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Getting to Know IC Systems

They say it is not what you know but who you know that makes a difference in the world. And if that is the case, then it is a good idea to get to know something about IC Systems. The reasons why start with the history of the company, and things just get better from there.

The good professionals who represent this business owe their loyal gratitude to founders Ruth and Jack Erickson. From the start in 1938, the record of service provided by IC Systems stands for more than profit. It is about the recognition of value found in people (

But, there is also something to be said for staying ahead of the pack and pioneering as well. Using the latest technologies as soon as they become available and remaining strictly compliant with several government regulations is exactly how IC Systems reaches and exceed projected goals. The level of trust and competence that comes with doing business with this group of professionals is superlative.

It all starts core values that include people, integrity, performance, pride and innovation. IC Systems employees receive a little something extra when it comes to the rewards for a job well done. Core Value Awards are a way for fellow team members to formally and clearly recognize the good deeds they see performed amongst one another.

But of course, working with a deeper sense of good is the truer foundation of success trade and commerce. That is where IC Systems shows a deeper understanding of commitment to community welfare and well-being. To this end, the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) committee operates in house to find effective ways to distribute donation funds. This is on top monthly events and functions of assistance, which extends to employees as well as the community.


Positive Impacts Come from Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Foundation

The point of the Frontera Fund is helping those who need it. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew this when they started the foundation and they did everything they could to make things easier on the people they planned to help. They made it their goal to always give the people things they needed and give them everything that would help them through different situations.

The Frontera Fund continued providing positive opportunities for people who were in those situations. It was their way of making things better and their way of giving back that gave them a chance to see how things would keep improving.

Out of everything Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did, the point of helping minorities was their way of offering different options. They knew how things would keep getting better and how things would keep improving for the minorities. They provided some money but they also provided resources the minorities could use.

The Frontera Fund helps with everything from legal representation to job training and even educational opportunities. The foundation works to give people a chance to see things will keep getting better and they do what they can to make sure everyone sees all the options they have.

The Frontera Fund is among the best things for minorities. Most of them know they can come there any time and see the positive impacts of different things in the communities. They also know there are ways for them to continue helping other minorities who don’t always have the help they need.

It’s their goal of giving back that allows Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin the chance to show minorities how everything can change if they work hard. They also spend a lot of time making sure minorities are on the right track to success.

No matter what issues people have with their lives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin prepare to help them. While most of their focus is on minorities, they dedicate everything they do to human rights. Human rights are important and, without people like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, they wouldn’t stay protected. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The men do what they can to protect people no matter what. They try to always help give back and they’re always sure they can help people with different options. It’s their goal of giving that enables them the experiences they need for success.

Thanks to the hard work Michael and Jim put into everything they do, more people have human rights than ever.

They fought Joe Arpaio, they do what they can to create more human rights opportunities and they give everyone a chance to see the positive experiences that come from what they’re doing. It’s their goal of providing people with these experiences that allow them the chance to do better.

Out of everything they do, the men know what happens and they know they can make things better for everyone they work for. They also know how things will continue improving as long as they see the positive results.

Lime Crime Outdoes Itself With Brand New Venus III Palette Eyeshadows

The beauty buzz has been circulating across social media for some time now, and legions of Lime Crime makeup fans were hoping the rumors were true about another Venus eyeshadow palette.

Even Pop Sugar was begging for answers about the sexy grunge eyeshadow kit that comes adorned in a lovely container with the famous “The Birth of Venus” painting by Botticelli on the front.

It appears that obsessed fans are in luck because Doe Deere has pulled off another incredible sequel to the original Venus Palette. The Venus III makes it four gorgeous eyeshadow kits. There are also Venus II and Venus XL, and those who love glamorous, edgy cosmetics would agree that these kits are out of this world.

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, and the beauty entrepreneur was excited to bring modern makeup to the forefront for both women and men. Her eyeshadows are different because the colors are radical and fantastical, and the pigments and textures deliver the perfect look.

The Venus III Palette is believed to be making an ode to the color purple, and the kit is awash in lilac, mauve, violet and a delicate but strong makeup effect. Purple tones are delightful on every complexion and offer a feminine glow with the grunge undertones that these palettes like to imbue.

The Venus Palette has become a cult favorite, and Doe Deere does not disappoint. To always be in the know when more Lime Crime newbies make their way down the pike, she suggests signing up here for all the beauty scoops.

Lime Crime is contemporary makeup that’s bold, sexy, a bit naughty and quality made. Best of all, Doe Deere is consistent about her vegan and cruelty-free line of products. The Leaping Bunny and PETA organizations have both given Lime Crime makeup the thumbs up for passing their strict parameters.

Lime Crime can be found at leading retailers like ULTA and Urban Outfitters. It’s best known for being an e-commerce beauty store. The company is based in Los Angeles and quite popular on social media sites like Instagram.

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Upwork’s 10 Tips For Conquering Your To-Do List

Most people are in one of two boats when it comes to productivity. The first boat is full of people who can’t seem to organize their tasks. The other, is full of people who can’t seem to get around to actually accomplishing those tasks. Upwork, a website providing a platform for businesses to gain easy access to freelancers in an array of fields, recently published an article explaining how to power through your to-do list. Those tips are listed for you below:

  1. Write down everything. Error on the side of writing everything down and removing tasks, rather than trying to remember tasks and forgetting.
  2. Proactively create your to-do list. Compile your to-do list leading up to the beginning of the week. This ensures that you can start each day by taking action, rather than writing down which actions you will eventually get around to.
  3. Condense your list to one central area. Organization is key to a sound to-do list. Throw out the jungle of notes hanging around your work space and get all your tasks in one location.
  4. Time block the tasks on your to-do list.
  5. Prioritize the tasks on your to-do list.
  6. Continuously reflect on your to-do list from week to week.
  7. Ask for HELP! We are not super hero’s, there is nothing wrong with delegating tasks to other people from time to time.
  8. One step at a time. At times our to-do lists can cause information paralysis, be sure to clarify your list into small, easily digestible tasks.
  9. Bundle similar tasks together. Remember to evaluate your list after completing it and check for tasks that you can lump together. You’ll save time and energy by knocking out similar tasks in one sitting, before moving on to something different.
  10. Categorize your tasks into energy requirements. Just like your muscles tire after exercise, our brains need to refuel after accomplishing tasks. Be sure to make note of the energy each task on your list is going to require, so you can plan when in your day to accomplish them.



Dr. David Samadi was born in Iranian Jewish community.Afterwards,he left his Iranian community 15 years later to Belgium in 1979. This incidence separated him together with his brother from their parents. They were forced to start a life of their own in Belgium after that event.

Samadi started his education in Iran where he later continued in Belgium, London and later in New York. He finished his high school education at Roslyn High school and joined Stony Broke University where he received his biochemistry degree. He later acquired master’s degree at S.U.NY.

Samadi developed a technique called SMART that helps to recover one after prostate surgery. This technique reduces the amount of damage done during the surgery and speeds up the recovery process of the patient. With this technique, patients get back to their normal activities after a little period of one to three weeks. However, it is advisable not to use the technique when one is in the early stages of learning robotic surgery because of its advanced nature.

Dr. David Samadi TV is an excellent creation of Samadi which he uses to showcase updates and skills concerning his work. Here, one is able to observe the information he shares including live workings, information about him, and his progress and achievement over years. Ailing viewers can use the symptom checker from the site to determine the extent of their ailing. Dr. Samadi posts blogs and videos to educate people on the trends in the field of health. He has developed a news media and means to contact him.

Dr. David Samadi is known for his presence on television. For over five years now, he has been hosting a show on Sundays which has been aired on the Fox News Channel. The show is called Sunday Housecall. He has a website also where he shares more about his work.

Dr. David Samadi has been awarded the following awards:
• America’s top doctors in New York from the tear 2009 to 2017,
• America’s top doctors from the year 2009 to 2017
• America’s top doctors for cancer from the year 2008 to 2017
He has also been recognized as the best doctor by the New Yolk magazine in 2016
Dr. Samadi said the cancer prognosis of Mitt Romney was good after a surgery that was performed on him by Dr. Thomas Ahlering. The slow-growing tumor was removed from Romney last summer.
During Samadi’s interview with Ideamensch, he said that he wakes up at 4:30 AM and arrives at.

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Graham Edwards: Assisting Telereal to Become a Successful Company

Telereal Trillium is a financial company based in London, and one of the most important employees serving the company is Graham Edwards. He has been with the company for several years now, spending most of his life being the executive of the Telereal Trillium. He contributed a lot to the company’s success, and he keeps on helping out the firm on becoming one of the leading firms in the industry. Since the company’s establishment in 1997, they have focused on providing management services to those who own commercial properties, but they have also branched out their services to include other assets that are owned by their clients.

Graham Edwards has directed the company to create deeper relationships with their clients. He wanted the Telereal Trillium to be known all throughout the industry as a company that the clients can trust, and by building a solid relationship with their clients, Graham Edwards think that more people will believe in their company, allowing them to manage their assets. Known initially as Trillium when it was founded in 1997, Telereal Trillium grew exponentially after they experienced excellent leadership, coming from the best people in the industry. Graham Edwards has demonstrated his talent in being a leader as he led the company to new heights (

The company never had stable ownership since it was established 20 years ago. Telereal Trillium went from one owner to another, but Graham Edwards Telereal keep on retaining his position with the company because the owners knew of his skills in being a leader. One of the highlights of his leadership is when he acquired 6,000 properties worth billions of pounds. Today, he keeps on using his talent and skills in leadership to transform the company into one of the largest asset managers in the country.

More people are discovering the services being provided by Telereal Trillium, and as a result, the number of their clients grows annually. For Graham Edwards, having more clients is good for the company because they will drive the profit and the revenue higher. He is hoping that more people will realize their importance and would consider Telereal Trillium for future services.



O2Pur’s Quality E-Liquids for Better Money Value

E-cigs or E-cigarettes have more advantages over the conventional or standard cigarettes. Dependence on nicotine is lethal, and in other countries like Australia – using nicotine is considered a crime. To date plenty of smokers are not successful in their attempts to stop smoking, and majority of those who have stopped for some time have a relapse.

The withdrawal from nicotine is difficult, thus, a lot of people have a relapse every time they try to stop smoking primarily because the smoker needs to fight physical addiction along with the actual addiction to the nicotine drug simultaneously. Hence, chain smokers prefer to substitute their traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes that contain the maximum quantity of nicotine, but this strategy will affect the body in a similar way when the person abruptly quits smoking. The best way to quit smoking is to slowly reduce the intake of nicotine until such time that the body no longer craves for it in order to function normally.

The same process can be done when choosing the e-liquids’ strength, which can help deter the addiction to nicotine making it easier to stop smoking without falling into a relapse.

Compared to the standard cigarette, which must be smoked in a particular location, e-cigarettes can be vaped in public areas such as hotels, offices, and restaurants. There is no need to avoid the areas that have a no smoking sign since e-cigarettes generate vapors, not smoke. Also the fragrance from the e-liquids’ vapors are more conducive to non-smokers who are not nauseated with the smoke that comes from traditional cigarettes.

E-liquids contain an assortment of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and cherry among many others. The vapors provide better sensations, and all that needs to be done is to choose a preferred e-liquid and e-cigarette to be able to vape satisfyingly.

O2Pur is a trusted e-liquid manufacturing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. O2Pur makes use of nicotine salts that are better tasting and fast acting compared to other brands in the market. The objective of the company is to deliver intensely flavored liquids, which gives enhanced results that are worth the price. O2Pur’s e-liquids are bottled, mixed, and formulated in the United States.

Learning How To Handle Emotions by Following Vijay Eswaran’s Advice

When it comes to the business world, some of the most successful people are in control of emotions. While it is true that some people who run successful businesses tend to be rather emotive, there are those who are truly successful that manage to be in control of their emotions. Given that they have control over their feelings and their actions, this actually brings about more respect from their team. When people are working under a person who is out of control, they tend to be under a lot of stress. As a result, the type of work might not get done.

Among the people who are under control of their emotions is Vijay Eswaran. One thing that puts him under control of his emotions is his knowledge of emotions. For one thing, he is aware of the benefits some of the emotions have. This is one of the reasons that he encourages people to look at them in a different way. For instance, people often try to fight and avoid fear. However, Vijay Eswaran urges people to use fear to their advantage. For one thing, he has written articles on fear and how they can drive success. Therefore, he has inspired people to think about fear in a different way.

Of course a small amount of fear can be useful for getting people to move forward. At the same time, if one is living under constant fear, then he is going to find himself not getting anywhere. After all, too much fear can cause one to freeze. Vijay Eswaran does have the right idea when it comes to fear. One thing that he urges people to do is to focus on the solutions to the issues and work towards it. For instance, when one is faced with financial challenges, one thing that he can do is find other sources of income.

Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist Dr. Johanan Rand

People suffering from age-related disorders often don’t understand what’s happening to them, and what can be done about it. Dr. Dov Johanan Rand is an expert on anti-aging medicine, who specializes in treating the symptoms associated with aging.

While many physicians focus on individual symptoms, Dr. Rand focuses on total body wellness. He provides critical medical assistance for patients dealing with age-related issues in an effort to make them feel vibrant and youthful. His background includes working in the field of hormone therapy, specifically with how it relates to erectile dysfunction, menopause, and brain injuries. Using this knowledge, he’s become an expert in how to assist patients navigate the later stages of life in good health.

Often patients live with treatable symptoms, but are unaware that they can be helped with the latest bioidentical hormone therapies. Using his extensive background he formulates individualized treatment plans that address not just the individual symptoms, but total body wellness. Why? Because often one condition begets another.

For example, men with erectile dysfunction often have associated issues with weight control, blood pressure, stress, and insomnia. Women going through menopause often present with multiple symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, and mood swings. By addressing all of the issues through total body lifestyle modifications and treatments, Dr. Rand is able to give people back the healthy lifestyles they thought they’d never see or feel again.

Dr. Dov Johanon Rand works to bring good hormones back to youthful levels, thereby improving the health of his patients. Using bioidentical hormones and fitness and diet therapies are his specialties at the Healthy Aging Medical Center. He founded it in 2010 in West Orange, New Jersey. He performed his residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and he’s affiliated with the Children’s Medical Center in Pompton Plains. Dr. Dov Johanan Rand graduated with his advanced degree from Howard University College of Medicine.

Check out Dr. Dov’s (Twitter) account for more udpates.

How Important Are Randal Nardone’s Black Rock Connections?

Certain financial connections cannot be replicated. Were Randal Nardone’s Black Rock Financial connections key to his success with the Fortress Investment Group? How were these used to improve the Fortress?

 Opening Doors

Bankers are not usually in the limelight; but their decisions can be earth-shattering. Their provision of capital is essential to keeping the economy running. They are the power behind the throne.Randal Nardone is behind the scenes, providing the necessary capital. Money is the currency, just like the electricity that powers the lights in your home.Bankers have very tight knit groups. They even have entire streets dedicated to their money making enterprise: Wall Street and High Street. They need one another because that is how the money is most productive.One of Randal Nardone’s duties at the Fortress Investment Group is to raise capital to purchase assets. In the United States, the Federal Reserve System has been set up to provide some capital. Therefore, Randal Nardone’s financial connections to the Fed could be very lucrative.These connections make sure that the Fortress acquisitions are well-received. If he needs to raise more money, he can use his connections to find the right creditors. As a publicly traded company, Fortress also needs to keep its shareholders happy.

Cheap Capital

Stocks and bonds are different ways to provide the necessary capital to make businesses run. With solid financial ties, Randal Nardone can receive cheap capital.He hopes for the best Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) capital rates that the top banks, like Goldman Sachs receive. That might be why the Fortress Investment Group principals included ex-Goldman Sachs executives.Of course, with ZIRP funds, profits should be higher. The lower capital costs might have been one of the reasons why Randal Nardone is a billionaire. Cheap capital has also encouraged the Fortress Investment Group to take chances with assets that might have lower rates of returns, like railroads.Cheap capital has made many billionaires, but it has also taken the skills of Randal Nardone and other Fortress executives to find the best assets. This could also be an advantage of having the right connections. A tip on an undervalued asset from Black Rock Financial could be very lucrative.

Structuring IPOs

After restructuring private companies and preparing to make them public through an IPO, connections are also needed. A large bank would need to underwrite the IPO, publicize it and list it on the stock exchange. Marketing professionals would need to explain to the institutional investors, why this was the right asset for their financial portfolio.The success of the IPO took private business aims and placed them before the public for review. With the right connections, Randal Nardone could gauge the mood of the markets. That way the Fortress Investment Group IPOs could be the most successful.Randal Nardone’s Black Rock Financial connections taught him the business. They are also very valuable in a pinch. They make it easier to make healthy profits at the Fortress.