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Securus Technologies Shares Further Details Of A Wrongdoing

One of the leaders in the civil and criminal justice industries when it comes to technology services is the giant Securus Technologies. They have a far reaching client list which include a variety of industries such as law enforcement, public safety and corrections throughout the United States.
There has been some turmoil within the industry as there is evidence that links another communications provider within the large industry to a possible integrity breach as well as wrongdoing. This communications provider is Global Tel Link or GTL.

As PR Newswire reports, Securus Technologies will be launching a series of press releases over the next half year where they will be sharing reports, articles and various other evidence that prove GTL has been involved in misconduct and integrity breaches for several years now.

The Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, Mr Richard A. Smith stated that he was appalled at the integrity breach and that this is not the type of conduct the industry should be providing. To him and the industry, providing for the customers is the number one objective as well as upholding a certain level of integrity.

The Order document that will be presented first is a 17 page document and is by the Louisiana Department of Commission or PSC. They were the department that actually investigated against Global Tel Link and found several irregularities. According to PR Newswire, some of these irregularities were overcharging of customers, extending phone durations, offering higher rates than acceptable and double billings. These and other wrong doings were identified and is something the industry can do without according to Richard A. Smith.

These events have been going on for several years now as the Order by the PSC has a date on it going back to the 21st of January 1998.

See Securus’ Crunchbase page.

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Support Ukraine in Debt Crisis, Soros Urges

When a US business can’t pay its debts, it can escape into chapter 11 bankruptcy. By doing so, it can reorganize its debts and negotiate acceptable resolutions with its creditors. This in turn allows the struggling company to regain energy and get itself back up and running.

Unfortunately, as financier George Soros Ukraine argues in a recent article for the Wall Street Journal, a strategy for debt relief similar to chapter 11 bankruptcy is not available for nations facing a financial crisis. Soros’ case in point is the Ukraine. Since the Maidan Revolution of February 2014, when Ukrainians showed themselves committed to political and judicial reforms and to the elimination of corruption, the country has been buffeted with one financial crisis after another. Vladimir Putin’s military aggression in the Crimea and the Donbass region forced the Ukrainians to seek aid from Europe, putting it deeply in debt. And while the Minsk II settlement seems to have calmed the situation for the present, Russia continues to undermine Ukrainian stability.

The International Monetary Fund has demanded that the Ukraine negotiate a deal with its creditors before it can receive further financial support. But because bankruptcy and reorganization are not an option, the country can only threaten to default on its debts. Would this be as bad an outcome as is sounds? Soros says no. If default is the Ukraine’s only option, and if through default it can continue fighting for structural reform, improvements to its banking system, support for agriculture, and entry into the European Union, then investors should welcome this step.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Elsewhere George Soros has argued for increased financial support for the Ukraine by the European Union. In an article in the New York Review of Books, he urged the European Union to revise its treatment of the Ukraine. According to Soros, the EU has hesitated to invest in the Ukraine because it views that country’s financial situation as similar to that of Greece, a member country that the EU has long struggled to support. There are similarities, Soros admits, between Greece and the old, pre-Maidan Ukraine: political oligarchs manipulated the system for their own self-enrichment. That EU countries hesitate to loan Greece money is understandable.

But the new Ukraine is not Greece, Soros insists. It has rejected its oligarchs and set out on a path that not only will lead it eventually into a much better place politically, socially, and financially; as a strong ally of the European Union, the new Ukraine could be a valuable bulwark against Russian aggression. By large and purposive financial investment in the Ukraine, Europe could hasten political and financial reforms, making the Ukraine a country that global investors would find attractive.

The European Union, Soros reminds his readers, is not in a good place right now. The rise of nationalist parties in member states, the euro’s fragility, the threat of a British withdrawal, and the ongoing refugee crisis seem at the moment much more threatening than Ukrainian debt. But a loss of confidence in the Ukraine would only exacerbate Europe’s problems. A strong and economically successful Ukraine is Europe’s best investment.

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Soros Advises on Ukraine

George Soros is a Hungarian-American multi-billionaire and the chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros Ukraine has written or co-written 14 books demonstrating his expertise on business and investing, as well as economics, politics, philanthropy and globalization. He is an outspoken critic of authoritarianism and a champion for open societies throughout the world. Recently, Soros has written pieces for several prominent publications explaining why it is important for Europe to financially back Ukraine during its early days as a participatory democracy, particularly as a way to help defend it against ongoing Russian aggression. Currently, Europe, in conjunction with the United States, has used crippling sanctions in order to keep Russia in line, but Soros advocates for an alternative that eases sanctions in Russia and provides Ukraine with much-needed financial assistance.

