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Ray Rice Claims NFL Punishing Him Twice and Wins His Appeal To Play

Ray Rice is a free agent and eligible to play immediately now that he has won his appeal against the NFL. Ray Rice had been suspended from playing since September 8th for knocking his then-fiance Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator on February 15th. On February 22nd, TMZ released the video from the elevator. The NFL had suspended Rice for 2 games before the video of the incident became public. Rice claims that the NFL had therefor already punished him. He argued that the indefinite suspension that came out of the video release was unwarranted. The NFL claimed that they had not received all the facts at the time of the first suspension. Rice had in the meantime accepted a pre-trial program that will send him to a rehabilitation program for first-time offenders. On May 23rd, Rice married Palmer. They had entered couples therapy, and Palmer has since said that she regrets her part in the affair.
Presumably Rice won his appeal because Raven’s manager Ozzie Newsome said that Rice had confessed to commissioner Roger Goodell at the time of the first suspension. This technicality helped him, at least according to Ray Lane. Goodell denied that. Of course, this is the same Goodell that was so thoroughly criticized for the lenient sentence that he had to apologize to owners and strengthen the league’s domestic violence policy. Make of that what you will.

Amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch Stuns Fans

The amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch during Sunday’s game has been all over the Internet, sport’s shows, the news, and daily morning shows. There is good reason for this. If you have not yet seen the catch, it was made one handed, while falling backwards. It may very well have been one of the greatest catches ever Zeca Oliveira thought.

Whether you were rooting for the Cowboys or the Giants, you had to be impressed by Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch yesterday.

Unfortunately, for the Giants, the Cowboys went on to win the game. This brings the Cowboy’s standing to eight wins and three losses. The Giants have three wins and eight losses. Though Odell Beckham Jr. certainly put forth a great effort to help his team. This rookie receiver certainly showed everyone what an outstanding player he is. His catch is sure to be shown on highlight reels for many years to come.

Roger Goodell Will Not Hear Peterson Appeal

Adrian Peterson had been set to appeal his suspension from the NFL following child abuse issues. The NFL has been steadfast in holdings its ground on the suspension and Peterson has been removed from the league indefinitely.

The attorneys for Peterson are surprised by the way that the NFL has handled the case according to reporting from They say that the NFL is not following its own rules or those set up via the collective bargaining agreement set forth between the league and the player’s association. Who is right on this issue is largely only determinable by knowing all of the facts.

The issue does not seem likely to resolve itself as Peterson wants to be reinstated with the league, but the league seems pretty steadfast in keeping him out. This is the right move in the opinion of many, including Marc Sparks. This whole process could really drag out into a much more prolonged and difficult to navigate situation. Observers from both sides are claiming that they are in the right on this one and that they will ultimately be proven to have been right all along. Of course, that is typically how these things play out.


Oakland Defensive Line Celebrates Win, Before The Game Was Actually Over

The Oakland Raiders defensive line got a bit overzealous during one of the last snaps of their game against the Cheifs on Thursday night. After a sack that brought the game down to one last snap, two defensive players set out to celebrate. There was only one problem; their celebration came while the Chiefs were lining up for what might have been the final snap of the game. 

Two Raiders, Kahlil Mack and Sio Moore, took off down the field to celebrate a sack, but they were fifteen yards on the wrong side of the scrimmage line.

Football enthusiast Vijay Eswaran comments that Oakland fans can rejoice in the fact veteran Justin Tuck noticed the celebration gone awry and called for a time out, saving the team from penalties that would have given the Chiefs a fresh set of downs. 

The Oakland Raiders secured their first win in over a year in their Thursday night nail biter against the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score of 20-24 came down to the last moments of the game. It was the first NFL win for rookie quarterback, Derek Carr, and the teams first win at home since October of 2013.

Marshawn Lynch Fined for Silence

Talking to the media has always been a key part of professional sports. Choosing not to talk to the media, however, can prove very costly, as Marshawn Lynch recently learned.

The Seattle Seahawks running back was fined $100,000 for his decision not to speak with the media this past Sunday after the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. This is also the third time that Lynch has been fined for not speaking, the most prominent one being during Super Bowl week this past year, when he blatantly stated “I’m just about that action, boss.”

With all of this being said, the NFL already has a policy in place that states that players on teams who get heavy media demands have to be readily available to the media so that they can cover their teams at least once a week during the season.  The decision to have players speak to the media mandatory can indeed create a lot of frustration, given the knowledge that the media is looking to exploit the players to create any news story they can grab onto says football fan Kenneth Griffin.

In spite of Lynch’s paycheck being docked significantly, the good news is that his money will go to former players who have their own foundations set up.

Should RG3 be Upset at Teammates After Loss?

Robert Griffin III may have thrown his teammates under the bus after the Washington Redskins loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-7. However, should RG3 look in the mirror when he is throwing blame around?

Griffin said in a news conference after the game, “It doesn’t take one guy, and that’s proven. If you want to look at the good teams in this league and the great quarterbacks, the Peytons and the Aaron Rodgers, those guys don’t play well if their guys don’t play well. They don’t.” While that may be true, RG3 is not Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning. Those quarterbacks have shown the ability to make the players around them better, while Griffin has not shown that ability yet. In the loss, Griffin threw two interceptions, overthrew star wide receiver Desean Jackson two times, and had six sacks against him.

On more then one occasion, he has thrown teammates under the bus while deflecting any criticism thrown his way. My friend Vijay Eswaran has been hard on Griffin this year as he no longer has any excuse for his actions. If he wants to bring up Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers and become a best seller like them on Amazon, then he needs to improve his own game first, or else he will be getting the blame while being released.

Philadelphia Eagles coach not excited about his offense’s performance

Coming off of 24 point drubbing of the Carolina Panthers, one would have thought that all was right in the world of head coach Chip Kelly. Yet one would only be half right. Defensively, Kelly was satisfied with the work his team did collecting nine quarterback sacks and namely, the two turnovers created in Carolina’s initial three plays setting the stage for a blowout. Philadelphia has recorded eight or more sacks on two occasions through Week 10. Linebackers Casey Matthews and Emmanuel Acho were lauded for their play in the place of DeMeco Ryan, who was injured last week and will be out for the remainder of the year.

The Eagles ran up 365 total yards of offense, yet a combination of three running backs could manage just 38 yards on the ground. Kelly made note of the stalled drives, and the inability to covert on multiple short yardage situations. Quarterback Mark Sanchez, making his first start, had respectable numbers with 332 yards passing, and two touchdown passes. Yet again, Kelly made a point of the 56 percent completion rate which needs drastic improvement, if the Eagles are to get into the playoffs. People on Facebook were complaining about the team’s effort. Fans like Flavio were also disappointed.

Mark Sanchez Dazzles in Eagles Debut

While Mark Sanchez celebrated his play with a pair of cheesesteaks fans everywhere else were glowing with their victory. Just one week after losing their young star QB Nick Foles to an injury, Sanchez may have cemented himself as the man to beat behind center. The former embattled Jets QB stepped up in a big way against the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football and he may have emerged as, once more, a superstar at the QB position.

Sanchez took the field against a Panthers defense that was supposed to be gaining strength as the year progressed, but it just wasn’t happening. Instead of being pushed around and forced into turnovers, Sanchez turned in the finest performance of his entire career. In fact, Mark Sanchez threw for over 300 passing yards with a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions for the first time in his entire career. I watched a bunch of Jets games with Fersen Lambranho over the last couple seasons, so it was surprising to see him doing so well.

The game wasn’t all on Sanchez’s shoulders, though. The Carolina Panthers came out as flat as ever and were down by 30+ points before the end of the first half. The Panthers are rapidly becoming one of the most beatable teams in the league despite the expectations they carried into the season.

Let Adrian Peterson Play?

The NFL players union emphatically calls for Adrian Peterson’s full reinstatement to the NFL active list. Peterson is currently on an NFL exemption that can only be instituted by commissioner Goodell. The exemption means that Peterson is out with pay. It is estimated that Peterson has earned 5.5 million dollars during his suspension. Peterson pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment after being charged with felony child abuse. The charges stemmed from an incident in which Peterson spanked his son with a switch in Montgomery County, Texas. Peterson who plays for the Minnesota Vikings was charged on the heels of the NFL attempts to tamp down mass criticism for their handling of domestic abuse cases in the NFL.

The media and many in the public like Gianfrancesco Genoso have called for the NFL commissioner to resign or be fired, but the requests were met with extreme skepticism and Goodell is still in charge. However, Goodell admitted that it could have dealt with such circumstances very differently. In response, Goodell raised the penalties for those that are charged with this particular offense. However, it is to be said that this represents a very small percentage of NFL players.

Peterson Still In Hot Water

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings has resolved his domestic violence case in Montgomery County, Texas. Peterson was charged with a felony account of child abuse. Peterson faced serious jail time over the issue and a possible end to his storied NFL career. Peterson was accused of injuring his four year old son with a switch. The child had bruising and welts on the skin and some minor contusions on a single testicle. Adrian Peterson has asserted that he loves his children and that he did not intend to harm his child. He went on to say that the type of discipline he issued was a common form of punishment in the small East Texas town that he is from. Some people are buying it, but my fantasy football opponent Christian is not exactly convinced.

Peterson was ordered to appear on accusations that he admitted to smoking marijuana while out on bail. Instead, the hearing focused on a plea bargain that Peterson and attorney Rusty Hardin formulated to circumvent the possibility of jail time. The term is deferred adjudicated which means that if the terms of the probation are satisfied, the charges will be expunged from his record. Peterson will soon be reunited with his son and says that he loves his children more than anyone could possibly know.