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Securus Technologies: Connecting Inmates & Loved Ones Through Videos

Many families and friends are separated by bars for a number of reasons. These friends and family members usually have to make a long trip to the prison or jail to see their loved one. The trip–while necessary–is not usually simple, but a company has decided to tackle this issue by introducing a tool that allows video calling, which I think is a great idea.
Securus Technologies: The Company Behind the Video-to-Video Calls

Securus Technologies has been the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. They have dedicated themselves to public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring. The company actually serves about 3,400 correctional facilities across the United States. This also means that they serve about 1,200,000 inmates in the United States.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has always been adamant about hiring professionals who would bring something positive to the discussion. Take John Bell who is the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales. He has worked at IBM, YouTube, Verizon, AT&T, NTT Verio, and Time Warner before he made his way to Securus Technologies. Bell helped expand the industry and opened new doors for more contracts with cities.

Securus Technologies: Revolutionizing the Way Inmates are Visited

Securus Technologies just announced on that there were over 65,000 downloads of their new Video Visitation Mobile App, which is compatible for Android and Apple devices. The app will allow inmates to connect with visitors via their smartphone, which I think is very convenient. I also noticed that the app had just been released a few months ago, and it has already reached over 60,000 downloads. And this number is just for android-based downloads.

The app ensures that the video-to-video visits are synced to the person’s calender just in case someone forgets. The app also allows the upload of pre-recorded videos like a birthday or special moments that an inmate might want to see. The possibilities are endless, but it seems many inmates and loved ones are grateful. See, for more details.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a dedicated businessman as well as a dedicated entrepreneur who is born and raised in Michigan, the state to which he also currently calls home. Dick DeVos has a passion for business that he inherited from his father, Dick DeVos, founder of Amway Corporation, a consumer distribution company to which Dick DeVos eventually served as the CEO of from 1993 to 2002. Dick DeVos, through his success was even able to build himself up to become a billionaire and even made it on the Forbes’ list of richest individuals in the world with a net worth of 5.1 billion dollars. As a wealthy and well connected individual, Dick DeVos has used this to his advantage through both politics as well as philanthropy.

One of the biggest receivers of Dick DeVos’ generosity is education reform. Dick DeVos believes that those who receive a top level education should receive it based upon merit and not upon family income. That is why Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have donated millions of dollars to not only scholarships, but also seed money to build new schools for children. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that the best way to improve a community is by educating the entirety of that community.

Dick DeVos’ passion for business started at an early age when his family’s company was a startup company. Dick DeVos has been involved in the family business even when it was held in the basement of his home. As Mr. DeVos grew up, so did his family’s business. Dick DeVos played a role in helping to build the business as he and his brother stocked shelves and even helped by giving product demonstrations to the clients. When Dick DeVos officially joined the company in 1974, he proved himself a useful asset to the company. One of Mr. DeVos’ fondest memories was using his skills to build the international sales of the company with over 18 different countries.

With the success that Dick DeVos has had, Mr. DeVos has now wanted to concentrate more on both his family as well as on philanthropy. To succeed Dick DeVos in his companies, Mr. DeVos has appointed Phil Dolci, a marketing expert with over two decades of experience in the business industry. Dick DeVos not only appointed Mr. Dolci for his marketing skills, but also for his ability to lead his employees and his company into the future.

How to Elevate your Online Reputation

Better Reputation is an organization specialized in helping individuals and other institutions boost their image to the World through online reputation management. The firm is dedicated to making sure that your name and brand reflects who you are and your values. Better Reputation company is an absolute solution to the best online search results when people check you or your business up online.

The firm is guided by strategic objectives and visions to deliver to and exceed clients demand. Managed by highly qualified personnel with one common aim to manage your most valuable asset, reputation. It has proved its credibility and the customers trust the services the Better Reputation organization offers. The services range from doing away with the harmful publication about you, old updates, poor business reforms and misleading blog.

In the modern business world, high standard reputation is the most valuable assets all individuals and organizations strive to achieve. The internet is changing on a daily basis and so the need to work on online very frequently. Having an excellent reputation online will move your name and brands an edge higher and set a competitive advantage. Low reputation can cost a fortune, missing a dream job opportunity and even facing dismissal from your organization.

Choosing a reputation management service is the best thing an individual or business entity should consider in order to command a positive online image. Online reputation management services can help in putting into place, stopping and preventing personal relations mishaps. The services will also guarantee an improvement on your name and brand with fresh and relevant information online.

Online reputation management services will add value to your personal profile and brand to see you through to a successful career journey.

In choosing an online reputation management services, you should consider several factors. One need to conduct research on various services providers understand yours needs and wants for the acquisition of the services. Why do you need the online reputation services? The firm should take a consideration about its customers and choose the service provider who has a clear objective and a strong stand for the organization.

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Venezuela Economy Weakened by Oil Prices

According to The Guardian, since oil is about all that Venezuela’s exports and current oil prices of just over $45 a barrel, the country will find it hard to pay for imports. Which involves selling barrels above $100 each, to balance the import/export books. A report by Aserne, a consultancy firm, looked at how vulnerable oil producing countries were to low oil prices.

The firm identified eight countries in the “red zone” – Iraq, Mongolia, Zambia, Angola, Nigeria, Algeria, Gabon, and Venezuela being the most vulnerable, due to lowering water levels at Guri Reservoir, the main hydroelectric dam, causing frequent blackouts.
The results as explained by Jose Manuel Gonzalez were measured by levels of public debt, size of budget deficit, current account deficit, gross domestic product per head of population, and foreign exchange reserves.
According to IMF (International Monetary Fund) forecasts, the recession will intensify in 2016, but there has been a recent rise in oil, making this figure look pessimistic.
Because Venezuela lacks the foreign currency to pay, there will be a shortage of imported goods. Also inflation looks probable, which will drive capital owners out of the country.