.

What makes this ski resort so unique is the fact that this ski resort offers events throughout the winter as well as the summer. With over 6,000 acres of land to explore throughout all of the seasons, visitors of this resort have the choice to visit when the land is covered with snow or when it is green and the winter wonderland is no longer present to the guests. As the CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he has been an individual to that been dedicated to the people and their desires.

A Brief Look at Tarallucci e Vino

Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird is only similar to the popular jazz saxophonist. This New York City restaurant and bar is a place to celebrate and share quality time with friends or family. The inspiration of downtown New York inspires the establishment and from a local collection of music, art, architecture and the New York people’s philosophy.

The menu at Charlie Bird reflects the same qualities of culture. So much so that this restaurant considers itself part of the local hip-hop, jazz, and graffiti art communities. This New York hotspot focuses on providing organic meals to form a healthy menu. That means Charlie Bird’s menu is based the local farm, fish and meat markets.

The wine list is also extensive. It’s served with roasted meats, main courses and great espresso. The atmosphere at Charlie Bird is inviting and relaxing. The establishment keeps a wide selection of speciality drinks and cooked menu items. This menu is home-grown American foods. It holds local favorites from New York and American culture.

China Blue

This bar and restaurant sits close to the Hudson River. People visiting the location hear ships sail by and enjoy the mildly humid air so close to water. The open space is decorated with stunning features. They consist of artwork of geometric patterns, lights, pillars and fancy mirrors. The mood is comfortable and welcoming.

The people are a mix of happy faces and open-minded personalities. We can’t forget the ensemble of Oriental flare that can only come from authentic Chinese cuisine. Being in the great New York City metropolis encourages the owner of China Blue to escape into home culture and through food, hospitality or a lively community.

There are four menus to look at. The dinner menu begins with large appetizers. It then expands into Dim Sum choices that are homemade. Soup is available next. …followed by main entrees. Those entrees include Fish in Rice Wine, Braised Chicken with Chestnuts, Shredded Beef with Asian Chili and Chicken with Chives Flower.

But these are only items on the dinner menu. This establishment also has a Dim Sum menu, a lunch menu and a drink speciality menu. Visitors can expect drinks like Maotai. This is a traditional Chinese spirit. China Blue stocks a full assortment of cognac, rum, saki and tequila for everyone to enjoy.

So The Next Time You’re Hosting

If you rather host private events, then consider one of New York’s most notable rental spaces. You can find two optimal spaces, and each are fully furnished, come with a private lounge and can accommodate different numbers of people. This amazing opportunity comes from the Tarallucci e Vino group.

The vendor hosts events in private spaces and for all occasions.

Tarallucci e Vino helps to craft the perfect event by executing hospitality for you. They combine great locations with customized service to suit your needs in event hosting. This family-run event coordinator provides wines from their own family vineyard, hardy italian-based meals and unique locations to entertain up to 120 guests.

A No Scruples Investment Bank: Laidlaw and Company

In the course of past litigation pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada between Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. and Laidlaw & Company, Ltd and its principals, Matthew Either and James Ahern, the court “enjoined Laidlaw from continuing to disseminate false and misleading proxy materials.” Laidlaw, which had previously been Remalda’s investment banker, was seeking to gain control of Relmada. Laidlaw had a history of violating U.S. financial regulations. In its order the court stated that the injunction was necessary to prevent Relmada and its stockholders from irreparable harm.”


Either and Ahern have continued to run afoul of U.S. financial regulations. Laidlaw & Company is a investment bank located in the U.K. which has gained a reputation for dubious ethics. People who interned at Laidlaw uniformly described it as a bad place to work.


Laidlaw broker, Leonard V. Gallick, Jr., has been the subject of numerous complaints which has led the securities and investment fraud law firm of Fitapelli to solicit additional complaints regarding this Laidlaw broker.


While it is difficult to determine the exact character of Laidlaw and its principals, Matthew Either and James Ahern, based on the limited available information regarding them it appears that Laidlaw may be a notorious investment bank with unscrupulous financial practices. My advice would be to avoid doing business with them, but, if it’s cutthroat you want, then Laidlaw may be just the right choice.

