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Sergio Cortes Is Bringing Back The King Of Pop

Every generation, if they’re lucky, has a performer who stands tall in the public consciousness. These are the artists who can for a moment remind people that they can be more than they currently are. People who not only entertain, but inspire. And one of the most amazing things about these performers is their legacy. Most people leave something of themselves behind after they pass away. These legacies usually have a fairly minor impact on the world at large. But what’s most remarkable about these great performers stems from the fact that their influence is so great. And in the case of some it’s great enough to even inspire people to walk in their footsteps. Such is the case with MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

What’s most remarkable about the way Sergio Cortes approaches impersonation is the fact that it expands so much further than just a performance. Many impersonators begin when they walk on stage and end it just as quickly when they leave. But Sergio Cortes sees his impersonation of Michael Jackson as far more than a quick act. To Cortes it’s a way of honoring a powerful legacy. Cortes isn’t emulating an act, he’s honoring a great man. And as such he works to ensure that he brings all aspects of Michael Jackson’s life back into the world.

Again, it all comes down to inspiration. When Cortes was young he was often told just how much he looked like a young Michael Jackson. Learning about Jackson’s life helped inspire him to learn a variety of different aspects of performance. He not only learned to sing, he learned to sing in the style of Michael Jackson. The same goes for a vast number of other forms of artistic expression. Without Jackson, his life would have been far less fun. And Cortes is aiming to ensure that the inspiration he felt can be experienced by a whole new generation of fans as well.

And it’s quite probable that this will be the case. Because when people meet Sergio Cortes it’s often like they’re actually meeting Jackson.

When Cortes is in character he not only has the physical appearance of Michael Jackson. Cortes also dresses like Jackson and speaks like Jackson. But there’s also any number of small nuances to how Cortes acts when in character that people might only notice unconsciously. People might not be consciously aware of small things like the way Cortes emulates the expressions or tilt of his head. But the heart of a true Jackson fan will always notice and appreciate those small details.

Doe Deere Is Reminding People About How Powerful Makeup Can Be

Makeup has a lot of different meanings for people. But that also fits into one of the most powerful aspects of the product. It’s one of the few things which one can use to dramatically change themselves in an instant. It’s an amazingly transformative experience in a lot of ways. People often feel limited by a lot of factors in their life. Facial features and build for example can feel quite constraining in some ways. But there’s other transformative aspects of makeup which many people don’t realize. The simple act of taking control of one’s appearance can itself be transformative. This can easily be seen in the life of a woman named Doe Deere.

Doe Deere exemplifies the transformative power of makeup. She’s currently a high powered CEO of her own company. But the journey to that point began with a desire to find a certain type of makeup. At the time she was part of a rock band. And life on stage brought all of the joys and tribulations one might expect from performances. Doe Deere was perfectly suited for the rocking life. She had honed her talents within an academic setting by studying fashion for a number of years. Those skills translated perfectly to the performing arts.

Doe Deere found a lot of satisfaction in not only being able to put some amazing ideas into practice, but also having the chance to directly judge people’s reactions. Large groups might be a little intimidating, but they’re a fantastic way to judge public opinion. But there was one aspect of her look which she wasn’t fully satisfied with. The available makeup brands simply weren’t living up to her needs. They either didn’t match the wild look she was trying to create, or they weren’t made with high enough quality to meet the demands of an active life.

A lot of people would have let things stop there. But Doe Deere took a note from the nature of makeup itself. Makeup is all about grasping onto a more mercurial view of oneself. It’s about letting yourself change to meet any demand. And as such Doe Deere decided that she could change to meet the demands of the world. She began the difficult and lengthy process of learning to create her own makeup. This is especially impressive given that she was essentially setting out to compete with a billion dollar industry. But Doe Deere would quickly realize just how far real imagination and inspiration could take someone. And it helped that she was making a product out of love for what it could do.

The makeup she created turned out to be exactly what she hoped. And it was so notable that other women were just as thrilled as Doe Deere herself. Doe Deere eventually realized that the only way that she could share her makeup with everyone who wanted it would be to make a real brand out of it and form a company around that idea. It became known as Lime Crime. And Doe Deere herself became known as one of the big success stories of the cosmetic world.

Andy Wirth Discusses The Value Of Clean Power

Andy Wirth has a lot to say about climate change and the need for clean power. He picked a helpful venue in which to get his thoughts out in front of the public. In an op-ed for the Reno Gazette-Journal, the entrepreneur talks about the virtues of clean power.

In the op-ed, Wirth noted his pleasure with the Reno City Council and its decision to vote for the Clean Power Plan. As the name of the plan suggests, the idea at work here is to move the city away from “dirty” energy (coal, oil, etc.) and move towards a greater expansion of clean power. Clean power comes in the form of wind, solar, tidal power, and more.

In the op-ed, Wirth points out a number of reasons why the move to clean power is preferable to the current process. Namely, moving things in the direction of a “greener” economy has the potential to contribute to a growing, more sustainable economy.

Wirth also notes that clean energy would lead to reduced carbon emissions. By curtailing the release of carbon emissions into the air, the hope is the damage caused by the emissions is curtailed.

The Reno City Council does not have jurisdiction over state or federal policy. Clearly, the plan that the city council has passed only impacts the city itself. Through passing the local plan, the potential does exist for the council to influence lawmakers elsewhere.

Andy Wirth‘s commentary may carry a lot of weight with people who are on the proverbial fence about supporting clean power initiatives. As President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth has established himself as a major player in the resort and hotel industry. His name is well known and an endorsement from him could help a cause.

The op-ed might not change a lot of minds, but it can plant a few seeds for thought. Who knows where this will take public opinion over time.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Andy Wirth; Embracing Clean Energy Will Result In Successful Economy

On 10th August 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the clean power plan. An initiative dedicated to eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from power plants existing in U.S. The following month, Andy Wirth gave his views during an Op-ed called clean power a good move for environment, economy. He commended Reno City Council for supporting the initiative that will enable the country embrace clean and renewable energy while doing away with dirty coal power. He noted that the council joins other domestic companies who are supporting the plan.

He highlighted the Clean Power Plan will enhance the both states’ and regionals’ economy. Clean energy will create employment opportunities and even attract top-notch companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple. These companies believe that clean energy is the future and will provide quality jobs to the residents.

He called on elected officials to accord the clean energy initiative the attention it deserves. He proceeded to commend those leaders who were supporting the plan. He suggested eradication of politics in the clean energy plan. The dirty energy being used in the country was the cause of drought, forest fires, and poor quality air.

Adopting the Clean Power Plan will lower the cost of household electricity and create a conducive environment. He noted that unnecessary emphasized being placed on traditional coal burning instead of adopting modern sources such solar and geothermal energy. He called on leaders both in the regional and state government to act as role models and lead the residents instead of practicing politics of convenience and political rhetoric. He noted greater technology innovation will be enhanced, and entrepreneurship boosted.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding, which is indisputably top tourist’s destination. He graduated from Colorado State University with Bachelor of Science degree and attended Edinburg University in Scotland. He is an active humanitarian supporting environmental and community service organizations such as Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, High Fives, and The McConkey Foundation. He has an experience of over 25 years working in managerial and supervisory positions in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He added Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award to his many awards and recognition.

Frans Schoeman: South African Renaissance Man

Frans Schoeman is something of a renaissance man extraordinaire. As a South African attorney, he specializes in corporate commercial and business law, but far from merely spending his days in court seeking multi-rand settlements, he is also the Director of the Phatsima Diamond Corporation and owner of the mine from which the diamonds come. He also creates many of the designs his company sells, and manages to combine his love of law with his love of creating fine jewelry.

In 1990, he graduated from the Universiteit van die Vrystaat (University of the Free State.) In 2003, joined the Law Society of South Africa. In 2005, he opened his diamond mine, and started Phatsima Diamonds in 2006. Phatsima is a Setswana word that means to “give light.” Phatsima diamonds are cut by following light refracted through the face of the gem. The jewelry they offer is custom made and the diamonds are combined in settings with other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and pearls and then placed in settings of the purest white gold, platinum and yellow gold. The diamonds are meant to bring happiness and light to any occasion, the same way Schoeman seeks to bring light to the world through his endeavors as an attorney.

As a member of the Law Society of South Africa, Mr. Schoeman of CMT-Artists hopes to help transform the legal profession of South Africa into a structure that works hard to protect the interests of the South African people. The Law Society works hard to ensure that all South African people have access to the most competent professionals that adhere to the highest ethical standards possible. The Law Society seeks to achieve this goal by providing continuing professional development for the next generation of attorneys.

As an avid philanthropist, Schoeman also promotes the arts and is actively engaged in numerous cultural activities. He is deeply interested in the welfare of children and invests in education and environmental quality to provide a bright future for tomorrow’s social and cultural leaders.

Frans Schoeman is described as a highly motivated man who somehow manages to oversee a heavy caseload of cases ranging from corporate due diligence to high profile mergers and acquisitions, all while managing his successful diamond business and thriving mining concession in Angola. Most of Phatsima diamond’s creations are individually hand crafted to the buyer’s specifications, but they do offer certain limited edition gold and sterling silver creations online.

Frans Schoeman considers his wedding ring designs to be an endless tribute to the aesthetic contributions he has made to the world. His jewelry designs are highly reflective of his world views of peace and equality and his passionate commitment to quality. He hopes to create the highest quality jewelry while also offering the highest quality legal services. Just as a wedding ring is meant to be an enduring symbol of the love and life that two people are meant to share, Frans Schoeman only uses diamonds that have been certified by some of the best diamond suppliers in SA to hand craft the perfect ring that will endure for generations to come.

QNet, Famous Direct Selling Company

QNet, arguably one of the world’ largest and widest-reaching direct selling companies, has recently announced plans to construct and operate a production facility specializing in producing various consumer goods and electronics in India. The production facility is not only predicted to help out nearby inhabitants of India in finding jobs, as it will also help spark the local economy around the plant. Virtually any other businesses who interact with India’s branch of QNet will experience cheaper prices because of the economic stimulation caused by the construction of the production facility, along with any businesses who are in close proximity of the production plant.

QNet’s direct selling business model is very different from other business models that are frequently compared to direct selling, such as pyramid marketing schemes and multi level marketing ploys. Direct selling is different in the way that direct selling is one hundred percent ethical, legal, and morally sound, while multi-level marketing and pyramid marketing schemes are not. Direct selling is commonly misconstrued as multi-leve marketing or pyramid schemes, but that is simply not true. QNet’s direct selling business model is pure genius, and has proved to work excellently for the company.

QNet currently operates in excess of one hundred countries, spread all throughout the world. QNet’s business model allows independent representatives to work virtually from wherever they want. Nobody that works for QNet is required to work in a specific area – people could work on the sidewalk of a different city every day, if they wanted to. QNet has also caught on to many good ideas by paying attention to suggestions that individuals or employees may have, and may take them into production. A strategy as flexible as QNet’s makes it difficult to fail as a business.

QNet offers a variety of products for sale, including nutritional supplements, accessories, weight loss products, and home care products. QNet’s wide ranging portfolio allows them to capitalize on opportunities in many different markets. After all, diversification is a key to success in the financial world.

Mr. Dave Osh, the current Chief Executive Officer of QNet, has helped lead QNet to such resounding success in the direct selling industry. Direct selling companies must offer incentives and motivate their independent representatives to sell more products, or else they might not experience success. Fortunately, the independent contractors of QNet are able to advertise and market their product(s) however they see fit, whether it be social media, or knocking door-to-door to sell products. QNet, along with Mr. Dave Osh at its helm, has stayed afloat and performed as one of the best direct selling companies in the world. QNet’s first largest spurt of growth came around 2003, and just look at where the company is now.

New App Skout Seeks to Change the Way We Socialize

We can’t say that social media hasn’t profoundly impacted the way that we operate in our day to day lives. From the pervasive use of Facebook to the important ability of journalists to break news on Twitter, it seems like suddenly everyone has a voice. More than just having a voice, everyone now seems to have or desire an audience. This need for social justification has caused the social media app development world to explode with growth and the unfortunate byproduct is a ton of bad developments. One developing team and application, both known as Skout, has risen above all of the other chaff that has started to pollute the internet. Their desire to connect users in a new and interesting way has made them one of the hottest new social media applications on the market.

What is Skout?
We’ve already pointed out how widespread social media is in the world. You can follow journalists, tweet at the President, or even get an inside look into entirely new cultures via Instagram. Skout on techcrunch itself isn’t a difficult concept to understand: the goal is to connect. Connection, at its core, is what we all want out of social media. After all, that is why we add our friends or even post content to begin with. We want to be seen and heard. So Skout is giving its users the ability to connect and contact with strangers but they are doing it in a way that actually gives the users the opportunity to create a relationship. Skout is a GPS based social networking app that focuses on communication with strangers over creating your own echo chamber of former friends.

You can download the application for free via the iOS iTunes store and from there all you have to do is quickly register. Registration is a breeze as you only need to fill out a few details or opt to link the account to your Facebook. Pick the demographic of the kind of person you want to meet, add a profile picture, and then you will be kicked to the front screen. The main page is a grid of profile pictures that show users who are online at that specific moment. These members are chosen based on their proximity to you as well as how perfectly they fit the demographic of the kind of person you wish to meet.

From there on out the app works pretty fundamentally simple. You tap on a face and then are greeted with an array of options. These options range from virtual gift giving all the way to the more typical chatting, profile following, and favoriting. Each action costs ‘points’ and those points can be earned by completing tasks in the app or simply by purchasing them through the store inside of the application.

The reason that Skout is so different despite looking familiar is that hte focus is on expanding your social profile. For Facebook and, before it, Myspace you were always just trying to add your real life friends. Here the goal is completely different.

Executive Consultant Susan McGalla

Advice about how to run a business is vital. Many companies rely on outside sources for help as they operate it from day to day. Hiring an outside consultant can have all kinds of advantages. Such advantages include the ability to look at the company from an outsider’s perspective as well as the ability to spot both the company’s potential weaknesses and their given strengths. In doing so, many company staffers are able to get the kind of help they need from another source and help make sure that the company is fully on the right track at all times.

A person who has been able to help many companies find the kind of help they need to fully make sure they are meeting all potential goals is Susan McGalla. McGalla is a highly skilled executive with an extensive background in the field of business. She has spent many years working in the field of retail marketing. Her work in this area has included all kinds of aspects of retailing such as direct marketing, supervising of employees and the use the various kinds of techniques to help increase the company’s market share and their popularity among their local and national customers.

Susan McGalla grew up in Ohio where she was part of a pleasant family that was devoted to her needs. As a child, she often shopped at many local retailers like many others in the United States. Realizing how much she enjoyed shopping in local malls, she decided to make retailing her planned career in life. She left her Ohio town in order to attend Mount Union College. Here, she was popular with her fellow students as well as her teachers. At college, she majored in business in order to help her prepare for a career in this field and learn as much as possible about how to manage the needs of her future customers.

After her graduation from college, she joined the staff of Joseph Home Company where she was part of the store’s major marketing efforts. Her work in this area was noted and much admired. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters where she was given the task of managing many of the company’s marketing efforts. Her skills at doing so helped her rise to the position of the retailer’s president. During her tenure as president, she was able to help the company expand into new markets and become better at reaching out to their respected customers.

McGalla has since moved forward into her own consulting business. She serves as an independent consultant to many companies across the nation who look to her for leadership as they try to find innovative ways to continue to provide their loyal customers with access to high quality products that can help them improve their lives and have items that are ideal for many of their needs. Her work here is focused on working closely with companies in order to reach out to both old and new customers at the same time.

Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Ski Season

Skiing is a type of transport, competitive winter sport as well as a recreational activity. The participant use skis to aid them in gliding on snow. International Olympic Committee as well as the International Ski Federation recognize most types of the competitive skiing events.

The snow is approaching fast. For most people who are winter enthusiasts this is a time to get the boards and ski ready. Majority of the ski bums are eagerly waiting to go up the slopes to get their initial turns of the year. Most a times, these individuals fail to realize that most of their muscle groups had been rarely put into use. This could lead to potential injuries leading to a shorter season. Skiing is a sport that is highly active and for one to be able to make most of it, he will need to invest some time into preparing for the season.

From a stand point on injury prevention, any person that is preparing for whichever sport need to be well screened and assessed by a strength coach or a physiotherapist before engaging in any activity. The information that will be gathered will aid in guiding your strength programs while exposing any current hindrance and mechanical dysfunctions that one may have. With this, a foundation of good strength and a conditioning program are established. It is important to make a periodical reassessment in order to ensure that the program is effective and the imbalances do not occur during the skiing activity.

Building a stronger base based on aerobic fitness is very important when starting a highly intensive sport like skiing. Through this, one is able to stay longer on the hills while reducing the chances of injury that may come about due to fatigue. Skiing is also an aerobic activity and this means that it will require short, intense energy bursts that will be interspersed with some rest periods.

Andy Wirth works in the hotel industry. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth brings into the company an experience of over 25 years making this company to rank as a top winter tourist destination all over the world.

Andrew Wirth was born in West Germany. He dived into the industry fully once he attended the Colorado State University. He later furthered his education in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. At this period, he acquired relevant experience that have enabled him to run the company efficiently.