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George Soros – Project Syndicat

Soros argues that the ouster of former Ukrainian president Viktor F. Yanukovych in 2014 should change the way Europe views Ukraine. Ukraine is in a vulnerable position, both within and without. Though there is a strong reform-minded spirit developing in the country, still many of the corrupt bureaucrats from the former regime continue to hold positions of influence in the judiciary and civil service. The fledgling democracy needs support so as not to reverse course and allow the crooked to retake the country. Also, Russia, to the east, wants nothing more than to have a destabilized Ukraine: a Ukraine in turmoil gives Russia incentive to step in and wield power. Before the change in situation in Ukraine, the EU had outlined a way for it to receive assistance which Soros now sees, given the circumstances, as unrealistically difficult, and which needs to be amended.

George Soros Ukraine has outlined his opinion in several articles over the past few years, including for “The New York Times” and “The New York Review of Books,” among others. Soros blames the slow-moving nature of democratic European institutions as the reason for why Ukraine has to date received little financial aid. The lack of movement from Europe has allowed Russia to continue to exert undue influence, and Soros argues that the Russian problem can be mitigated if Europe will step forward with assistance. Soros believes that this is a watershed moment for Ukraine, and one where Europe has the opportunity to help stabilize the region while keeping Russia at bay.

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Delicious and Nutritious Food Both My Dogs Enjoy

Finding dog food that is nutritious and delicious can be overwhelming — there’s so much to choose from! I used to give my dogs table scraps, but I’ve learned that certain foods can be damaging to a dog’s health, and the last thing I want to do is cause harm to my most dependable friends.

My Pug is a bit of a picky eater, but I discovered that she won’t turn her tiny nose away from PurinaStore Beneful wet dog food [], and there’s so many different varieties for her to try. Her personal favorite is the chopped blend with beef, carrots, peas, and parsley. She licks the plate clean when I serve her this dish. She also favors the blend of turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Just like humans, it’s important for dogs to eat nutritious food and Beneful wet food is a great way to sneak in some veggies without sacrificing meaty goodness.

My German Shepard is a little less choosy and enjoys wet or dry food. He loves crunching away at his bowl of Beneful originals beef flavor. It’s blended with whole grains, vegetables, and farm-raised beef. It is available via Amazon.

Both my dogs absolutely love treats, which I try to only give between meals. Anything cheese flavored really gets their tails wagging with joy and Beneful Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors are perfect. They’re oven baked and have soft centers, which make a quality chewy cheesy snack.

Nothing beats cuddling with my furry friends after a long day – why not give them food they’ll enjoy that’ll make them liver longer, healthier lives?

Andy Wirth – Olympic Valley Incorporation

Andy Wirth I the CEO of the Squaw valley Resort, and he has been enduring some hard times in the past few years. He has withstood several years of a drought which ha been hard to run a ski resort. Squaw Valley Resort is one of the most prestigious ski resorts in the country. Many people travel to the area to visit the resort. It’s located in the Olympic Valley in California. Thankfully there has been some much needed moisture recently which has provided some relief for the resort and Mr. Wirth. They were able to open the doors early which helped get a jump start of the season.

Andy has also been dealing with the Olympic Valley Incorporation which he recently found out has withdrawn their efforts. This has provided some serious relief for Mr. Wirth. He says that it was a recipe for disaster. Their efforts would have caused some disasters in the community. Although it has caused some divisiveness between the two, Andy hopes that in the future their can be some healing between the two.

Mr. Wirth was born in raised in Germany. He moved to Colorado to attend college. He started college at the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. He moved to Steamboat, Colorado after college and started working at the resort. His career started in Steamboat and he gained a lot of experience there. He always enjoyed the outdoors and his family was pat of some of the historical parks and recreation parks in Germany. His years in the outdoors is where he found his love for the resorts. He encountered a near death experience while sky diving that forever changed his life.

Mr. Wirth has worked very hard to make the resort a beautiful place to visit. His current project involves the construction of a gondola that will connect the two ski resorts located in the Olympic Valley together. It will allow the skier’s to easily navigate from one resort to the other which will make it much more convenient for the outdoor enthusiasts. The gondola has been a project that has been in the making for some time an is expected to be completed soon.

The project will make the beautiful sister resorts even more appealing than they already are. The recent relief has been much needed for Andy Wirth and the success of the resorts have really helped out. Mother nature decide to cooperate and the incorporation pulled their efforts from opposition. Things are finally looking on the upside and Wirth is hoping to continue to do the best for the community. Between the two divisive parties, he hopes there is healing involved and that they can move past it.

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