Laidlaw & Company Sheds Light on the Nature of Medical Research


I’ve never been a huge fan of mystery novels or the like. And really, the same has usually been true of real life mysteries as well. But I have always been intrigued by the mystery of health and biology. Medical research is something that never ceases to amaze. But I found myself suddenly enraptured by a real life mystery when medical research and banking came together within a single courtroom.

An investment bank by the name of Laidlaw & Company is currently in a legal fight against one of their former clients, Relmada Therapeutics. Additionally, it’s been contentious enough that the judge actually issued a temporary restraining order and associated injunction against Laidlaw. Saying that it sounds like an eventful case would be an understatement. And few things catch my attention like being told I’m not allowed to hear the other side of a story. This combined with the fact that medical research was involved prompted me to start investigating further.

I assumed the best place to start is with the party which had been silenced. So I loaded up Laidlaw’s website. The information there really did make me rethink my opinions about the case, Laidlaw, and even about medical research in general. One of the biggest reasons is simply the fact that it put so much of a human face on things. The site itself detailed a bank whose history dates all the way back to 1842. Even if one added a hundred years onto that it’d be a fairly well established institution.

But the real deciding factor for me was the human angle. Two of Laidlaw’s executives had quite a bit of exposure on the site. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern both had some detailed and even rather person information open to the public. And I feel like it shows them as people with a very firm sense of social responsibility and ethical concerns. They both have a strong history of charitable work and professional investments within the medical industry. The fact that good people head Laidlaw gave me a very positive impression of the company as a whole.

Keeping Lips Hydrated and Smooth The Easy Way

Lips are fragile during weather changes and illness. They are strong for eating, gentle for kissing and lips all to often dry out during harsh weather. It can be a nuisance to have dry lips that never seem to hydrate enough during a bad, snuffled cold or a freezing winter. Certain lip balms have proven to be a quick, easy method of fixing chapped lips.
Evolution of Smooth lip balms -or EOS for short- are one of the excellent lip balms that fix dry lips right up. The EOS lip balms come in either round, pleasant looking little eggs that would be something Mork from Mork and Mindy would have adored. Or they come in slender, more traditional lip balm tubes.

The Evolution of Smooth comes in many different, pleasant scents. Strawberry Sorbet, Medicated Tangerine, Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Lemondrop are the many organic smoothing formulas that EOS offers. They also sell smoothing formulas in vanilla mint, blueberry nectar and coconut milk. Also see,

Most stores or online stores like ULTA and Amazon that sell it have either four or five star ratings of the EOS lip balms. Many customers describe seeing positive results when they have used the EOS lip balms to smooth out the surface of their lips. Majority of customers are seeing fresher, less dry lips when they use the Evolution of Smooth lip balms. Makeup artists are using the EOS lip balms to prep the lips of their makeup clients or to use on their own lips for Instagram or YouTube makeup tutorials.


Enforcing Compliance with the Best

Since the economic collapse occurred in 2008, many people have been wary about trusting financial corporations of any kind. The general public and those who have business dealings with financial corporations want to know that they can rely upon those that they are trusting with their money now more than ever before. That is why having someone trustworthy that handles compliance issues is so important. One such person is Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison has an outstanding background and has created a reputation as being extremely tough on compliance issues where the money of the public is concerned. Her career began as a law clerk before she moved on to practice law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin where she eventually became a partner. The knowledge that she gained in these positions served her well as she moved onto working with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

This employment helped put Helane Morrison into a position where she could do a lot of good when she moved on to handling compliance issues at her current law firm. The extensive background has helped her to learn about what to look for and how to act to help protect the financial interests of the public. She works hard to make sure that every investment that is made through the company is both solid and ethical. That type of concern and care is sometimes difficult to find and is very valued by all of those that trust others to help them with their finances.

