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Bustle decides to investigate Wen by Chaz

Wen Hair ( is on of the most popular beauty products on the market today. This QVC advertised product promises women that they can volumize their hair and eliminate the grease within their hair. Millions of women have flocked to this product, but many women remain skeptical about this miracle conditioner. One woman set out to find the truth about WEN Hair.

Emily is a reporter for Bustle and she has always struggled with her ultra-fine and greasy hair. She often feels unkempt wherever she is and she often feels unattractive in public. She had heard Wen by Chaz’s claims, but she wasn’t certain if it was the right product for her. She committed to trying it out and ordered from her bottle. She decided she would give it one week, and if she didn’t like it she could always try something else.

When she received her bottle of Wen, the first thing that shocked her was the amount of product that she needed to use. Wen requires you use a lot more conditioner. She was skeptical, but after her first shower her skepticism was gone. Her hair was considerably cleaner and it had more volume. She knew that this product was life changing. She kept using the product throughout the week, and she quickly realized the product was vastly improving her look. She would post a picture each day, and her hair went from thin and frail to extremely impressive. Her only disappointment was realizing that she had to shower everyday for the results to show, but the effort was worth the results.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives everywhere. Women that want more volume in their hair must consider this amazing product. It adds volume to your hair, and keeps your hair incredibly clean. Thousands of women are turning to this product everyday. Visit for more information about this brand.

Dick DeVos Hires New CEO For The Stow Company

Dick DeVos has hired a brand new CEO to lead The Stow Company. Dick DeVos has held The Stow Company for quite some time, and he brought in Phil Dolci to manage the home storage and customization business. The Stow Company is an important part of the DeVos family holdings, and it reaches out to people around the world who want to live more organized lives.

Dick DeVos has been very active in philanthropy, and he is allowing more executives to manage his companies while he focuses more on his philanthropic endeavors. He has his own foundation that helps people, and he speaks around the world about the power of giving. Dick DeVos is transitioning into a part of his life where he is almost exclusively giving back, and his appointment of Phil Dolci shows further confidence that all his companies will be run correctly.

The Stow Company is a major home storage and organization business that was previously run by Frank Newman, and Newman will stay on board as a member of the board of advisors. The company is remaining intact with the appointment of Phil Dolci, and Dick DeVos is showing that he trusts the people who work for him at his many companies. His ability to lead has created an environment where everyone is successful on a daily basis.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy are captains of industry in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they are known for their philanthropic work and the hundreds of people they employ at their companies. They have been giving away as much money and energy as they can over the years, and they are consistently hiring experienced managers for their many companies who allow them time to give more of their money to those in need.

The Stow Company operates out of Holland and Indianapolis where they employ hundreds of people, and the company has become the leading name worldwide for storage and organization. Anyone who is familiar with the brand has Dick DeVos to thank for keeping the company private and sticking to its original values. The high level of craftsmanship was never lost, and Dick DeVos has only hired the best executives to run the company. This has kept the company private all this time, and it has never endangered the jobs of its employees as Dick DeVos repeatedly shows that he has his focus on creating jobs and increasing his philanthropic efforts.

CCMP Capital in Mourning after Death of Founding Member

CCMP Capital is an investment company that specializes in leveraged buyouts and growth equity in the middle market sectors of the economy. For the last decade or so, CCMP has made a reputation operating in the Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer and Energy sectors.

The firm owes a huge part of its past and present to the late Stephen Murray, a forward thinker, and shrewd administrator. Until his demise, Stephen Murray served a tenure of ten years as the President and CEO of CCMP Capital. He was also one of the co-founding principles of CCMP Capital back in 2006 after he had realized there were massive investment gaps in the middle market economies.

At the age of just 52 years, Stephen Murray died too soon, but he made a huge impact to both CCMP Capital, his family and the general public. The incoming CCMP boss expressed the level of grief at the firm over the loss of the founding partner. Stephen Murray had mastered private equity investments throughout his career. He rose through the ranks since joining the mother company that was Manufacturers Hannover Corporation as a trainee.

Stephen Murray also attended the prestigious Boston College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Five years later, he enrolled in a master’s program in business administration at the Columbia Business School. Stephen’s mastery of leveraged buyouts and growth equity made him an indispensable employee as the Manufacturers Hannover Corporation underwent subsequent mergers and takeovers.

In the year 2005, he became the director of leveraged buyouts, and it took him no time to identify gaps in market opportunities. A year later, Mr. Stephen Murray led a few other comrades in forming CCMP Capital. They hit the ground running and made the firm a success which earned them the respect of other companies. Stephen Murray rightfully took up the demanding role of CEO and President of CCMP Capital.

Patch noted that Stephen Murray will be remembered across the corporate and social communities. He served on the college board of the Boston College as well as the Make-a-wish Foundation where he was also an active contributor. Stephen Murray’s involvement in social and philanthropic initiatives taught others to embrace values of community and responsibility.

At the family level, Stephen was married to his wife Tami and was blessed with four children who now carry on his legacy. Hopefully, his family continues to make wishes come true for other needy families out there.

Igor Cornelsen Mentor Newcomers On Best Brazilian Investment Trends!

Retired Brazilian investment market extraordinaire and serial business mogul, Igor Cornelsen lends his expertise on best practices to rising talents. So how does someone maximize investment returns today? Cornelsen recommends committing long-term on, especially when trading Brazilian commodities. Every investor should develop their portfolio management skills to collect substantial income in capital markets. Igor Cornelsen promised returns up to five hundred percent with his time-tested strategies.

With the greater population of aspiring investors on driven the earnings, some fail to practice safe strategies. Cornelsen warns of troubled Brazilian economies today that has institutional and corporate banks circumspect. Nonetheless, top performers Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco reported reasonable growth amidst the chaos. Igor Cornelsen emphasized the urgency of Brazilian banks giving preference to desirable credit-worthy borrowers.

For anyone in pursuit of trading Brazilian stocks, Igor Cornelsen suggested four key considerations every investor should deliberate on carefully. The first is to acknowledge Brazil’s top banking industry players. A sampling showcases HSBC, BTG Pactual, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Santander, etc. In addition, investors should take keen note of any changes in government. Essentially, finance ministers and the government on may influence policy reform that affects investment market operations. Trade partner performance is another fundamental requirement investors shouldn’t ignore. For example, China, Brazil’s principal trading partner influence economic performance on different levels. Lastly, he’s encouraged investors to compute currency with a greater sense of accuracy. Consequently, underappreciated or overvalued currencies create room for miscalculations.

A powerhouse investor, Igor Cornelsen strategies have helped countless in their quest for financial security. Now retired, he’s converted to hobbyist investing. With a broad knowledge of commodities and corporations, he’s traded a rich portfolio of stocks. He founded Bainbridge Investments, a reputable banking industry adviser, which he piloted to enormous success before retiring in 2010. The retired banking expert now enjoys his South Florida home, golfing and investing. He consults for top-tier banking institutions as well.

Cornelsen has contributed numerous pieces to well-known U.S. digital media outlets such as iReport, a brand, and more. Newcomers require expert counseling and investment advice to trade successfully. With his influence as a seasoned investor, Cornelson forges relationships easily. Additionally, he’s well-versed on Brazilian investment market restrictions and requirements. He prefers Brazil for its rich collection of companies and natural resources. While the talented South American-born investor spends a half his time in South Florida, he visits Brazil frequently. Cornelsen consult for businessmen, aspiring capitalists and corporations looking to enter long-term investments. Tests Wen By Chaz In Real Time had one of its writers look and see what was going on with Wen hair. Wen by Chaz is a great shampoo and conditioner that most people have heard of because of its massive marketing push. There are a lot of people who have never even seen the packaging, but they know that Wen hair by Chaz  Dean is a haircare product.

The shampoo comes with the conditioner already in it, and it is going to help women with thin hair who are having problems with their hair shedding. The shedding hair that women deal with can be solved when they use a tiny amount of WEN Hair to make sure their hair comes clean.

The shampoo takes almost nothing to get a lather going, and it is going to cover a full head of hair pretty easily. Some women have problems with their hair because they have to use so much shampoo, but they can get over that pretty easily when they start using this shampoo. It takes a lot less to get the job done, but it still makes women look amazing. Wen hair is stopping women from shedding when they get in the shower, and it is the perfect foil for women who know that they want to stop their shedding with just one shampoo. They can buy WEN Hair online through ebay, and they will get their hair to look just like the writer in the article. It will be full and gleaming because of this great shampoo.