10 Life Hacks Everyone Should Get On Board With

Wengie, the blogger who is known for her beauty blogs, has come up with some pretty cool ways to make life a little easier. Unlike other life hacks, these life hacks are actually ones that everyone would use in everyday life. Here are the ten life hacks that she has listed in her video:

  • Old Jumper-Use a razor if you don’t have a lint roller or don’t have the money to waste on a new one every time you need one.
  • Easier Way to Open up Key Ring- Use a stapler to open it up, even works for opening key ring.
  • Way to Remember What You Normally Accidentally Leave Behind in Morning-Stack up all of your items the night before on top of the things that you never forget
  • Making Sure No One Will Know What You Wrote in Pen-Instead of scribbling out what you wrote left to right, because that still leaves it visible, scribble it out then write random numbers and letters on top of it.
  • Avoiding Folding Clothes- Lay your clothes on your bed so that you won’t forget to fold them later.
  • Stuffing Items into Bag Randomly- If you have documents that are super important, than just use a zip-lock bag and put a piece of cardboard in it to create a protective pouch.
  • Garbage Liquids at The Bottom of Garbage Can- Put newspaper in the bottom of the new bag and the liquids will get soaked up.
  • Water Temperature Problems- Use a marker on the side of the shower knob to mark where your favorite temperature is located.
  • Cereal Stops Being Crunchy Toward End of The Packet- Use a colander/strainer to sift out the little crumbs.
  • Forgetting What You Have in The Cupboards and Accidentally Buying Extras of What’s Not Needed-Take photos of your fridge and cupboards to keep track of what you have.

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