Helane Morrison takes her devotion to her work even further. She insists that a thorough investigation is done of all brokerage firms, financial advisors and mutual fund advisors that are hired to work with her firms clients. This helps ensure that all of their clients are given the best protection that is currently available. This additional work also ensures each client that they are being put first with regards to their safety and financial security.
Whenever you are looking to work with someone is always concerned about the compliance of her firm when dealing with clients, Helane Morrison is one of the best people to work with. Her dedication to her job is to be commended and is especially appreciated after the issues that resulted from the 2008 economic collapse.

Spark Mark Success Story In Businness

=Serial entrepreneur Marc Spark was born Baltimore in 1960 and raised in Cleveland and St Louis. He began his career in Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. Before becoming prominent in business, mark served as an principal associate Flute. Currently, he is still a teacher at DePaul School of Music, and he has recorded two solo albums with pianist Clinton Adams. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

This Dallas Texas resident is a successful American business man, entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. As an entrepreneur relies on hard work, faith and passion. He also believes treating people with honesty and respect; one is guaranteed success.

It is imperative to know that despite being a successful entrepreneur, his highest level of education was graduating with a high school diploma. Marc has recruited a pool of experts in research, public relations digital and media from different agencies and local businesses. His hard work and commitment have made many start-up companies to rise and become a huge success.

Mark Sparks has continued to be involved in the global business through his current company Timber Creek Capital. This corporation specializes in venture capital and provides funds for start-up businesses. Sparks have helped dozens of companies to stand on stable feet and start running by giving unique expertise advice.

This business man achievement comes from his strong faith in God, enthusiasm, great energy and ability to remain active in his toughest times.

According to their Facebook profile, Mark Spark has dealt with a list of companies such as, Reliant Healthcare, Global Tec Solutions, Splash Media, Cobalt Real Estate Services and Agency Matrix and has been successful in all of them. His failures didn’t stop him from venturing in business but kept him humble.

He wants others to achieve their dreams. He does not see himself above others and believes anyone can be wealthy. Becoming a successful in business is not a matter of luck. He has outlined how he became successful, in order to encourage others to take a similar path.

Through his book “They Can’t Eat You” he highlights his story to success in business but gives useful advice for the aspiring entrepreneur who has lost hope. In this book he discusses his downfalls and successes in equal measure. Following tips in this book will help the business person lay a good foundation for their own success.

Outside business, Mark Sparks  is a philanthropist. He dedicates time and money to the Samaritan Inn that houses homeless in Texas. He has also worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes. He is a supporter of American Can Academy, located in Dallas; that helps youth get a high school diploma.

ClassDojo To Revolutionize The Education Environment Even Further


ClassDojo has already completely changed the learning experience for children in todays day and age thanks to their brilliant idea of creating an application that connect parents, teachers and students. Children of today have their own cellphone at a very early age as this is how to stay connected in todays society. Therefore it was a natural progression for the cellphone or smart device to be incorporated into the learning experience. ClassDojo and its co-founder Liam Don have taken this one step further and come up with an improvement of the ClassDojo application called Student Stories.

Student Stories is an addition that allows students to share more videos and images from their class room learning experience. By simply recording themselves completing tasks or creating new things students can upload stories which can be immediately shared with parents. QR codes are scanned without the need of login information or a personalized device. Teachers can then ensure the stories are ready to be sent on home and can also post additional material if they see fit. The children can also tag their friends in their media as well as post comments like in existing social media platforms. ClassDojo is however more personalized and only directed at parents and those involved in the child’s learning experience.

Liam Don, ClassDojo’s co-founder said that the idea came from talking to parents and teachers on improvements that would like to be seen within the application. This was the same way they first came up with the idea of creating an educational application. Educational applications are very popular however non have revolutionized the learning experience quit like ClassDojo. More than two thirds of the United States school systems are already using the application and more will follow soon.

Creating a positive classroom culture was the number one focus of the creators of ClassDojo and is something they have achieved through the platform. The new addition of Student Stories will give students additional ownership over their work as well as provide parents with shared moments they might have never experienced otherwise.

The ClassDojo application can be loaded to most smartphones and tablets making it a very versatile application. It is free of charge for teachers willing to incorporate it in their teaching platform. If further features are required, a small fee is necessary. ClassDojo is creating a change.


Read more about ClassDojo: