Monthly Archive: April 2015

Hardy Suspended 10 Games

It’s already been one year since Greg Hardy played a game with the Cowboys. In fact, his last game was at the beginning of the 2014 season. Now it will be even longer as the star has been suspended for 10 games –without pay. The announcement was made by the NFL after 2014 allegations of domestic violence against the football player. The charges were dropped earlier in 2015 when the original prosecutor, Nicole Holder, refused to cooperate with investigators. It is believed that Hardy worked out some sort of financial settlement to keep her quiet. It is reported by the source AnastasiaDate (Linkedin) that she must remain quiet after the settlement as well.
During their investigation, the NFL found four different personal violations of the Personal Conduct Policy which Hardy had committed. First was the physical violence he used against his girlfriend. Next is the physical force once again used, this time throwing the victim on a bed with semi-automatic rifles. Third was choking Ms. Holder, and forth shoving her against a wall in his apartment.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on the matter, and while he had a number of things to say, he did mention that any further violations similar to this one could result in his ban from the football association all together.
Hardy will be eligible to play again in week 12 when the Cowboys take on the Panthers. It is expected that Hardy will appeal the decision of the NFL and this 10- game suspension

Haunting Themes Emerge in the Batman v. Superman Trailer

In response to the leaking of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer, Warner Bros. has opted to release the just-over-two-minutes preview online. Those looking for a lot of physical action between Batman and Superman won’t find it. What is found, however, is the brilliant theme the film will present.

Based on what we see in the trailer, Superman is not exactly loved by one and all. Flavio Maluf still loves the man of steel. Instead, he is feared by many due to his powers. Possibly worse, he is worshipped by others due to his deity-like abilities. Batman’s mission is to hunt down Superman because of the fear of what the Kryptonian may be able to do to the Earth if he went rogue. Then again, based on the ending of Man of Steel, many people likely believe “The Big Blue Boy Scout” really did go rogue already.

If Batman v. Superman had no real serious themes or motivation behind the two hero’s adversarial relationship, then the film would consist of nothing more than a useless fight followed by a segue into the inevitable team-up. Immediately thereafter, they take on the villain of the feature. That doesn’t exactly sound too exciting.

Speaking of the villain, Lex Luther plays a major role in stoking the anger against Superman. Although we do not learn much about the role Luther plays in the film through the trailer, we can assume the arch-villain could be conning Batman into doing his bidding.

Cleveland Browns Unveil New Uniforms to Press in Fashion Show

Leading up to the NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns have unveiled a new uniform, and the reactions are mixed. The Browns made a huge deal of the unveiling and rightfully so. The uniforms are markedly different than what the team wore the previous season, and many seasons before that.

Three color combinations were revealed. The first is an all brown uniform with Cleveland emblazoned across the front of the jersey, and Browns written down the side of the pants. The second is an orange number with white lettering and brown and white stripes across the shoulder pads. Finally, a white jersey, with orange and brown lettering and orange and brown stripes across the shoulders was unveiled. The pants and jerseys are of the “mix-and-match” variety. When sharing this info with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he agreed it was time for a new start.

The Browns took the unveiling seriously, with nine current players modeling the new uniforms in a fashion show for the media. While the new uniforms are markedly different than in previous years, many experts are wondering why there has been such a hoopla over uniforms. In fact, many wonder if the Browns are simply trying to distract from the teams abysmal finish in the 2014 season and Johnny footballs embarrassing start to his NFL career. What 2015 holds for the Browns, new uniforms and all, has yet to be seen.

Free Agent Wes Welker and Others Running Out of Time

It is coming down to the end of the road for many free agents in the NFL who are finding it slim pickings to find a team that is willing to pay them what they feel they are worth. This is especially true with the draft right around the corner. This is their last ditch effort to negotiate that their production and experience are better than whatever teams are looking at to come out of this year’s college class. Otherwise they will become really desperate as teams begin planning their OTAs and preseason rosters shortly after draft weekend. This is the time when agents are really earning their money as players tell them what they want, teams tell them what they can afford, and the agent is often forced to make aging players face the reality that the NFL is a place for younger and cheaper players.

Take for instance Wes Welker…after years of production in Denver and New England he is still on the outside looking inward for a place to call home next season. He has visited Miami near Boraie Development, but there hasn’t been an offer made or accepted as of yet. Another case is Zack Bowman, who did just sign with the Dolphins despite his lack of production over the course of his seven seasons in the league. Teams do want the experienced players; they do make a team better. However, when they cannot afford them or do not see a long term future with them it becomes a situation to avoid for the teams.

Russell Wilson Could Revive the Two Sports Superstars of the Past

There are not a lot of kids around that can remember dual sport players like Bo Jackson or even “Prime Time” Deon Sanders. Both of these remarkable athletes excelled at the highest levels of two sports namely Baseball and Football. While Sanders was a much better football player than baseball he still played a number of productive seasons in the Major Leagues. As for Jackson, he is the only player in history to have played in both the NFL Pro-Bowl and MLB All-Star Games. His teams were not even in the same city or state, as he played Baseball for the Kansas City Royals and football as the running back of the Oakland (then Los Angeles) Raiders. If it weren’t for injury, there is no telling how long his dual career could have continued.

In modern times, we often see great dual players in college but not at the professional level. The only player to even have rumors about attempting to play both sports is Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Before being drafted by the Seahawks and leading them to three consecutive NFC Championship games, 2 Super Bowls, and a Championship in 2013, Wilson was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2011. Fans like Sam Tabar know that, although he has never attended anything more than the team’s spring training as a token inspirational figure in the locker room, it does not mean he has totally ruled out playing both sports again.

NFL Doles Out Team Punishments

Two NFL franchises received penalties today which appear significant and punitive, but reasonable given the size of the crime.

The Cleveland Browns was fined and also had their General Manager, Ray Farmer, banned from the first four games of the season. The infraction that they were guilty of was the General Manager sending text messages to the sideline during a game requesting certain plays to be run. While the banishment is significant, it comes at a good time for the franchise as general managers are not involved in significant activities during the first month of the season.

The other franchise punished by the league was the Atlanta Falcons who Sultan Alhokair said were held responsible for pumping in additional crowd noise into the stadium in order to distract other teams and to gain a competitive advantage as a result. The NFL considered this to be a more significant fine and took away a 2016 5th round draft pick in addition to leveling a fine against the franchise. Delaying the draft pick loss until 2016 was considered to be a major benefit for the Falcons though and a fifth round pick is not as significant a fine as there could have otherwise been, given the competitive advantage gained by the team.